How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (The Secret)

Learn How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – Deadbeat Style

Sup Deadbeats?

I welcome you to another post, today we will be looking at how you can make some nice cash with Clickbank affiliate marketing. Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world & it’s just AWESOME…

Today, I will be sharing some amazing tips & tricks, as well as one killer secret that YOU MUST implement if your looking to become successful as a Clickbank affiliate!


You see so many wannabe affiliates think that you have to create a complex, mind blowing funnel in order to make money as an affiliate, but I am here to tell you…. you don’t.

One of the best things you can do for your affiliate campaigns is keep them simple and provide quality over quantity, ill explain more soon….

Look at it like this, your aim will be to put 10% of activity on the things you need to get accomplished, which will produce 90% of the results!

The Clickbank Affiliate Secret – Pay Attention

So, this secret is based on a marketing principle… which I have then adapted to fit better into my Clickbank campaigns!

You see a BIG thing online that will make you stand out is being unique and having fresh, original ideas! You can follow the herd, but you won’t make much deadbeat cash that way….

If your able to implement this secret properly, you will become very good at Clickbank affiliate marketing. Every funnel or campaign that you create will be excellent & your results will show….


However, if you miss out some steps or get this wrong…. then SADLY your campaigns will fail!


Make Sure to Keep Your Affiliate Funnel Congruent

To be successful in this game one key thing you need to do is keep everything in your affiliate funnel congruent.

You need to make sure all your products that your promoting compliment each other. Right from the front end products to the upsells…..

Your backend products (for example paid affiliate products), need to compliment your freebie giveaway. They need to enhance that giveaway and make it better…

You will need a funnel and this is an overview of how it will look:


See? I am keeping my funnel short & simple, but yet highly effective! There isn’t a path for a path or 50 different directions… it’s simple and to the point, this is why it works!

The REAL magic in this funnel happens between the FREEBIE OFFER & AFFILIATE OFFER…Ready?


Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Success? Here’s an Example….

The best way that I will be able to describe the “secret” in more detail is by showing you a working example & of course adding some more value!

Ok, so say your planning to teach people how to detox their Macintosh computer….

There is actually a really good product on Clickbank that teaches people just that…. it’s called “Detox My Mac” and it’s a mac cleaning application. The product looks good and this is something you could make sales on….

One thing you could do is create some video’s that show people step by step how to fix certain things on their computer to speed it up!

Now, this would be a good example of what a Freebie front end offer should entail. Your providing VALUE, your helping them out & your also solving some common problems that they are having on their mac…..

Now, the next step is where a lot of people go wrong and then never make any money.

They would have their training videos as the freebie and then for their affiliate offer they would promote a guide on the top 100 tips to clean up your mac..

Why is this wrong you ask?

Well, the affiliate product is basically the same as the video content, the user is not gaining anything and the sales conversions will be ALOT LOWER!!


Clickbank Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT WAY

What you need to do is instead of having an affiliate product of 100 tips, you need to have an affiliate product like the example above….

The detox my mac software does all the hard work of cleaning up your mac while you doing other things (like laundry and watch Netflix haha).

So, how would a live funnel of this example look? Like this:


Now, let me explain something. You have produced the good step by step FREE training video’s to help them solve some common problems on their mac….

…they are now happy because you have helped them make their mac a bit faster, which is what they were looking for.

But, here’s where the real magic begins. Sure, you have showed them a few neat tricks… but ultimately what is one thing people want more of? That’s right, they want more time….

I do, you do… we all need MORE TIME!!

So, being the smart deadbeat affiliate marketers we are, were going to provide for them a solution to their problem.

The problem they are thinking about is “how can I save time doing this”? OR “I wish there was an automatic way to do this?”


So, then you would have a page where you show them the video’s and at the bottom you will have a link/button to the “detox my mac” affiliate product, your affiliate product!

You could say something like this as your call to action….

So, “thanks for checking out the video tips on how you can make your mac faster manually, if you would like a software that does it automatically for you then I have just the product” (your affiliate link).

Do you see what I have done there? This is how you keep your funnel congruent, while at the same time…. adding value and solving a problem. This is smart affiliate marketing my friend.

Let me explain something here….

Think of this process being similar to having puzzle pieces. Your freebie is one corner of the puzzle and it has a certain outline, now like I have said earlier…. you don’t want more of the same puzzle outline (your affiliate products).

