Internet Marketing Tips: 7 Lazy Ways To Market Your Website In 2017


Internet Marketing Tips: 7 Lazy Ways To Market Your Website In 2017

Hey deadbeats!

How are you today? In today’s awesome post I want to cover some awesome internet marketing tips, including 7 ways to market your site…

Getting traffic online can sometimes be a hard beast to tame, but once you have mastered it, your success level will rise ten fold!


Back in the day driving traffic was as easy as putting up a banner ad on some spammy site and getting thousands of clicks to your site…. however, times have changed!

This tutorial will guide you through some awesome traffic generation tips to market your website PROPERLY!

Let’s jump right in….

Internet Marketing Tips: Lazy Ways To Market Your Website!

So, first off I want to share with you that your website needs to be mobile friendly!

Now & in the future, so many people are using their mobile phones to access websites and buy things…. so you need to keep up!

There was an interesting post the other month on Google’s webmaster blog that gave some really helpful tips and insight into how to change your site to be responsive & even a mobile compatibility test…

If you would like to access that test you can at:

This is a very easy tool that you can use to grade any page on your site to make sure it’s mobile friendly!


The key here is to make sure that you’re using a 100% mobile optimized responsive WordPress theme!

There are many out there and most companies that sell these themes, now have fully responsive mobile code as standard, which is excellent in my opinion…. as a premium theme can cost $100’s of dollars!

I even have my own theme (as many of you know) which is mobile optimized and you can get that for FREE in my deadbeat super affiliate guide!

Internet Marketing Tips – Moving on….

Ok, so the next awesome tip that I want to give you is this – you need to get good at doing videos & I mean producing QUALITY VIDEOS!

You need to produce videos better than anyone else so that you can stand out & really make an impact with your information! People will LOVE THAT…

Get good at video, in 2017 and beyond this is the way to go….

Video is very crucial and important in any online medium, just look at the success of YouTube!

People also engage A LOT more with videos than text these days, so it makes sense to produce them….

There are a couple of ways you can produce videos:

===> You can suck it up and practice each day (yes even I started somewhere).

===> Or you can pay someone to produce these videos for you! Of course you have to research and that can be a headache sometimes!


A great site to use is called and they have some people who do really good videos!

The one drawback is though, that a good quality video can cost you anywhere from $50-$75, now this isn’t super expensive…. but it’s something to think about!

More Ways To Market Your Website – The Deadbeat WAY!

Ok, so another important thing that you should do is – create a FB fan page for your website!

As your aware FB is freaking HUGE, so I makes sense to create something where a lot of eyeballs can see what you have to offer!

Social engagement is very important online nowadays and if you don’t have some sort of social presence, your website traffic will suffer…

One key tip I can give you here is – make sure that you make your Facebook fan page accessible! Put your FB page snippet on your blog & link to your fan page from your YouTube channel…

Even, have your FB page link in every email you send out, so people can engage with your content & more importantly like your page….

The more people who like your page the better, this is a great social indicator to new visitors who will look for things such as this!


Now, next you need to make sure that you create a YouTube channel! You need to show your authority and knowledge through video…

…. by doing this, you will receive a ton of traffic and of course some sweet deadbeat conversions!

Because YouTube is so big, it is a traffic generation POWERHOUSE… so use it my friend!

Think of it as a very valuable asset (which it is) and you won’t go wrong! Start somewhere, build up the channel and then see for yourself the results!

Moving on….

Next, make sure you harness the power of blogging!

I know some people say “blogging is dead”, but you know what? They only say this because they don’t utilize it properly!

What are you doing right now? Yep that’s right your reading some quality information ON A BLOG!

Don’t be scared of SEO or search engine optimization either… I have plenty of actionable information on this blog and in my YouTube videos that will give you some KILLER INFORMATION!


People will find your site when you produce a quality blog, some of my niche blogs get upwards of 600 visitors per day… can you see the power of this?

With excellent, consistent content… people will find your blog!

Ok, so the next killer tip I can give you is this – make sure to build up your mailing list! This will be a very important asset, so take the time to build one up!

One great way to achieve this is to funnel your blog traffic from your blog to an email sign up form!

You can have:

  • In post subscribe forms…
  • Sidebar optins…
  • Content upgrade email opt ins…
  • Header opt ins and much more!

You can also use a smart funnel that would look something like this:-


There are many ways to build a list, just make sure you keep the list engagement high AND OFFER VALUE!

The best thing about an email list is – you can sell products on demand! There was an experienced marketer who, in one day generated over $500,000 in sales from their list (YES POWERFUL).


Internet Marketing Tips: The Final Tip!

So, the last tip I can give you is this….

Make sure your producing high quality web content! Yes a simple but very effective concept!

As you’re aware, content is king online and with so many newbie marketers coming online, you need to make sure your content is better than the rest!

You need to make sure that you capture your users attention for as long as you can, because this is an important ranking factor for any blog or affiliate review site!

Your really going to need to think about many key factors such as your marketing hook, how you format your content & how original your content is!


When you combine all these traffic tips together, you will have one hell of a marketing platform & you will drive a horde of traffic to your site!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and some more killer traffic tactics like the ones you have learned today, then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Thanks for your time, I really appreciate you reading this far!

Be sure to have a look around this blog and visit me on YouTube for updated killer content on affiliate marketing, traffic generation & more helpful make money online tips!

Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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