11 Website Marketing Fiverr Gigs To Help Market Your Affiliate Website

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11 Website Marketing Fiverr Gigs To Help Market Your Affiliate Website

Welcome Deadbeats,

Today’s lesson is going to be awesome, I want to look at some great website marketing gigs for marketing your affiliate websites…

…specifically some good marketing gigs from Fiverr.com. With Fiverr, you do need to search for the good gigs… I HAVE YOU COVERED!


We will be looking at 11 Fiverr gigs that you can use to market your website…

… are they good or are they bad, well… you will just have to keep reading to find out.

Now, some people think Fiverr is a joke and that the gigs don’t work… but I am here to tell you they do work… YOU JUST NEED TO know what your doing to get the best gigs!

With a lot of stuff online, people always bash it… but that’s because they are not DOING IT RIGHT! Let’s begin…

Website Marketing Fiverr Gigs – Market Your Website Today!

There are many services on Fiverr that will help your online business, such as getting video’s created, back linking gigs and many more things!

They can help you build your website and even do translation services, which I think is PRETTY DAMN COOL…

They all vary in price and they will all take different amounts of time to complete, but I want to show you some today!

Whether your looking for a squeeze page or website help… I have you covered!


So, the first one that I want to look at today is ===> a squeeze page and opt in page gig…

… Now, these type of gigs can be hit or miss… but I will show you some good ones!

So, what you will want to do is head over to Fiverr and type in something like squeeze page creation or SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Like I said, make sure to look through the gigs and see what type of service they are offering, then find one that fits your needs! 

Website Marketing Fiverr Gigs – Moving On…

On thing that you should look for is if the gig offers your squeeze page integration with your email provider…

…So, that your page can be linked with your auto responder directly, which can save time and hassle.

It would also be a good idea if you have a rough idea of what graphics you were looking to get on the squeeze page… as many gigs offer different styles and types of graphics.

Doing this upfront initial research will help you in the long run, it’s always good to BE ORGANISED IN AN online business anyways.


Ok, next up you can get a Fiverr gig that will help you with blog creation…

Now, as you can imagine this will be a popular topic and a lot of online marketers are lazy haha, so there will be a lot of gigs for this!

You can type in something like “create WordPress blog” or something like that and browse through the gigs…

… You can combine this with the next gig type and that is CONTENT CREATION, there will be gigs that cover both in one hit… of course for a higher price!


Ok, Fiverr gig idea four is article translation…

This is excellent for people who’s first language isn’t English… there are many good gigs that provide some really good translation…

…Create the article in your language and then head back on over to Fiverr and article translation and then you will be presented with a BUNCH OF GOOD GIGS.

Then just find a good gig and order what you need….


Next up, product image creation…

If you really look well you can really find some good product creation gigs and for a fair price too… often a lot cheaper than some graphic design websites…

Next, type in something like product cover… you can get 2D or 3D and again they all come with different features… so find out what your looking for!

One thing to make sure here is, that the images they use are royalty and copyright free… YOU DON’T WANT TO get in trouble for the images they have used!

Market Your Website Today With Fiverr Gigs

Another good gig you can have is a video creation gig…

This is where people will create some video’s for you, which you will be able to use on YouTube and other video platforms… now these can be a bit pricey, BUT WORTH IT in my opinion…

…Especially if you are new to this whole video thing and have no clue how to produce videos!

You can actually find niche specific video creators as well, for this just type in “fitness video” for example… if a fitness video is what you need and then BOOM.


Next up, is manual video submission.. this is something I use a lot and for good reason it WORKS WELL…

…Head on over to Fiverr and type in “manual video submission” and pick a gig for this.

Personally, I like the gigs that do 40-60 manual submissions, these seem to work pretty well!

With the addition of these smaller video sites, you will be surprised HOW MUCH EXTRA TRAFFIC you can get!

Moving On….

Next, you can get press release gigs…

Now, there is a little drawback… this will only work In some niches, but still it covers quite a bit of them, so see if your niche will work!

You will be able to create a lot of buzz and traffic if you find the right gig, just spend some time LOOKING AROUND FIVERR.


Moving on… you can also get guest posting gigs, these are good!

They will have a person create a guest post for you on a niche specific blog, this will give you some nice links and your website more exposure…

…Head over to Fiverr and type in “guest post” and find some good options.

REMEMBER… keep it niche relevant for more impact!

Marketing Fiverr Gigs – Deadbeat Skills

Next, you can get people on Fiverr to do some long tail keyword research for you!

This is very handy to save you a lot of time, LOOKING FOR KEYWORDS… most of the gigs are pretty good!

You can combine this gig with other gigs, like video creation for example!

Lastly, you can hire copy writing gigs, there are some decent ones out there and if your useless at writing sales copy… THEN THESE GIGS will help you!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Always spend time looking around at gigs before you buy…

===> REMEMBER, make the gigs as relevant to your niche as you can..

===> Test gigs first, don’t spend $100’s without testing first (pro tip)..



Now, if you want to learn how to turn your affiliate websites into sales and commissions…. then I recommend you check out my FREE guide, which will help you through the process.

You can access it here ===> deadbeatuniversity.com/guide


Until next time deadbeats…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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