Best Way To Invest 1000 Dollars


Best Way To Invest 1000 Dollars – Deadbeat Style

Hey deadbeats, how are you all today?

In today’s post I want to look at the best way to invest 1000 dollars online! This is a question I get asked a lot…

… so it makes sense to write a good, in depth post about it! Investing 1000 dollars online doesn’t have to be hard, just DO IT RIGHT!


If your thinking about investing, then your smart and you’re heading in the right direction!

Today, I want to look at the best route for you to make some money off your investment… that’s the point of all of this right?

But, just like anything online there is an element of risk…. so when you invest money just be aware of this please! AWESOME let’s begin….

What Is The Best Way To Invest 1000 Dollars?

So, with 1000 dollars you are somewhat limited to what you can invest in… for example you won’t have enough money to trade in the stock market or buy real estate, but that’s ok!

This isn’t a video on how to invest $100,000 is it now? (haha).

Plus, when you do well with your first investment… you can always scale it up later if you like!

For example, on a stock market investment you would typically see a 7-10% return and that is if your lucky & this is after a year… so not much!

Ok, so first of here is what I would do… now of course you can decide on what you want… but personally here is what I would do!

I would:

===> Put $500 on indirect investments…

===> AND put $500 on direct investments….

This is a good starting point!


Now, examples of indirect investments are things like books, oh how I love books and knowledge (I hope you do too!).

Your obviously looking to make money online (seeing as your on this blog), so some good examples of what books you would invest in are:

  • Business books…
  • Salesmen ship type books….
  • Success books…
  • AND books on influence….

These would all be very smart choices!

The Best Way To Invest $1000 – CONTINUED!

I would just like to recommend some books that will really help you achieve a good return on investment!

They are – how to win friends and influence people, the 48 laws of power and lastly a book called the laws of success! These will be very valuable to you in your business!

One key thing I would like to mention is from one of the books – the 48 laws of power…

… in business you’re going to need to know how to navigate the “power arena” or you could get swallowed up in it!


Ok, so now for the direct investments….

You will need to think about things that you can invest in here that will multiple your money…. in a quick time frame!

You just need to do this in the right way and make sure you have “crossed your t’s and dotted your I’s” so to speak!

One way to do this is through affiliate marketing (of course coming from the deadbeat super affiliate).

As, I have mentioned before… this is VERY PROFITABLE when you know the right stuff!


Some things you will need to invest in are web hosting, a domain name & some sort of blog! I do have videos and post on how to create a site, so just look on here or YouTube (thanks in advance…).

This will typically cost you $10-$20 upfront, depending on which service you chose!


Then, with like a lot of things online you will need to make an investment of around $10 a month to keep this going (not so bad hey!).

Now, if you find yourself having excess money… you should think about investing in my personal deadbeat system. This system shows you the necessary steps for success & how to turn your money into even more…

You will also want to seriously think about investing in content! The content could be for your blog or it could be for your affiliate review site!

You can take a trip to sites like and find writers that specialise in writing keyword targeted & quality niche content articles….

You will be looking at getting 20 quality 1000 word articles for $250! This is awesome, just make sure you research your writer!

How to Invest Properly in 2017!

let’s continue here….

So, when you have the content…. make sure too proof read it & edit it properly… then you can upload it on to your site! You will then start ranking and begin to see some nice traffic!

Another thing that you will want to invest in is – videos! Videos are well worth the money, especially if they generate a lot of traffic from the likes of YouTube and FB right?

You will be able to get a decent video for around $50 dollars and ideally you want to have the video length set at 3-5 minutes!. You can also find this service on or fiverr!


From your videos you will need to direct your visitors to your blog and then from there you can convert them into paying customers!

This type of funnel works much better than a lot of funnels out there….

Recommend products that help solve the visitors problem and then you will have a lot of success from your blog and affiliate review sites!

Watch the full “The Best Way to Invest $1000” video here.

This is the smartest and most profitable way to earn some serious affiliate commissions online!

The more time you spend on this stuff, the more return on investment you will make! Your first $500 will seem so small compared to the huge amount you can make in the future!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and some more tactics like the ones you have learned today, then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed today’s article as much as I enjoyed writing it… to your success!

Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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