The puzzle pieces will NEVER fit together this way, then your potential customers will never piece together your products either. When this happens no sales are made!

Your affiliate offer needs to be a “puzzle piece” that is shaped to fit your freebie offer.

When it’s shaped properly it will fit together like a glove and then your affiliate funnels will become a lot more profitable! This is so important to do in any aspect of an online business, so get it right :).

Within your funnel, you also want any upsells to also “fit” the freebie product, keep it congruent all throughout your funnels ok?.

REMEMBER deadbeats keep it simple and keep it congruent. Don’t be tempted to make funnels consisting of 100 pieces, honestly for all that work… your results will not be that good!

Just focus on what I am teaching you here today and you will do very well! Thanks so much for reading this today… now go and take action!

I’m releasing new videos on affiliate marketing every day on my Youtube Channel – if you haven’t subscribed yet, you need to right now!

To Your Success!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock!


Buy Expired Domains: Private Blog Network SEO Tips

How to Dominate Search Engine Traffic with this Awesome Expired Domain Method

Hi there Deadbeat, in most recent years we have seen the steady decline of internet marketers using Organic Search Engine’s traffic as their number one Go To traffic source.

When people get frustrated with the slow pace of SEO (Search Engine optimization), they are more likely to move onto a “faster” paid traffic platform like Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising (where the CPC can get really cheap (about $0.05) for quality, targeted traffic.)

However, Search Engine traffic isn’t dead! It’s just a long term SEO goal you need to learn to accomplish over time, before you begin truckloads getting targeted buyers’ traffic.

Okay, here’s why I think Organic Search Engine’s Traffic is still the best FREE traffic source.

$5.1M in Free Organic Search Traffic

If I wanted to check some really cool stats and see the power of my SEO efforts, I would use a tool called SemRush. From here I can gather some very important information and find some awesome stats, so I would head over there and type in for example, this is what I get…

This is what I get: Organic Search Positions

As you can see is getting about 3.5 million free organic search traffic visitors from Google.

Those 3.5 million traffic visitors would actually cost me $5.1M in advertising if I were to buy it via Google Adwords.

So, you can now see why you should spend time building and including SEO techniques into your website. You will want to do this slowly over time. This is a lot cheaper than spending millions of dollars on paid traffic sources which you might not have!

Not to worry though, in this post I will cover on page SEO and one of the most important ranking factors…link building.

Basically those are the 2 SEO activities you need to carry out – On Page SEO and Link Building – and I will be sharing more link building techniques you can also apply on my next posts.

SEO is 30% On Page & 70% Link Building

Most Gurus say that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts should be “30% On Page & 70% Link Building”. These percentages are not fixed and sometimes for different sites you will need to change these, but this is a good start!

For instance you might find yourself 3 months in; doing 100% of On Page aspects such as awesome content, keyword research & adjusting your site’s structure…especially when your site is new – and then a solid 6 months developing and implementing a link-building campaign.

If you’re reading this, then I assume you must have gotten your affiliate marketing site up – if you haven’t, don’t worry!  Check out the deadbeat super affiliate system you can use right now to set one up.

Now, before we get to the meat of this post, which is building links with expired domains – please do ensure that your affiliate marketing site checks the following list of “On Page” SEO aspect below:

  • Have an SEO friendly domain name
  • Your keyword in title tags
  • Add Modifiers To Your Title (like review, free report, discount)
  • Add images and video’s, also make your post engaging to reduce bounce rates
  • Add your keyword to H1 (heading )and H2 (sub-heading) tags
  • Drop your keywords in the first 150 words
  • Use outbound and internal links
  • Add your keywords to one only image per post
  • Create longer content – 1000 to 2000 words posts
  • Use social sharing buttons

Okay, there you have it, a complete check list of On Page SEO, which needs to compliment your link building campaign…

Let’s go into that now…

Buy Expired Domains for Instant Search Engine Ranking


As you might already be aware, Search engines measure a website’s value and relevance by analyzing the links to the site from other websites.

It is an integral part of how a website will rank in the search engines…for instance if (high authority in the news space) links to a news blog you started, you will be able to gain a good boost in rankings because google will pass this authority link juice onto your site. It might not get indexed straight away…but it will come!

