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top 10 High Paying Affiliate Programs

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Welcome Deadbeats, how are you today?

For today’s deadbeat tutorial, I want to look at ten high paying affiliate programs you can use to make some SERIOUS DEADBEAT CASH…

…Not only are these good affiliate programs, they are high paying affiliate commission programs, LET’S BEGIN!


In this training we will look at affiliate programs that pay up to $800 in commissions, that’s insane deadbeats… considering a normal affiliate commission is between $25-$50!

This is big boy affiliate marketing and when you have the funnel/blueprint down to make some serious sales… YOU WILL be rocking these higher commissions!

One of the big things you will notice about this higher commission programs is…

…you will need to make ALOT LESS sales in order to still make a ton of money, because they pay so high!

High Paying Affiliate Programs – Let’s Jump Right In!

Ok, so let’s jump right in here and look at the ten best high paying affiliate programs to make money with RIGHT NOW…

#1 Debt Relief

So, the first one is: Debt consolidation, as you can imagine this involves money and as we all know… managing money is HUGE!

Debt help, debt consolidation and debt loans are all hot topics and the companies that provide this service need clients…

…and they are willing to PAY BIG MONEY to their affiliates for qualified leads!


For example, you can just go to Google and type in something like debt consolidation affiliate program and you will find lots of options.

One example program I could see, offers $350 a sale and then when you make more sales in a month… you will be moved up to a higher commission bracket!

Then what you can do is go to the Google keyword planner and type in some related keywords for that niche…

…then you can build video’s based on those GREAT KEYWORDS and then push the viewer to the debt site or a blog where you engage them more and then push them to the debt site!

Moving On….

#2 Gold IRAs

Ok, the next high paying affiliate program I want to look at is: Gold IRA’s.

These companies will actually pay you a percentage of the money that people put in their IRA’s towards gold and as we all know, gold is one of the most valuable things in this world…

…and people love spending money on this, so you need to take advantage of that fact!


These programs typically pay between like 2-3%, imagine if you could get some rich people to buy some gold, you will be setting yourself up for some awesome commissions… on a daily basis!

One company you might want to check out is called regal assets, I did some research online and this seems to be a good start if your looking for a good gold affiliate program!

High Paying Affiliate Commissions – Continued

#3 Massage chairs!

This chairs are high priced items and when there are high priced items… there will be high priced commissions, EXACTLY what we want!

Now, companies in this niche will typically pay around 7% – so on a massage chair sale of $7000, you will end up making $490 or something close to that!

Ok, moving on….


#4 Private jet charters

Yes you heard that right… you can make a ton of money from this specific niche! As your probably fully aware people who fly private… have some SERIOUS CASH!

Typically, for this type of niche you will be looking at making around $300 a sale for this type of commission…

…which I think you will agree is a good chunk of DEADBEAT CASH!

Next up is….

#5 Cruise Ship Packages

Cruises and luxury travel! Man, people love this stuff and when people love stuff… they are willing to spend a lot of money on it!

Continuing on…

The good thing about this niche is that travel and holidays typically cost a lot of money to go on, so you will make larger commissions!

Plus this is a very good evergreen niche to make money from because there will always be people wanting to take travel holidays and go on vacation… that won’t be stopping anytime soon!

Next up, we have home security systems and BOY THIS IS BIG BUSINESS…

People spend millions on this type of stuff and for good reason, having home or business security is quite essential… especially if you have big homes and lots of cars for example!!


One thing you can target is finding companies that pay you when you refer someone who has an alarm system installed for example… it’s a win-win.

You get paid good money for helping someone set up better security and peace of mind for their home or business, this is how I like to work!


You can target people in the personal injury niche and lawyers will pay big money so they can land potential clients in this area!

Of course it’s up to you and some people won’t like dealing with this niche, but for those of you who do… there is a TON OF CASH to be made and had in this niche!

More High Paying Programs…

You can target very specific keywords like for example:

“I got injured on the job….”

Stuff like that, there are potentially thousands of keywords you can go after and of course the lawyers and lawyers companies will pay BIG COMMISSIONS!


Next, a good niche to get into is elderly chair lifts!

Again, these chair lifts are HIGH PRICED ITEMS, often running from $8000 – $20,000 in price… so you can see where the high commissions come from!

Also, as we all get older we tend to have more money and more health needs… so this niche will remain good for many years, as we all get old!

Ok, moving on….

The last niche is industrial supplies and equipment…

You can sell a lot of these things through Amazon affiliate program and of course you will be able to make daily sales, because Amazon’s site converts VERY WELL!

So, there you have it, some of the best high paying affiliate programs around!

If you want to learn how to sell these high ticket products, earning some BIG affiliate commissions… then check out my free affiliate marketing kick start guide.

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===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Don’t just use one affiliate program, sign up for multiple ones…

===> Check the niche keywords for good search volume before…

===> Set yourself an income goal and really try to meet it…


Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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