Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation: From $0 to $3000/Month Online


Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation: From $0 to $3000/Month Online

Hello, deadbeats!

A very warm welcome to today’s post where we are going to look at affiliate marketing vs product creation!

This is one topic a lot of people want to know about, so naturally when there are excellent suggestions and questions…. I will provide some immense answers & value!

Is there more money to be made by having your own product? Let’s find out…. DEADBEAT STYLE!


So, today I want to talk about how you can go from $0 to $3000 a month online!

For most people, this is a life changing amount of money…. are you ready to learn how to do it? Do you have the patience to see this through?, and do you have the work ethic to build freedom for yourself…..?

But, before we begin I just want to share something with you! When I first started my YouTube channel, I brought myself a plant….

I call it my “growth plant” and as my channel has grown, obviously my plant has! This has kept me SUPER FOCUSED & motivated!

Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation – It’s All About The Deadbeat Money!

Ok, guys & gals let’s get into the meat of this….

Today, I want to help you decide which avenue is the best for you to pursue, these avenues are both very different and require different things….

For example, product creation has many added things that you need to adhere to like customer support, sales page design & attracting affiliates…

This information will really help elevate your income, so pay attention….

So, I have experience with both models…. affiliate marketing and having my own products!

Are you worried about which one to choose and which one will make you the most money? Don’t worry, in terms of income both models can MAKE YOU A TON OF MONEY!

So, there are pro’s and con’s to each…. let’s have a look!

Affiliate Marketing Pro’s:-

  1. Low responsibilities…
  2. You don’t have to ship things…
  3. No customer support….
  4. You don’t have to be a sales expert…
  5. You have more focus…

Ok, I want to just highlight some key points from the above pro’s…

When you do affiliate marketing you have a lot lower responsibilities, you will only have to focus on a couple of key tasks, like getting traffic and finding products to promote!

You won’t have to ship things as an affiliate online, the vendor handles all of this stuff & trust me shipping can be a BIG HEADACHE sometimes!

The vendor will also provide customer support, so this will help you out :).

To succeed with affiliate marketing, you won’t need to be the world’s best salesman…. you just need to take action and also focus properly, which you can do because you have less tasks compared to having your own product!


Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation – Start W/ Affiliate Marketing

Before we continue I would just like to say this, looking back 10 years now and knowing what I do now….. I would have started with affiliate marketing!

Ok, back on track here….

So, now let’s look at the con’s of affiliate marketing:-

===> You’re building up someone else’s brand and doing them a favour…. instead of building up your own brand…

===> You will miss out on backend and up sell sales, because the vendor controls this and you don’t have access to it….

Ok, cool so what are the pro’s of product creation? WELL….

—> You will be able to leverage your creative talent, which in my opinion is something very special… making money as an affiliate is all about being unique & creative!

—> Make more money with you do it correctly! But, if your super awesome (which I know you are), you can still make excellent money as an affiliate!

—> You also have a sellable asset that can make you money day in and day out…

—> You can build a brand and names for yourself, this is very powerful because did you know people online buy from people they trust and see as an authority!


Ok, moving on….

The con’s of product creation:-

  1. There is a lot of risk, it takes a lot of time and resources to create them..
  2. You will need to master several extra “additional puzzle pieces”….
  3. You have to learn the process of creating the product!
  4. Support, delivery and general maintenance of the product!
  5. You have to put up with a lot of negativity…

So, there you go deadbeats, you have some killer information there on the pro’s and con’s of these two business models…. let’s move on shall we?

Affiliate Marketing vs Creating Your Own Product – Next Step!

So, with all that in mind, I thing that I’m going to highly recommend is that if you’re a beginner… start with affiliate marketing!

One of the keys things here is, when you DON’T have your own product…. you can’t be brought down by all the negativity!

You will be able to focus a lot more and FOCUS my friend is one of the most important skills that you’re going to need online.

I know it’s hard and sure, some days you will lack focus…. but that’s ok were only human (deadbeats) after all RIGHT?

The first step of the ladder is affiliate marketing….

It’s a good first step because you will be able to earn while you learn & also more importantly BUILD UP AN AUDIENCE!

I have said it many times and I will say it again….

Building up an audience is one of the most important things you can do online…

I highly recommend that you spend at least one year doing this, so you can master some things and REALLY LEARN how this business works….

Then, the next step after this would be creating your own products! When you do this, you need to think about what you have learned from affiliate marketing…

…. You will then be able to use those skills to market your own product really well and achieve many other high level things….. because you have a good affiliate marketing foundation!


It’s important to have stability and regular income before you take the risk on your own products… as I found out, sometimes creating your own product won’t work (even when you have spent $60,000 dollars).

Make sure you follow this path….

This is smart business sense and with a mindset like this…. you will do very well in anything you do!

So, in conclusion to all of this today, affiliate marketing is one of the best things you can do when you’re a beginner online… We have covered many key points here, so make sure to re-read them!

It makes logical sense to start with this and then after some years, you will have the knowledge, the income & the necessary skills to launch a fantastic, first time personal product!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and some more tactics like the ones you have learned today, then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed today’s article as much as I enjoyed writing it… to your success!

Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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