Domain Name Flipping – A $2000 a WEEK Online Business


Domain Name Flipping – A $2000 a WEEK Online Business

Hey deadbeats, welcome to another great blog post!

In today’s post I will be looking at how to make $2000 /week flipping domain names – deadbeat style….

….Today, you will learn the art of domain flipping from one of the top leaders and experts on this subject, let’s get to it!


If your looking for a simple, yet highly effective way to earn more income online… then domain flipping could be for you!

The method that I’m going to show you today works very well if you use with my deadbeat system. They compliment each other well…

…and the best thing about this is, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to succeed, so without further ado… let’s jump RIGHT ON IN!

How To Make $2000 A Week Domain Name Flipping – The Beginning

With any venture to make money online, you need to start somewhere and this is no different with domain name flipping. Even though this is actually quite simple to do…. you do need to lay the groundwork!

There are many domain name sites such as or empire flippers, but to name a few, today we will be working with flippa…

….as one of the biggest and most popular website selling/buying platforms in the world, it makes sense to teach you awesome deadbeats how to utilize this platform to it’s full potential!

Before we go any further, here are two key elements that you will need to master and get good at if your going to be successful with domain name flipping…

These are :-

(1) Being able to come up with solutions and a plan to find the best domain names available to flip…

(2) And also having the knowledge, so that you can find these domain names fast and flip them fast!

This is a good starting point to be at….


Deadbeats, you will be so surprised how easy this domain flipping method really is!. Even though affiliate marketing and things like SEO are very profitable…

…They can sometimes be a real (deadbeat) pain in the A$$ if you know what I mean.

It’s right to the point and the learning curve with domain flipping is quite small… so that’s a good thing!

Deadbeat Domain Name Flipping – Continued!

One of the very first steps you should take when looking to make money from domain flipping, is to familiarise yourself with the platform.

You can just start out by searching the auctions on flippa and seeing what is available…

…as you will quickly begin to see, the prices of these domains vary from a couple of hundreds bucks, all the way up to hundreds of thousands of $$$.

Now, when your looking around I want to give you one HUGE tip….

“pay attention to the number of words in the domain name, for example one or two word domain names sell for much higher prices”.


These domain names are good because they sell well and they are in our reach, in terms of money and budget….

….Not many of us can afford short – one word domain names such as or (for example).

Ok, awesome well done deadbeat your keeping up well, let’s move on!

Domain Name Skills – Work Smarter Not Harder

So, I hear you cry “Dan, but how do we go through 1000’s of domain names?” to find the right ones? Well….

….Smart deadbeats would use a domain name software and this is what we are going to be looking at next!

Firstly, the software has two search term tools where you can input a lot of data and sort through the findings….

You can filter by :-

  • Keywords… that have different nouns and adverbs in for example.
  • Adding a variation for a second search term to add onto your first.
  • And… you can also choose whether it’s .com or .NET for example.


The software then goes into Go daddy or whatever and finds some very good domain names to target and find more information about.

PRO TIP :- This will help with finding keyword domains, which sell very well.

and the beauty of this search also is, that you will have a lot of different domain options which will really help you find the best domains to sell.

Domain Flipping For Deadbeats – The Next Steps…

Ok, so moving on…

Next, after you have selected the domain names you want, you can go inside the software marketplace and flip the domain!

People are ready and waiting to buy right inside the marketplace and this is even before you have had chance to sell it on flippa, guys and gals this is awesome…

…Your able to do this through Go Daddy premiums, an excellent way to get ahead of the game!


What you need to realise is this…

…When you list your domain names on Go Daddy premium, you can sell them for say $150 and you would have brought it for only $3, can you see?

Let’s do a quick example :-

Say, you brought 10 domains for $7 each and then sold those 10 domains for $100 each… you would have made ===> $930 dollars profit…

…can you see the potential here friend?

Another, thing that you will need to remember also is this… dot com extensions and domain names…

….are going to be worth ALOT more than a .NET or .Org for example, remember that!

Moving On…

When your looking for domains to sell in the software, after you have done the search… you will want to look at and pay attention to the first words in the domain name, WHY?

Because some domain names make a lot more sense then others and some sell better than others, purely on how they look and sound, that’s a golden tip RIGHT THERE!

One of the key elements also is thinking about when you go to sell….

Start off with lower sale prices, make some sales and then you can scale up from there!


On Go Daddy premium you have the option to list the domain names individually or all at once… that is up to you!

But, whatever you do make sure your tracking everything in something like an excel spreadsheet and keep it ORGANISED deadbeat!

Ok, deadbeats that about wraps up this post for today, but before you go… I have something VERY SPECIAL for you!

Also, make sure you access my FREE guide on how to build affiliate sites! You can access it below:


============================================================> BONUS TIPS <===

===> When choosing domain names, shorter ones sell for higher prices…

===> Using software saves much more time and money in the long run…

===> Once you get the domain sales rolling, make sure to scale up…


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Thanks for your time deadbeats, I hope you have enjoyed this domain name flipping – A $2000 a WEEK online business guide!

Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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