Start An Affiliate Marketing Business: 5 Growing Niche Markets In 2017


Start An Affiliate Marketing Business: 5 Growing Niche Markets In 2017

Hey Deadbeat!

Welcome to another awesome post, today I want to look at how you can start an affiliate marketing business in 2017!

I want to cover five growing niche markets, that can make you some serious DEADBEAT CASH!

Having the right niche market is super important and you need to do a lot of research, but today’s information will save you a ton of time….


What I want to look at today is the top five niche markets that are very profitable and will be evergreen for many years in the future….

What do I mean by evergreen?

Well, these niches will continue to grow and grow, there is always people buying in these niches & it’s possible to make sales all year round (fantastic!).

This is one thing you need as an affiliate marketer…. people who buy things everyday will make your income stable and very consistent, then hopefully you can quit that dreaded day job!

Here is a list of things you can do in these niches:

  • Become an awesome affiliate marketer…
  • Do some ecommerce…
  • AND create your own products to sell….

Ok, awesome now I have told you what you can do, let’s get into the meat of things here and go through this special deadbeat training!

Start An Affiliate Marketing Business: Tips For Success!

Ok, so one of the first niches that you can get into is the video gaming niche!

This niche is very stable and very evergreen, it has been around for so many years and will continue to be in the future!

This is such a good niche because there is always a demand for entertainment and we all know that entertainment costs money….

Did you know the worse the economy gets…. people actually spend MORE MONEY on entertainment!

One thing you could do in this niche is have a review site on video games! You must have seen the movie review sites, you could make a similar one… but in the video game niche!

Now, for example video games is one of the most viewed topics on YouTube and for good reason, people love entertainment!

There is actually one channel called PewDiePie and this guy does videos on video gaming…. he has 53 million subscribers and gets millions of views daily!

What to take from this?

The video game niche is HUGE, it has rabid FANS & they consistently look for this stuff! ENOUGH SAID….


Affiliate Marketing Business – Niche Ideas Continued!

Are you super pumped from the first niche idea? I AM… let’s continue!

So, another good niche to get into is dog and cats, yes you read that right DOGS & CATS!

One of the reasons why this niche is super awesome is that dog and cat lovers are extremely passionate about their pets & where there is passion…. there is money to be spent (and made haha).

What I like about this niche is, there are 1000’s of products to sell!

For example on Amazon, people go CRAZY for cats and dog items & they don’t usually just buy one product (hint, hint!).


Just to illustrate how popular this niche is, I want to tell you about a couple of examples!

These examples are from the offline world, but still it will be very valuable to this post!

Ok, so there are two TV shows… one is called “the dog whisperer” and the other one is called “my cat from hell”.

These are awesome shows and they basically show you how to train your cat or dog! Now, these two things make money by:

  1. Having a TV show…
  2. They have websites where they sell products…
  3. They sell products in top pet stores across the world!
  4. They have training guides and video tutorials that they sell…

Now, can you see how this ties in with what we’re talking about today? Ok good!


Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business Is AWESOME!

Ok deadbeat, your focus is awesome today! Let’s move on….

So, the next niche is all natural health products… this is a very good one because people are always looking for the safest ways to be healthy & one of those ways is using natural health products!

This niche includes things like anti ageing and home remedy solutions!

Of course we all age, so this niche will continue to be evergreen for as long as me & you are alive and even after that!

Just to show you how powerful this niche is, go to a site called and check out all the affiliate products they have there….

There is a WHOLE NETWORK dedicated to this stuff and that’s just one example….

When there is demand, you know you have a good niche idea!

There is a ton of money to be made in this niche, go for it! People are obsessed about this stuff…..

Moving on…..

Ok, so the next niche is muscle building and this is a HUGE ONE!

This can include bodybuilding, muscle building, bodybuilding supplements and many more things… people love this stuff and they buy is everyday!

You can even drill down the niche further and go into things like bodybuilding supplements for women or gym accessories for men’s weight training!

Use your creative mind and you will BE VERY SUCCESSFUL IN THIS NICHE!

There are many successful sites that take advantage of this niche, for example a site called makes a ton of money off product reviews and training tutorials!

There is also a VERY SUCCESSFUL YouTube channel called sixpackabs. As you know they make money from the ads, but they also sell affiliate products, training courses and clothing! BOOM…..

I highly recommend you get into this niche!

Few (“wipes sweat off brow”), this is intense information!


Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business – The Last Niche Idea!

Ok, so the last niche I want to talk about is video equipment! Ching, Ching give me that money!

This is also very popular and again the buyers are very passionate!

Things like video editing, creating videos etc. This particular niche is going to continue to grow quickly, especially because of sites like YouTube & everyone wanting to start a daily vlog haha!

You can sell things like audio equipment, lighting accessories…. the products and commissions really are endless! I LOVE THIS NICHE!

One good example I can share with you here today is another YouTube channel! This one channel does daily vlogging and they have gained millions of subs!

Now, in their description they soft sell really well! They would put something like:

“Hey did you like today’s video? I was using the “XXX camera”, it works so well blah blah blah, check it out here!”

Then the here would be an Amazon affiliate link to the camera! AWESOME HEY!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and some more tactics like the ones you have learned today, then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed today’s article as much as I enjoyed writing it… to your success!

Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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