SEO Keyword Competition Tool: Lazy Way to Determine Keyword Competition


SEO Keyword Competition Tool: Lazy Way to Determine Keyword Competition

Sup Deadbeats? How are you..

Welcome to another deadbeat post, today we will be covering some awesome information on an SEO keyword competition tool….

One of the most useful things online is having tools to help in your business, a lot of them cost money…. BUT THEY SAVE TIME!


Today, I’m going to share with you a simple keyword analysis tool to really help you weed out your deadbeat competition!

You need to utilize tools like this, so that you can determine which keywords are easier or harder to rank for! A lot of marketers online don’t even do this…. so they just use the “hit and miss” approach!

Not only are you an awesome deadbeat, I know your smart too… so make sure you do your keyword research!

Ok, so if your ready I would like to get into this tutorial now and “blow your socks off” 🙂

SEO Keyword Competition Tool: Deadbeat Style!

Ok, deadbeat what I am going to do is show you a VERY COOL, free & simple keyword tool today!

There are tools out there that cost a lot of money and there are also tools that are free. Of course with the paid tools, you get a little more insight… but to be honest the free ones work just as well!

As people say, it’s not the machine that works well… it’s the person who operates it! (deadbeat super tip for today haha).

The AWESOME thing about this is that you can use this for any site, whether it be a deadbeat site or your personal blog etc. I like to give information that brings many avenues of benefits!


Research tools form the backbone of any great affiliate campaign…

So, one thing you need to have in order to make this work is you have to use the Google Chrome browser… so that the tool will work properly!

I have tried to use It properly on other browsers but it only works half assed, I know we are all lazy, but I still like my tools working 110%….

So, what you need to do is find where it says PREFERENCES in chrome…

You can access this by finding the chrome name on your top left of your screen and then a menu will appear… where you can find preferences! Then find extensions!

You will then need to click the “browse plugins” link and enter something called Mozbar. Your doing a good job, just stick with me!

This is the cool plugin/tool I have been talking about and it’s free, so that makes it even better! Now, just as a side note Moz is one of the biggest players in the SEO space… so this tool rocks!


How to Use This SEO Keyword Competition Tool – The Deadbeat Way


Ok, so what I want to do is take you through a working example! This will help you understand it better….

So, you will need to type in any keyword that you’re looking for to research… for example I am going to use “tube socks”.

This is what’s known as a seed keyword! Words that are less than 3 or 4 words are called seed keywords and this is a good place to start!

SIDE NOTE: Before you can use the plugin you just need to register a FREE account over at MOZ there….

When you have done that, we can jump right back in….

What you will now be presented with is a cool tool bar under each search result which shows us some important data, we need to focus on:

  • PA, which is page authority….
  • DA, which is domain authority….

So, basically high authority websites, like say Walmart… have a high domain authority, in this example it’s 92!

The higher the number, the more authority a site has and it ranges from 0-100. Sites like Google and Facebook are 100!


However, sometimes because a particular site has a very high DA, it doesn’t mean that their PA is always high…

….you could have a site that has a DA of 90, but some pages on that site could have a PA of 10.

So, this means that it will sometimes be easier to rank for! Generally, when the PA is low… then it’s easier to rank for!

Now, if the DA & PA are both high… then your going to have a very hard time of ranking that page…. so I suggest you don’t even waste your time!

Of course when you have a lot more experience, you will be able to do this… but for now stick to what I am teaching YOU!

Moving on With This SEO Keyword Tool Tutorial…


Now, it can work in other ways too. The site could have lower DA, but higher PA. This is good for the site owner because that page will rank very high in Google… but what does it mean for us?

Well… your site could have an average DA, but the key is to build pages that pass a lot of PA!

Now, lastly on the other end of the scale… you get sites which have low domain authority and low page authority, this is what I look for! You will be able to outrank these easily & with little effort!

Right, so with all that information in mind…. I want to talk about something cool!

I decided to pick a fairly competitive keyword and using my deadbeat affiliate system I wanted to see what results I could get….

My site actually made it onto the first page and is competing with some of the biggest boys in the industry…. I don’t have exceptional high DA or PA either!

The lesson here is:

Make sure you do the right things, in a certain way… to get the right results!

So, as you can see from the little example there… it is possible for affiliate sites to make very good ranking and also beat out very powerful and very big sites!

Don’t be worried of these BIG sites, they too started from the bottom! They have just gained authority over time and so will your affiliate sites.

If you don’t push the boundaries of your mindset and come out of your comfort zone, you will never realise what is possible!

You need to do things that make you think “is this possible” and then when you implement and see the results… you WILL BE AMAZED!

I do have a system that you can access that shows you STEP BY STEP this exact formula and the few extra steps that you need to bring this altogether and make it work for you!

You can get that at

I will explain key things you need to do so you can rank higher and faster, also I will be teaching you some key tips to really EXCEL at your deadbeat SEO game…. you won’t want to miss that!

Thanks for your time deadbeat, I really do appreciate your attention and focus on this article today! I wish you a lot of success & I will be pleased to see you around next time!

Over & out deadbeat friend!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock!

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