How to Make Money on Youtube ($11,521/m with Very Small Channels)


How to Make Money on YouTube ($11,521/m with Very Small Channels)

Hey deadbeats! How the hell are you?

Good I hope! For today’s awesome training I will be covering how to make money on YouTube when you have a small channel…

…being small doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make A TON OF MONEY WITH YOUTUBE!


What I will be sharing with you today, is based on making money as an affiliate on YouTube! There are right and wrong ways to do this, so today I will show you the correct way!

You must have seen a lot of people do this… but sadly most people do it wrong, ill show you the RIGHT WAY!

How to Make Money on YouTube – MASSIVE Affiliate Income Growth

Ok, deadbeat let’s begin…..

So, this is what I call the triple video playlist stack and it’s a marketing technique that I will exposing for you here today!

I have tested this and have gotten some excellent results with this. Now, you will be able to accomplish the same thing, by putting in hard work and producing amazing videos!


This tactic has the potential to make you a ton of affiliate commissions… but pay attention and more importantly take action!

I can’t actually believe I’m revealing this, but you know what I pride myself on giving AMAZING VALUE & your awesome! You should also have this mindset, you will become a lot more successful!

People online charge $100 of dollars for this information…..

So, just a little pre thought here… YouTube is a powerhouse of a site and you need to play by their rules, do things properly!

And as usual your main FOCUS should be on producing the best video content that you can! When there is value, the money will follow my friend!

On YouTube, you will have your initial batch of videos & this is going to be the starting point for this tutorial…. Spend time on creating your foundation videos!

Put a lot of effort into filming and editing them, it will make a world of difference….

You want to make sure that you have a good amount of content already uploaded. When your new to YouTube it helps to publish videos everyday, so you can build up a following and some channel authority!


So, with your initial videos you will need to feed the traffic from them, into a video series/playlist!

So, after a lot of testing I have found that three is the magic number. You will need 3 videos in a playlist…. the first foundation videos will feed traffic to the first video in the playlist!

This first video is your playlist needs to be:

===> five to ten minutes in length (ideally).

===> OFFER massive value…..

===> AND must be relevant in your funnel…

Making Money on YouTube – The Next Steps…

Just going back to the previous section, what I want to highlight to you is… at the end of video one, you should do a soft sell of your affiliate product!

When you break it done, you can have nine minutes of pure value and then at the end… you can have one minute of a pitch!

Now, I’m not saying you need to be an aggressive seller here, that isn’t the point!

The point is to steer them in the right direction, highlight to them how your affiliate product can benefit them and give them a gentle nudge towards it…

By using this format you will gain people’s trust and of course when you add value upfront… people tend to engage more to your call to actions!

Ok, moving on….

You need to make sure that video 1, video 2 and video 3 in your playlist all piece together to make this work properly! If your videos are totally different or not congruent, your conversions will SUCK!

Make these videos feed off the last one, for example have part one, part two and part three!

Now, here is how the magic works….

So, you have your first video in your playlist being viewed by people who have come from your main ten videos, some people will buy your affiliate offer and some won’t…. should you panic?

Well no, you shouldn’t….

What a lot of people will do is seek out your second video in the playlist! This is because they are still hungry for some more information before they buy….. and your next video HAS SIMILAR CONTENT!

Do you also remember a previous post/video, where I talked about how people need to be exposed to an offer several times…. this is along the same lines of thinking!

You will want to try to make this second video…. a bit shorter than the first one, ideally around five minutes and you also need to add some additional content to this video, that builds off the last one!

Then again at the end of the video you will want to make a soft pitch for your affiliate product!


Next, the same applies to video two…. most people will buy, but if they don’t they will be funneled into video 3 and again have some content and a soft pitch at the end! (Good job deadbeats!).

One thing that you could try with video three is doing more of a “hard pitch”.

Pitch your affiliate offer more forcefully and you will see that more people will take action…. this is a hidden marketing technique and works VERY WELL!

So, the best thing to do when you have a small YouTube channel is not focus on volume, but high quality!

Practice makes perfect and when you do it enough, you will become a pro! Don’t be scared, have confidence in yourself….. you can do it my friend! Remember, coming out of your comfort zone IS A GOOD THING!

How to Make Money on YouTube – Final Thoughts

So, the key here is to make all your video’s super awesome and as high quality as you can….

Sure, it’s going to TAKE HARD WORK & some patience, but the results will be amazing!

A lot of online affiliate marketers are way to lazy and lack the motivation to even do half of this, so what you need to do is be one hundred times better than them & give 110% to your work!

If you want to learn specifically how to make money with YouTube when you have a small channel, I can show you some key things you need to do, feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Awesome, thanks for reading this far, I hope you can now see the potential of YouTube and how to use it to make some good affiliate commissions? Thanks for reading…. take care!

Over & Out Deadbeats..

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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