If you have an “expired domain” with decent authority which is closely related to your money site’s niche- this improves drastically the ranking of your “money site” on SERPS!

The more powerful the “expired domain” is – in terms of high Authority, High Page Rank, good number of backlinks, et cetera… the higher and faster it’s going to increase the rankings of your money site on SERPS.

Expired domains are pre-existing websites that the prior owner let expire for usually 2 reasons –

  1. It didn’t make them any money and they quit and let it expire
  2. Or they lost interest and forgot about it

You might think expired domains are useless -and a lot of people would think why did the prior owner let it expire? – but in terms of SEO, it does carry a lot of weight especially if you find a good one.

You just have to be able to select the good ones from the bad and then decide which ones to eliminate so you don’t get your site penalized by the big G.

Not to worry tho, I’m going to be providing you with tips here below to successfully buy an expired domain name…

Go to

And in the query box, search for your industry/niche main keyword to reveal a list of expired domains you could buy.

For instance I’m going to query “stop snoring”


Okay, as you can see from my screenshot above, I have an arrow pointed at a site that has my interest – stop-snoring– – it has 12.2K backlinks…

Now, I’m not going to just click the “register” button at this point – I have to investigate more about the site to make sure this is what I am looking for and need.

Here is a check list the domain must pass before I register it –

  • Check if the domain is indexed by google
  • Check the anchor or link profile of the domain’s backlinks for spam, you can use or Moz Explorer to verify it isn’t Penguin prone)
  • Check with the Google Webmaster Tool that there is not a Manual Penalty to the domain.

Now if the site passes the check list above – I’d want to register it straightaway –

Register Expired Domain

Now this is easy – i just head to Godaddy, search for my new domain name and pull out my credit card and buy it…

But I also need to fly under the radar, I don’t want Google knowing I am artificially building links – so I have too minimize my footprint by hosting each expired domain I buy on a separate IP address, this also needs to ve different from my main money site!. Also I’m going to be using private whois information and using a different theme on each site.

Make sure to make an excel sheet to keep track of your websites, IP addresses…

So there you have it, I have showed you how to buy and utilize the power of expired domains for instant search engine rankings of your deadbeat affiliate marketing sites or money site!

So if you don’t know how to create a deadbeat affiliate marketing site – you need to head over to

You’re going to need to know the step by step to create the actual “money site” I talked about in this post if you’re serious about making money the deadbeat super affiliate way !

So, head over there right now and then you can begin to start learning how to make some awesome lazy commissions, the deadbeat way!

Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t – I release new video’s all the time, covering affiliate marketing, passive income earning, inspiration and lots of good content.

Lastly if you have any questions; please feel free to comment below and I’ll gladly answer your questions…

Alright deadbeat.

Until my next post…


Dan Brock






Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

There are around 10k to 100k people per month approximately; that will search for “affiliate marketing” on Google!

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords

That’s an awesome number of people looking to find quality information on how to do affiliate marketing, according to Google Keyword Research Tool.

Perhaps you too are just about to begin your own quest to work from home and make money online with affiliate marketing…

I remember when I first started trying to make money with affiliate marketing years ago; it was a lot easier back then in 2005/2006 – than it is now I must say.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So, if I were to start from scratch as beginner today; the best place I recommend to start would be Amazon affiliate marketing…Amazon affiliate program in my opinion is the best way to start as a beginner – I’m going to show you why!

Let’s go!

So in the past, all you had to do was set up a wordpress blog and review products in a particular niche. Then it would gain traction and you would be able to get traffic from search engines and you’d make sales here and there – that was it!

But, today you need to attack it with a different game plan – especially with the advent of YouTube, Facebook & Twitter – it’s going to take the integration of those web properties to be successful beginner affiliate marketer in this day and age.

I’ll show you how:

Okay the first thing you need to do right after you’ve picked Amazon as your “Go to” affiliate program is pick up a pen and paper and make a tally of all your hobbies and write them down!

Then you will want to pick one that’s mainstream – one that’s popular and appeals to a bunch of people out there…for instance swimming, playing basketball, break dancing or DIY stuffs…

Pick a Mainstream Hobby

For this post I’m going to be picking my mainstream hobby “Martial Arts” and I am going to be showing you how to make money referring related products from Amazon.

For example this sparring shin guard…


I was really into different types of “Martial Arts” before I got lazy making money online.

