How to Get More Pinterest Followers (For Affiliate Marketers)


How to Get More Pinterest Followers (For Deadbeat Affiliate Marketers)

Hey deadbeats,

Today, I want to show you how to get more Pinterest followers, the smart and of course LAZY WAY!

Social media is sometimes a hard beast to tame, but you just need to know how to use it properly (which I will show you today…).


Being an affiliate marketer online, you really should learn how to use Pinterest to drive some insane traffic to your deadbeat sites and other affiliate campaigns….

One of the key things about this site is that the traffic is reliable and consistent and there is A HUGE AMOUNT to go around! Pinterest is one of the most visited sites in the world!

What you will learn today is, how to get started from scratch using Pinterest!

How to Get More Pinterest Followers – The Beginning Steps!


You will need to create your initial following first, this is key and will set up a good foundation to build future followers!

A good thing you can do to start is get involved within the community, follow people and comment on people’s pins! Your be surprised how many people ACTUALLY reply back….

Make sure to use this site daily and set yourself a goal, for example “reply to 20 pins” or ” spend one hour on Pinterest”.

I find when the information is in front of you, your more motivated to get it done…..

So, you need to make sure that you create your profile around a specific niche… for example my niche is affiliate marketing!

Also, make sure you boards are in relevant sections, like one could be SEO pins & another could be paid advertising pins!

Doing this will allow your followers to REALLY identify with you and your information (which is what we want). This is a simple, but yet highly effective thing to implement!


Get More Pinterest Followers – What to Do Next….

So, next what you will want to do is create your profile blurb, which is just a snippet of information about who you are and what you stand for… add value, but keep it short!

Remember, in this section try to incorporate some keywords! Pinterest will then find your profile with their algorithm and more eyes will be on your profile (SWEET HUH?).

Of course you will also want to add your website in the website section, so that people can check out your AWESOME work!

It’s also really beneficial to add a cool profile picture! Try and use your brand within the picture as much as you can….

Then, when this is all setup, what you will need to do is start creating boards! Your boards will need excellent content…. so spend time looking around for awesome pins and content online!

Be selective about your content that you upload and make sure to read it first, so it makes sense and is actually helping your Pinterest followers achieve something….


One key tip here is when you upload pins to your boards make sure the description is unique, as pins get indexed well and a lot of people discover pins from the search engines…

Just like any new platform, establish some initial content!

Creating this content will make people want to follow you! If you don’t have any or you do it half assed… then people won’t follow you, it’s as simple as that!

Getting More Pinterest Followers – Some Advanced Tips

Ok, awesome job deadbeat!

Now, the next thing I want to look at is how to find the right people in your target market! If you’re talking about fitness, then it’s no point finding people who love video games!

When you use the search bar, enter your market keyword & then there are sub headlines…. click on where it says “people”.

Then select some people who you want to follow… what you also need to do is follow their followers because they are also interested in that niche!

Remember, you want traffic that is targeted and relevant! This is especially important on social media sites like this one… because without this your engagement will be low!

But you can test and add things as you go along, like anything once you learn it…. your be a deadbeat Pinterest MASTER!

Even though spending time just hitting the follow button is just a basic thing, it will produce great results and of course get you more Pinterest followers!


Just bear in mind though like any social platform, they do have a follower limit… so keep within that so you don’t get your account suspended!

So, at first just pick other content on Pinterest and from other sites, then when you gain a good following this will be the time to add your own:

  1. YouTube video links….
  2. Blog post pins…
  3. Facebook wall pins
  4. AND stuff like that!


How to Get More Pinterest Followers For Deadbeat Affiliate Marketers – FINAL THOUGHTS

It really isn’t hard to build up a massive following on Pinterest, you just need to be consistent and help other people also!

You will need to have a balance of the thing you promote…. you should help promote other people’s stuff also, so that their content can be seen! This is how good business works & I want you to do this….

You are probably wondering… hey Dan are these people really good followers and subscribers?

My answer to you is this:

These are real people who are interested in real things online. Even better these people are interested in the type of content I have to offer…. so yes these people are valuable and are a great online asset for me!

I will be able to (with time) influence and help these people, while at the same time getting them to visit my sites and then buy my products! Do you see the potential here….?

Keep positive and keep building up that following! Think of it like this, you have 400 or 4000 followers ready to see your content!

So, as a final thought here if you have any affiliate marketing campaigns and you’re not using the power of Pinterest… I highly recommend you start NOW!!

As you can see from what we have covered this is one of the most powerful social media platforms on the web today, so make USE OF IT!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and the right technical steps that you need to take to make this all come together and work, then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Thank you deadbeat for tuning in today, I love having you here! Until next time…..

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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