Deadbeat Success: Make $4,000 Online in Just 5 Weeks


Deadbeat Success: Make $4,000 Online in Just 5 Weeks

Welcome deadbeats!

In today’s post I want to share with you some deadbeat success & how one of my students made $4,ooo online in 5 weeks…

…And of course SOME DEADBEAT TRICKS AND TIPS to go along with the awesome success story I have for you!


There are so many people or “guru’s” online…

…That claim they help people make money online, but honestly there are a lot who don’t. Today, I wanted to SHARE SOME actual proof.

People take my training all the time and I have many successful students, just look at some of my YouTube testimonials and you will see that… but I rarely show them.

However, today I have something exciting for you… Let’s begin!

Deadbeat Online Business Success…

Now, this particular deadbeat invested in my deadbeat super affiliate system…

…Put it into ACTION and actually earned thousands of dollars within a matter of weeks!

So, this deadbeat’s name is john and I am going to roll his testimonial right now and show you!

The next piece of information is from john and I’ll just quote it ok? THANKS FOR TUNING IN… here we go!

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Just before I roll the video, stick around for after where I reveal lots of tips and tricks!

Hi, my name is John and I am actually making this video for Dan’s Brock DEADBEAT SUPER AFFILIATE system… which I am currently using to make an income online.

Now, if you SERIOUSLY want to try and make money online, then I highly suggest you follow Dan’s training and the real methods that he teaches…

…I ACTUALLY purchased one of this courses and it teaches you step by step, how to pick a niche, do keyword research and many other things!

Moving On…

I found myself watching all his video’s and then making sure that I took action…. THIS IS KEY!

Following the teaching and methods from deadbeat Dan, as you already know I was able to earn thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks…

…I highly suggest you follow his YouTube and pick up his course if you can.

The value he gives is amazing and his the real deal, I have loved working through Dan’s training!


Alright deadbeats… there you have it!

Now, while john success is 100% real… I do have to give a little disclaimer and that is…

…You may not EARN THE TYPE of income that john has or any of my deadbeat students.

Ok, moving on… let me share with you some awesome tips now and then I will be able to continue this post!

Deadbeat Money Baby!

Now, the first important thing you need to get your head around is…

TAKING ACTION. Taking action is what it is all about, what is knowledge if you don’t apply that knowledge right?

Online businesses are a different type of learning from school. In school you do passive learning, just reading books.. stuff like that.

But in an online business, YOU NEED TO WORK DIFFERENTLY and also learn in a different manner.


You are going to be doing a lot of the learning by doing 80% of the action and then you will learn how things work.

That’s why it’s SUPER IMPORTANT to take action and be consistent with it. Of course with actions, you still need steps and instructions to make sure your doing it right!

A lot of beginners make the MISTAKE of spending a lot of their time learning and not putting in any action.

Of course like I said YOU NEED TO LEARN, but take action and learn that way to make the most money online.


In training systems, just like my deadbeat system for example…

…Beginners tend to get hooked on every small things, BUT REALLY they just have to focus on the main things at first and then iron out the details later on.

It’s all about the RIGHT MINDSET, learn fast… learn the things you need to know and then when your earning some income…

…You can perfect those little things so that you will be able to make ten times more cash, this is how smart people work!


Get campaigns out there in a matter of days and take massive action!

Next, to achieve your goals and make money as quickly as you can.. you will need to focus ON FAST, FREE TRAFFIC SOURCES!

Now, you will see and hear a lot of experts pitch the paid traffic route, but as a beginner you won’t have the skills to make it successful at first…

…SO, that’s why I recommend free traffic that you can get fast to really get a good start on your campaigns and income.

Online Money Information

Don’t do paid traffic, just focus on the main free traffic sources and see results that way!

Look to SPEND ABOUT FOUR hours a day working on this at first and for at least the first couple months…

…Now, let me tell you something it’s not as easy as it sounds so make sure your serious in looking to make money online.

For example, you probably work for 8 hrs in a day job and then when you come home you need to put in another 4 hrs work, see?


It’s kind of like martial arts for example… everyone on the first day wants to be a black belt… but many people quit after the first month.

This might not be for you, but if you have commitment and CAN TAKE ACTION… then this will be good for you!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> ACTION speaks louder than learning, remember…

===> Fast, free traffic is excellent for beginners…

===> Have the right mindset and you can make money online…


Now, if you interested in learning how to step up successful deadbeat campaigns from the comfort of your living room sofa, then I have an awesome FREE guide that you can access today… you can pick that up right here ===>


Over and out deadbeats….

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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