I used to love sparring, so I know one of the main problems is when you try to kick your opponent – the shin guard’s pads would slide around and eventually the shin guard will come off.

It’s really annoying as it interrupts the training since you have to stop every 30 sec to fix it back. So, what I’d do is pick a particular shin guard that doesn’t come off every 30s while I’m sparring.

I’d pick one from Amazon, create a blog and then start reviewing the shin guard…I’d write out what I like best about the product and also find other reviews from other people…

I’d basically set up a 400 – 1000 words blog post describing the product, its features & benefits, I will also be adding some killer video’s and images into my post to give it some extra meat.

Then I’d link that post to my Amazon’s affiliate link so whenever someone buys thru my link on Amazon, I’d get a commission. This is all I had to do back then, just set up a 400 – 1000 words product review page and let it get picked up by search engines for traffic.

But in this present day and age – If i’m going to improve my earnings, i’m going to need to provide additional value.

Let’s go into that below:

Create a YouTube Channel

To compliment my product review blog, I’m going to create a YouTube channel – it’s going to be about the same topic – Martial Arts – I will make videos of my self sparring and then explain and show some areas of the product.

Now, YouTube is ranked 3rd in the world when it comes to website popularity. So, if you put out a video on just anything seemingly interesting – it’s bound to get picked up by loads of people.

As you can see – I already have an audience, they are searching YouTube for the type of videos I’ll be creating.


Also, I’m going to make videos showing things other than just sparring but related to the Martial Arts niche – like Karate, Kick Boxing…

This is going to get people to subscribe to my YouTube channel then i can redirect traffic from my YouTube channel’s videos to my review pages and make money when someone buys a product from my Amazon affiliate link.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

Now that I’m getting subscribers to my YouTube channel, I want to connect with them on social media…Facebook.

So, I’m going to pick my best videos that I’ve published on my YouTube channel and spend money on ads boosting them, it’s going to get me likes for my Facebook page and help build my fan base on Facebook.

I don’t need to be an expert martial artist to run both a YouTube channel or a Facebook fan page successfully. I just need to have passion for martial arts in general and I need to convey this in all my video’s…showing a passion for this will help keep my visitors engaged!

Since I’m not an expert per se I can always share copyright free videos of other martial artists so i don’t always run out what to post on my page.

I can also share interesting things about the industry like for instance the fight between Connor Mcgregor Vs Nate Diaz…It’s going to be a little more work than it is back when you only had to build review pages. But the results will come when you stick with it and more importantly be consistent!

Amazon’s Affiliate Program Is the Best for Beginners

Making money online selling Amazon products is much easier than selling a digital product or running CPA campaigns.

This is because for every mainstream hobby you might have like swimming, cooking, playing basketball or playing soccer – there’s always a complimentary product you can sell that is available on Amazon.

It’s going to take a lot less effort trying to sell products in markets you’re already passionate about! In the same way if you’re interested in learning a more detailed way how to set up affiliate marketing sites there’s a guide you can access right now for FREE!

It’s going to show you the step by step process to start earning affiliate commissions with some golden nugget information like I am sharing with you today!

You’ll See:


  • How I spend just 1 hr building a single page affiliate marketing site that makes me $100/month.
  • The different ways to make quick affiliate sites (PPC affiliate sites, Mailing list affiliate sites et cetera) and their pros and cons.
  • My list of products NOT to promote AND WHICH one to promote…


And a lot more to get you making money with affiliate marketing sites right away!

Click here to Get the Guide Now!

To your Success!

Dan Brock

How to Make Money With Youtube Videos (3 Real Ways)

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos -3 Proven Ways


Hey Deadbeat!

If you haven’t set up YouTube videos… or  you already have a few videos up but they aren’t making money online passively… then you need STOP exactly what you’re doing and just pay attention to this post.

Because I’m going to be sharing with you here today the same strategies that are already making me $10, 000 plus every month from my YouTube channels combined without much babysitting.

So here are the top 3 ways you can easily begin making money online with your YouTube videos…

#1 YouTube Partnership Program:

This is where professional YouTubers can earn shared revenue through ads placed on the same pages as their own videos. It’s basically Adsense for videos!

It’s not for you if all you’ve being doing is scraping videos from flickr or wikipedia commons and uploading on YouTube to making a few affiliate commissions here and there – this is a different ball game!

