Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Learn the Secrets to Success!

Hey Deadbeats,

How are you all? In today’s post I will covering Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners.

We all need to start somewhere right & Amazon is a great place to do it… This is one of the easier ways to make money as an affiliate marketer!


The Beginners Journey to Amazon Affiliate Marketing

So, let’s get right into this.

One of the key things when your looking to become an affiliate marketer online, is having the ability to sell things…. you need to be a good salesman!

You need to figure out and learn how to take people through a process, a marketing process that consists of many steps.

You need to turn cold leads into warm leads and then eventually make sales, your in business right (haha), so you need money….

A person is cold when they first meet you and after they know you and your product they are warmer leads…

Now, with Amazon you really don’t need to do much in the way of selling…. of course you still need to implement some steps, but let me explain further!

One thing that you can do is target people that are already in the “buying process”. You do this by targeting what is called “buyer keywords”.

Let me give you a quick example here:

For example, someone would go to google and type in the keyword “Mongoose mountain bike review”. This person is already in the buying cycle, because they are looking for a specific bike review…..

So, say you had a review site where you targeted this bike and say five others, when people land on your review site…

… you would just direct them to Amazon (through cleverly placed affiliate links), then Amazon would do the selling.

This is a good way to make sales from people already in the buying cycle!

Amazon has made it easy for affiliate marketers because they have optimized their site for the best possible sales & plus so many people trust this site…. that it makes your job ALOT EASIER.


Sell Additional Products With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Another reason why Amazon is so good for beginners is that on this site there are many chances to make additional sales from your affiliate promotions…..

You will be able to make sales even without selling some products directly. This is why ALOT of new affiliate marketers promote things on Amazon… who doesn’t want to make more sale?

Ok, so one example could be this, say you had a site on audio equipment that you were reviewing. You could be reviewing all types of microphones for example.

NOW, hopefully the customer lands on your site and then goes to Amazon & buys one of the microphones that your reviewing…

….While on the site they remember that they also need to buy other stuff like a new dining room table or upgrade their office chair.

When they are in the buying mindset, you can potentially make an extra 2, 3 or even 4 additional sales….

Because when they visit your site and then leave your site for Amazon, the tracking cookie tracks all the purchases they make…. then you make money from your affiliate link – AWESOME!!!


Is There to Much Competition Being an Amazon Affiliate Marketer?

Because Amazon is so BIG, even when there is a lot of competition in certain niches, it doesn’t last long because there is always new niches popping up everyday!

It is very hard to have any niche that is saturated, for beginners this is good because obviously your still learning & if you had intense competition… you would quickly lose motivation!

Because there are millions of products on Amazon, you will have the chance to sell a lot of the “low hanging fruit” products….

… see, all the big sellers on this site don’t bother with the smaller products that make a couple of thousand dollars a month, they focus on bigger items.

So, this means more chance for you to make sales on these low hanging fruit and the more sales you make…. the higher your commission percentage becomes (I know it’s awesome hey?).

Think smart & leave the big boys to their own affiliate game…

Another good point that I want to make is, by doing this you will gain some much needed confidence as a beginner…

….because when you start seeing sales and really learn some tricks to marketing… your motivation will increase ten fold!

Follow These Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Now, I would like to share some more additional tips and tricks… so let’s get right into it!

So, a lot of marketers online wander If they have to own a product in order to sell it on Amazon, this is a very valid question…. so do you?


So, now I hear you saying in your head, but how do I know what the product does? What are the features of the product? Etc….

Well, what you will want to do is look on Google for customer reviews and review sites, people will share information such as:

  • The benefits of the product…
  • The features of the product…
  • AND things like the positive/negative aspects of a product….

So, what you will want to do with all this information is take it and compile it into an easy-to-understand review site, THAT ROCKS…

By researching all this key information, your providing your visitor with immense value and in turn, they will go to Amazon and check out the product that your recommending….

This is something called “high perceived value” and when you do this correctly, you will become VERY successful!

Now, you can also think about owning the product, doing so will allow you to give a more in depth review….

….because by using it and seeing it first hand, you know what it does and why it works. This will make your reviews more detailed and even more valued.

One things you could do is create a video using the product. This is VERY POWERFUL!

If your visitor sees you using that product in your life, they will be like “yeah that’s awesome…that is what I need it for”.

Videos work so well for this type of thing, that you could potentially make 2 or 3 times more with videos, then just plain text….AWESOME!!

One last key tip I can give you is, think about creating a site where you review say “10 of the best mics”. You then will want to find the top one or two sellers… then buy that product.

You will then be able to do a review video on that and of course ADD MASSIVE VALUE in the process!

Of course if you have the money, then why not potentially buy all the products and make a MEGA REVIEW SITE… based on your personal experiences? (wink, wink).

If you want to learn specifically how to make money as a beginner with Amazon affiliate marketing I can show you some key things you need to do, feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Over & Out Deadbeats..

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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