Are Online Businesses Just A Bunch Of Scams?


Are Online Business Opportunities A Scam?

Welcome deadbeats,

Today, I want to dive in and cover the question… are all online business opportunities a scam? Just, like anything in life people are very quick to…

…assume something doesn’t work, WHEN IT DOESN’T work for them! To be honest I really hate that, people should try before they even begin to say something is a scam.


It sometimes goes something like this “all affiliate marketing sites are fake” how can someone make more in a month, then most people do in a year…

… Then that person or people will try and look for things to blame or they will even MAKE THINGS UP…. “oh but he faked the screenshot on the income report”.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion… but sometimes these opinions even lack just basic comprehension.

Let’s begin shall we and really look at if online businesses are scams….?

Online Business Scams – What You Need To Know

Another, good one I like is…..

“but oh I have invested in some many programs and none work!”. Come on, really how many did you invest in? How much work did you do etc?

It still baffles me to this day, when people come to me and say ONLINE BUSINESS IS A SCAM…. I ask them one simple question….

….How many days do you work on it and for how many hours, yep you guessed it most people say twice a week for 3 hours.


So, I wanted to share my response in this matter and give you some insight into the online business world..

Ok, so I want you to think of this for a minute…

Say, there is a REALLY BIG mountain out there, people have been trying for years to mount it to the top, but have been unsuccessful.

Now, one day in the future someone FINALLY REACHES the top, now you have two different kinds of people.

Online Business Scam Artists – Not Here

The first person is the person when they reach the top of that mountain, only believe there is room FOR ONE PERSON…

…They will be super competitive and they will keep all the good information to themselves.

Then, you have the second person who believes the opposite and believes more than ONE PERSON can be at the top of the “income ladder”…

…They have more of a sharing mindset and are better versed to share their income knowledge!


It’s very hard to tell who is who…

ESPECIALLY, in an online business settings, because obviously it’s online and not in real life!

One good tip I can give you is if you want to try gauge a person who selling something, then maybe buy something off them for a small amount…

…Then you can gauge which person they are, whether that be NUMBER ONE OR TWO!


Now, here is another thought for you…

The first person up the mountain, will ACTUALLY TAKE THE most risk. People often think they won’t be able to replicate that… but they can!

People often have the mindset of “oh he made a million with his course”, but how THE HELL will I? 

The thing is, making just as much as the course creator is VERY DOABLE, you just need to adjust your mindset…


The one thing you have to realise is…

…that person who took all the risk, has LOST MONEY, resources and has gone through a TON of trial and error to get where they are.

You can use this to your advantage and by pass of that with what they teach you…

…like a lot of successful online BUSINESS OWNERS say, adapt the wheel of fortune, don’t try and re-invent it!

Moving On….

So, it’s a little story time, I started affiliate marketing MANY YEARS AGO (oh god I’m old haha).

I remember purchasing this course of someone for around $18 dollars at that time, I can’t remember… but somewhere around there…

…And I took what the course teached me and then I ADDED my own twist and ideas… then I was able to become just as successful as my mentor!

This is very similar to what I was saying above!


That $17 invest, actually laid the groundwork for me to make over $1,000,000 online and in my affiliate business…

…So, I have purchased a lot of products OVER THE YEARS as well and the way I look at it is like this…

…if I can find some training or information that will help me make back the money I made for the purchase, THEN I CONSIDER THIS A GOOD PURCHASE.

Knowledge is power and this is why I think of products and money this way!

Online Business Scams-Continued

It’s important to me to make a return on investment and this is something you should think about too!

This is about having the right mindset and LOOKING AT THINGS in a certain way…

…we can all control our thoughts, so train yourself to be the best you can and think more about STUFF LIKE THIS.

It will really help you in this online business world and it will do good at blocking out the negative crap!


So, that’s just my thoughts on business… You should have an open mind when you look to make money from a business online!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Your mindset is your most powerful online business tool..

===> Adapt the methods you learn, don’t re-invent them…

===> Get successful mentors to help you…


Now, if you want to get started with an online business that I recommend, I personally recommend affiliate marketing for beginners. It is low risk and low investment.

You can access my FREE guide here ==>


Thanks for tuning in deadbeats, until next time…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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