You see, your videos would have to be original, of top quality; created on a regular basis, and having your channel experience a growth in popularity. Also you must own all the rights to the videos.

Usually the best video content are video’s that are being produced without a sales pitch! Videos that people watch basically for entertainment purposes. Like Video games, Pranks, Make Ups, Pick Up et cetera.

Those are the few of the YouTube industries, where if you can produce video content at a very top level and attract a cult following of subscribers. You could definitely make thousands of dollars monthly.

#2 Affiliate marketing:

Just like when you create the traditional affiliate marketing sites which would target buyers’ keywords on Google search, you practically carry out the same approach on YouTube! A lot of people on here will still have buyer intent and will still spend a lot of money online.

So the key to success here is to sell to people exactly what they are looking for – this is an easier method to make money online with your YouTube videos than the YouTube Partnership Program.

From my experiences over the years with making money with YouTube videos through affiliate marketing; I have arrived at two conclusions that works (makes money) easily…here they are below:

  • Physical Products Sell the Easiest: I have found digital products(PDFs, tutorial videos, audios etc) convert a lot less than physical products.
  • Physical Products from top sites: This will promote trust and people have no problem getting their credit cards out for sites like Amazon. They are very well known and a BIG brand! So basically all you have to do is get your viewers/visitors to Amazon and let Amazon do the selling. It’s just that simple!

#3 Lead Generation:

This is a different strategy from affiliate marketing, where instead of sending your YouTube video’s traffic to buy on Amazon or Ebay, you send them either to a blog or an opt in page.

Usually you’d create videos that both entertain and educate with your main goals being sharing knowledge, solving a problem and not really selling anything…just providing real value!

This involves spending a little more time on keyword research as your videos needs to be optimized with targeted keywords! This gives them a much better chance of reaching page one in Google search.


You could start off your keyword research by typing into YouTube’s search bar and let the “autocomplete function” give you what keywords your intended target audience are using.

Once you create the video and are ready to begin uploading on your YouTube channel, just make sure to include the keywords in…

  • The headline
  • description
  • tags of the video

Doing this gives your videos a good chance of being ranked high on Google’s SERPs – which will simultaneously send droves of traffic to your videos – which you are going to be redirecting to a:

  • Blog: when you’re redirecting your YouTube videos’ traffic to a blog – your goal perhaps is you want to increase the worth of your blog in terms of traffic levels which in turn is good in monetary value. This way you make money from sending your YouTube videos’ traffic to your blog.
  • Opt in Page: this is where you have built a funnel, usually you want to offer the traffic to opt in and subscribe to gain a freebie you’ve put together. Since they are now in your mailing list, you can from time to time sell your products.

One Last Important Thing: Your Call To Actions (CTA) must be spot on – you need to give verbal Call To Actions to your viewers for them to take specific actions.

Whether it’s telling them to like or comment on your video or click on your “annotated” links to subscribe for your blog.

You need to tell them!

That’s about it for my 3 ways of making money with YouTube Videos but here’s one more crucial tip!

Crucial Tip to Get More Views to your Videos

So when you’ve published a new video no matter what it’s for, be it entertainment, educational or a documentary or just for our affiliate marketing and lead generation techniques I explained above.

The key to getting your videos ranked high by YouTube is getting as much traffic to it as you can within the first week – or first month.

Getting traffic as much as you can from outside sources to your video – signals to YouTube that your video has some value – for YouTube it must carry some weight, since it’s resonating with your audience, getting reasonable traffic levels, likes, subscribers and comments.

This is the initial push your video needs if it’s going to have long lasting high rankings on SERPs.

You might ask what are the outside sources to get initial traffic to my videos?

Well, you have Facebook – you’re going to need to find and post your video to relevant fan pages, groups or give it a real boost by spending a few $$ on FB ads and promotions.

Also you have Reddit, you could write a detailed valuable post on relevant topics and link back to your YouTube video!

You can get droves of traffic to your video especially when you are able to tap into a trending topic on Reddit.

Lastly you’d want to get your videos on related forums, find relevant topics relating to your video’s on forums and post something valuable with your video’s link – this is going to help increase the views of your video in the first week of publishing.

Alright Deadbeat, that’s all the tips i have for you today about making money with your YouTube videos.

