Bing Ads Tutorial: Get Paid Traffic to Your Affiliate Sites ft. Matt Neer


How A $13 Budget Made $130.50 Direct Linking on Bing Ads!

Hi Deadbeat, today I want to share with you something awesome! My friend Matt Neer shares his experiences on how he choses affiliate products from JVzoo, creates simple ads and then makes a ton of money and of course an excellent ROI!

And after a total of $13 spent on Bing Ads, $130.50 ROI was made– that’s insane! Over 800% ROI!


For the first offer,  $6 worth of ad clicks was spent – and $63.50 was made!

And the 2nd,  $7 spent- and $67 was made!

The Cost Per Click I was getting was at $.03 – $.11 off a $10 daily budget set for both campaigns…it doesn’t get any cheaper than this especially for a quality, targeted traffic.

Bing Ads: The Best PPC Platform for Affiliate Marketing

I’ll tell you a myth about why Bing Ads converts effortlessly…

Around 2008/2009, the number of people that started using Bing ads really increased and the a large percent of these people are of the older generation!

This is as a result of people buying computers with browsers that come pre-installed with Bing as the default search engine, and most of these people are unable to change it to Google, people who are unable to change this to Google are less tech savvy, usually in their 40s, 50s pluswith a lot more buyer intent!

That said, here are a few reasons why super affiliates are leaving Google Adwords in droves in favor of Bing Ads.

  • It’s pretty much laid back unlike Big mean Google Adwords which literally hates every affiliate marketer…Bing are seemingly desperate to capture a big chunk out of the PPC market share.
  • You can direct link…sending the traffic almost anywhere
  • You get clicks on the “dirt cheap”!
  • Clicks are legitimate unlike 7search

Other things like less fierce competition isn’t uncommon…although you could find yourself drowned by the competition if you do not know how to navigate your way to success.

Which is why below I am going to show you some markets that are hot on Bing right now and how you can use this information to make some seriously good sales….

These Are The Hot Markets On Bing Right Now…

  • Biz opps/MMO
  • Survival kits
  • Muscle Building
  • Learn to play musical instruments
  • Picking up chicks
  • Fertility
  • Insurance/Loans/Mortgage
  • Diet and weight loss
  • Beauty/anti-aging/skin care/hair loss
  • Physical products (Amazon, commission Junction etc)
  • Job vacancies
  • Magic

So there you have it a quick list of proven niches to pick from – you might want to run and test Bing Ads traffic to it first before you spend a lot of money to see if it converts! First you have to pick your offer/product that you’re going to run, it could be a physical or digital product.

Now, i’m going to pick a digital product from ClickBank and show you how to go from picking products to landing pages to setting up your campaigns on Bings Ads.

Picking Your Products…

By the rule of thumb, when picking a ClickBank product for a Bing Ads campaign…I always pick products with medium gravity between 20-60; good affiliate support and with recurring revenue!

Gravity for ClickBank is some special formula that they come up with to show the amount of affiliates that sold that specific offer within that past 12 weeks

The higher the gravity the more affiliates making sales on the offers, and the lower the gravity the fewer affiliates making sales promoting that offer.

Offers with a gravity between 20-60 are not too popular to the point where the market is over saturated with their offer, but not too low to where they are not selling at all.

Quality Support I try to email the product’s vendor and make sure they get back to me within 1-2 working days. I want to make sure i don’t get stranded when i need tools or funnels from the vendor.

Recurring Revenue the benefit of having a recurring payment cannot be undermined. Can you imagine getting payment from sales 1 or 2 months after you got the initial earning without doing anything?

That will mean more money to bid higher for each keyword, or enable you bid on more keywords to get more sales volume.

Sometimes you might find good products without a recurring revenue – that’s okay…like this DIY Aquaponics product i found on ClickBank which i will be using for this post as an example how to get set up on Bing Ads.

Msarketplace ClickBank

DIY (Do it Yourself) Aquaponics is a booming market online where people grow their own organic food in their backyard. And the product which i have selected called the Aquaponics 4 you is a guide that teaches how to set up an Aquaponic system successfully.

Research & Analysis

Now, the first thing you do is research the offer and find out which organic and paid keywords it is deriving traffic from search engines. You can use Alexa, Simlarweb to find them out…

Now if, fails you in finding paid keywords  – there’s one tool called Spyfu I always use to see already set up campaigns being created by my would-be competitors.

I just need to query “aquaponics” on Spyfu to get a keyword overview –


If i scroll down, i can find Most Successful “Aquaponics” Advertisers and Their Best Ads…

SpyFu Keyword Research Tools Keyword Overview aquaponics

Clicking on one of the “Most Successful Advertisers” I can reveal their ads which i can begin swiping and ready to deploy for my own campaigns!

How to Set Up Bing Ads Campaign

Keyword research for Bing is actually a simple, straight-forward process that is easy to learn. Perhaps you’ve done Adwords or SEO before, it’s the same method – and if you haven’t – the first step is to find your main keyword or the seed keyword –

Find your main keywords…

You simply need to figure out the broadest possible keywords in your niche. For example, “Aquaponics” is the main keyword. Keep it simple and move to next step – which is building a list of keywords.

Once you have assembled a list of your main keywords, it’s time to start building it out in the Bing Keyword Research tool.


Sorting and saving the results

By clicking on the different columns you can sort the results as you’d like. For example you can sort the results after the previous month searches, high to low, when you’re looking primarily for keywords with good search volume.

Look at the CTR and Clicks columns too, to ensure people are really clicking on the ads for these keywords. Before you go ahead and save these keywords so you can add them to your campaign, you need to go through all of them manually and ensure that they’re actually relevant.

Just to ensure some completely irrelevant keywords didn’t creep in among the results. So the bottom line is you should be looking for keywords with high search volume, relevance, good CTR, low CPC and good CTR. Those are the keywords you’ll want to download and use for your campaign.

Lastly you want to click the “create campaign” button – then write your ads, target your keywords and set bid. When it becomes live, you should be continually tweaking your ads for better CTR, lower click costs and higher Quality Score.

You should never stop experimenting – there’s always something to improve!

Here to your success! 🙂

Dan Brock


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