Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

What Are Some Of The Best Plugins For Affiliate Marketers?…

While there are many plugins that are great for websites regardless of what they are for, there are some plugins that are great specifically for affiliate marketers.

Here I will cover the top 5 plugins for affiliate marketers, explain why you need these, and how they will help you have more success as an affiliate marketer.

All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is a must have app for any affiliate websites.

This should be one of the first plugins you install.

The All In One SEO Pack is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress and that does not go without reasoning.

A few key features this plugin includes are

  • Google analytics support
  • Support for SEO post
  • Built- in- API
  • SEO integration for e-Commerce websites
  • Fine Tune Navigational links

There are many more features, but these are just a few of them.

Why is this plugin essential for affiliate websites?

This plugin has a lot of features that are great for affiliate websites.

For example, the support SEO post and SEO integration for e-Commerce websites is a great feature to have.

Some affiliate websites contain stores featuring the products they are promoting, so having SEO integration for a store is important.

SEO in general is very important for affiliate marketers because they need to drive traffic to their websites and rank well in Google to sell their products.

All In One is an important plugin to have when making an affiliate website.

Jetpack by

This plugin may already be included with any new WordPress website you make.

This plugin includes about 10 to 12 tools that will be useful when developing an affiliate website.

Some features that this plugin includes are

  • Traffic Growth
  • Security
  • Image performance

There are many more features included in this plugin, but these are a few key feature that this plugin can provide for you.

A lot of people find this plugin to be very helpful.

It will allow you to use social media buttons on your post so readers can easily share, subscribe and like your articles.

This plugin is always free which is great!

When finding plugins to download, if this is not already downloaded, make sure you install it.

This plugin is great for many different websites, affiliate marketing websites are definitely one of them.

This plugin is very simple to use and runs effortlessly.

Jetpack by is a must have plugin when using WordPress.

Amazon Link Screenshot (36)n

This feature is essential for Amazon affiliate marketers.

This plugin allows you to embed different Amazon advertising features throughout your website.

You can put this anywhere within your website as they are very flexible with location.

You can use this to put any Amazon links within your website.

This is a great plugin for Amazon affiliate marketers.

It is highly recommended because it makes everything look more clean and simple.

A few features this plugin includes are

  • Search tool
  • Amazon product cache
  • Affiliate tracking id
  • Built in templates

Along with many other helpful features that will benefit anyone using Amazon products.

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate links make it easier to manage your website.

Every website tends to have a lot going on.

Whether there are a lot of pages, products, articles, ect.

This plugin will help you stay organized along with a few other key features

  • Assign your categories to links
  • Easily import affiliate links
  • Export your links
  • Track monthly and lifetime clicks

This plugin is highly recommended so that you can stay organized.

There are many links within a website and they can often be difficult to deal with, this plugin helps to make things a little more simple. Screenshot (37)n

Amazon Link Engine

This is a cool plugin because you can localize any link.

For example, if your visitor is from the UK and they click on your affiliate link, this link will redirect them to the UK version of Amazon.

This is so that the website is easily compatible with their location and they can easily make their purchase from there.

You make a little bit of extra money through this plugin because this allows for a diverse amount of people that are able to purchase your products.

This will work with a lot of different countries, so just because they are not from the location you are from does not mean that they cannot buy your product.

This one works best with Amazon affiliate websites and this is something they should have for their website.

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