One More Thing

There’s a guide you can access right now for FREE! It’s going to show you the step by step information that you will need to know in order to start earning affiliate commissions….the deadbeat way!

You’ll See:


  • How I spend just 1 hr building a single page affiliate marketing site that makes me $100/month.
  • The different ways to make quick affiliate sites (PPC affiliate sites, Mailing list affiliate sites et cetera) and their pros and cons.
  • My list of products NOT to promote AND which ones to promote…


And a lot more to get you making money with affiliate marketing sites right away!

Click here to Get the Guide Now!

To Your Success!

Dan Brock




3 Tips to Quit Your Job to Work From Home

The Deadbeat’s Frame Work for Quitting your Job & Going Full Time Online


Have you ever been sold on the idea of making money online full time and quitting your day job?

Or perhaps you’ve bought a couple of products, hoping it’ll take your online efforts to the highest level where you don’t need a day job?

Well, I have being making money online full time for years now and in this post, I’m going to be sharing with you some golden tips on how you can achieve a very good living online… for free.

Should I Quit or Should I Stay Put?

Now I’m not going to tell you to quit your day job per se to begin working full time on your online projects. Likewise, however I will tell you this: Please don’t quit of making money online either…

But I’m going to help you make the right decision…

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, today he is worth $66.4billion but in 1994, he too was faced with the biggest decision of his life: should he quit his “well-paying” job as NYC hedge fund manager to create an online bookstore… or should he stay put.

He was able to make the right decision quitting his high paying day job and betting right on the internet because of a thought process he came up with and dubbed the “Regret Minimization Framework”

“The framework I found which made the decision incredibly easy was what I called – which only a nerd would call – a ‘regret minimization framework’. So I wanted to project myself forward to age 80 and say, ‘Okay, now I’m looking back on my life. I want to have minimized the number of regrets I have.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO & President of

When you have the big-picture , you tend to make the right decisions –

“I knew that when I was 80 I was not going to regret having tried this. I was not going to regret trying to participate in this thing called the Internet that I thought was going to be a really big deal. And I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that. But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. And I knew that that would haunt me everyday. So when I thought about it that way, it was an incredibly easy decision.”

—Jeff Bezos

Like Jeff Bezos, you might be faced with the similar decision of whether to or not to quit your job and focus squarely on your online projects.

If it helps, think of the “regret minimization framework” – think of your days end when you’ve become old at 80 –

Would having been tied to a job with a 401k savings plan really worth it?


Would you have regretted not being able to live where you want or go on all those lovely vacations? You would definitely regret the freedom it brings and all the awesome stuff that comes along with a home business….

Minimize Risks

One big mistake that I see often, is people think that they have found the make money online gold pot and then they are quick to quit their day job, this however isn’t the right way to do it…

But the reality is an internet business is like every business out there – it is going to take an initial time period before you start earning an income to be able to both re-invest back into your business and sustain your daily needs.

For Jeff Bezos, it took over six years for Amazon to make revenue of over $1 billion with a $5 million profit.

In the first couple of years, there were little or no profits. Bezos was in no hurry to rake in a profit because he wanted to keep prices low while reinvesting as much revenue as possible back into the company to sustain growth.

That’s a long time of hard work; how long do you think you’d be able to get your business up – One month? Six month? Maybe – it really depends on you.

But anyways, I’d advise you don’t quit your day job just yet whilst you’re getting your online business up. You should sacrifice your spare time – yes, time you spend watching the latest movies on Netflix and grabbing coffee with friends at Starbucks.

So, take time from those spare times and build your online business up slowly whilst you work at your day job which provides your daily needs.

Build it up slowly but surely until you gain confidence from a business standpoint that you can actually make this work full time before you think of quitting your 9 to 5.



The worst emotional state you can be in is worrying whether you’re going to have money to pay the bills. You’ll never be able to make a successful business online when you’re freaking out about unpaid bills.

Which is why I’d say before you jump in and quit your job, you will seriously need to think about having a safety net and some large amounts of savings…

You need at least six months of savings before you go all in with building your business online. This is extremely important to the growth of your online business as your already saved up cash will easily enable you to keep re-investing profits generated.

