Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Beginners (Start Here for Easy Commissions)

Start Earning Money With These Simple To Use Affiliates….

By creating an affiliate website, if done correctly, you can make a living off of the income.

Through trial and error, along with personal experiences the best affiliate can be found.

For beginners, these are the top 10 affiliate networks I recommend:

Amazon has millions of products that are available to promote.

Not only can you find ideas through Amazon’s products, but you can also find great products to make money from for any niche.

Amazon pays up to 10% commission on their products, which adds up quickly.

Through the millions of products, there are plenty to choose from.


It is not hard to find products that customers will want and need.

As long as you promote these products well, you will benefit from this.  Screenshot (19)n


Clickbank is great for digital products.

These products include eBooks,guides, and software along with a lot of other useful digital products.

The commission is up to 75%.

Just remember to pick products that will be useful instead of more expensive.

It is easy to pick out $100 products, but will these products sell?

Instead, pick out a lot of $15 products that you know will sell.

Commission Junction

This is a very popular affiliate website and a favorite of many.

Many Fortune 500 companies go through this website to give commission to those who promote their products.

Often times, they will pay a much higher percentage when promoting through this website.

This affiliate website is free to use and begin promoting products.

The only drawback to this particular affiliate is that you must get approved to promote some big brand products.

This means that you need to have a well established and impressive website.

Other than that, there are a lot of valuable items to promote through Commission Junction. Screenshot (20)n


Although this affiliate marketplace is new, it is extremely effective.

You make a lot of money with this website and it is also very simple to use.

Everything you need to start making money is available to you.

There are a lot of tools you can use to help find products that fit your niche.

Overall, this affiliate is a marketplace to utilize.

eBay Partner Network

eBay is a very popular online auction website.

There are a lot of products and categories to choose from.

The commission you make off of this website depends on the category and product you choose to promote.

You could potentially make a lot of money of off this affiliate.

They always have very popular and new products available.

For those who enjoy using eBay, you will likely like this website because it is a partnership with eBay.Screenshot (21)nClicksure

Although Clicksure is not the most popular affiliate to use, they could bring some results to those who try.

With this affiliate, you need to put in a little effort in order to make money.

The commission that you can make off of this website depends on the product.

This network is often very misunderstood.

In order to gain anything from Clicksure, make sure you understand the network and how it works.


ShareASale is becoming more popular throughout the years.

This affiliate network is very user friendly and does not require any prior knowledge to become successful.

There are a lot of different products in a variety of categories to choose from.

You can find several top brand websites on this website.

Most of their products are worth a lot of money, so you can make a decent commission off of these products.

A lot of people make a good amount of money off of this particular affiliate.

The process of making an account only takes a few minutes and then you may begin to promote products. Screenshot (22)n


FlexOffers is a smaller sized affiliate network compared to the others.

With that being said, it still has a lot to offer.

Unfortunately, since this affiliate network is continuously growing, at the moment they only contain a very little amount of advertisers.

This network is likely to grow in the near future because of the unique features they have to offer.

In order to begin promoting products, you do have to be approved, which may take some patience.

Once you are approved everything else should be very simple to figure out as this website is very user friendly. Screenshot (23)n

You can choose to use one affiliate network for your website or you can use many different ones.

The one that works the best for you depends on what products you are trying to sell.

Try different affiliate networks and see what works for you.

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