Develop Life Skills

Just like any good thing which requires some effort to achieve – you’re going to need to develop some life skills to make your online business a success

If you’re going to succeed, you are going to need to learn new habits – you need to get rid of:

  • Procrastinating: Procrastination is the thief of time! You need to know you have limited time to make your online business a success. Philosophers say fear and not mainly laziness is the root of procrastination…your fear of your idea failing might be putting you off from working towards it but as Mark Zuckerberg puts itMove fast and break things – so be happy to fail fast! Then you can can learn from your failures fast and make progress fast!
  • Impulse web surfing: Now, that your work is online; where you have over one billion things online to get sidetracked by – for instance like working on your products and it pops up in your head that you have to check your Facebook. The Best way to counter this is to write down your distracting thoughts on a notepad and check on them later when you’re done with important stuffs.
  • Eating Junk Food: Our minds and our bodies are connected in a number of important ways, high-fat, high-sugar lunches make us sleepy and have low energy. So it’s important you eat lots of proteins and healthy fats, also don’t forget to hit the gym 3 times a week at least if not everyday as it keeps the body healthy and the mind sharp.
  • Multitasking: If you want to really succeed, you need to be able to have concentrated efforts on one particular thing. You don’t want to be building a Youtube channel and an affiliate marketing blog simultaneously – you’re going to make mess of both.

So you need to replace these productivity killers with:

  • Discipline
  • Self Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Courage

You’re going to need all 4 of these traits, they will go a long way in helping you build a big successful business online…you just can’t without them

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment area about quitting your job to start your online business.

See you later… Deadbeat!

-Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock



Bing Ads Tutorial: Get Paid Traffic to Your Affiliate Sites ft. Matt Neer

How A $13 Budget Made $130.50 Direct Linking on Bing Ads!

Hi Deadbeat, today I want to share with you something awesome! My friend Matt Neer shares his experiences on how he choses affiliate products from JVzoo, creates simple ads and then makes a ton of money and of course an excellent ROI!

And after a total of $13 spent on Bing Ads, $130.50 ROI was made– that’s insane! Over 800% ROI!


For the first offer,  $6 worth of ad clicks was spent – and $63.50 was made!

And the 2nd,  $7 spent- and $67 was made!

The Cost Per Click I was getting was at $.03 – $.11 off a $10 daily budget set for both campaigns…it doesn’t get any cheaper than this especially for a quality, targeted traffic.

Bing Ads: The Best PPC Platform for Affiliate Marketing

I’ll tell you a myth about why Bing Ads converts effortlessly…

Around 2008/2009, the number of people that started using Bing ads really increased and the a large percent of these people are of the older generation!

This is as a result of people buying computers with browsers that come pre-installed with Bing as the default search engine, and most of these people are unable to change it to Google, people who are unable to change this to Google are less tech savvy, usually in their 40s, 50s pluswith a lot more buyer intent!

That said, here are a few reasons why super affiliates are leaving Google Adwords in droves in favor of Bing Ads.

  • It’s pretty much laid back unlike Big mean Google Adwords which literally hates every affiliate marketer…Bing are seemingly desperate to capture a big chunk out of the PPC market share.
  • You can direct link…sending the traffic almost anywhere
  • You get clicks on the “dirt cheap”!
  • Clicks are legitimate unlike 7search

Other things like less fierce competition isn’t uncommon…although you could find yourself drowned by the competition if you do not know how to navigate your way to success.

Which is why below I am going to show you some markets that are hot on Bing right now and how you can use this information to make some seriously good sales….

These Are The Hot Markets On Bing Right Now…

  • Biz opps/MMO
  • Survival kits
  • Muscle Building
  • Learn to play musical instruments
  • Picking up chicks
  • Fertility
  • Insurance/Loans/Mortgage
  • Diet and weight loss
  • Beauty/anti-aging/skin care/hair loss
  • Physical products (Amazon, commission Junction etc)
  • Job vacancies
  • Magic

So there you have it a quick list of proven niches to pick from – you might want to run and test Bing Ads traffic to it first before you spend a lot of money to see if it converts! First you have to pick your offer/product that you’re going to run, it could be a physical or digital product.

Now, i’m going to pick a digital product from ClickBank and show you how to go from picking products to landing pages to setting up your campaigns on Bings Ads.

Picking Your Products…

By the rule of thumb, when picking a ClickBank product for a Bing Ads campaign…I always pick products with medium gravity between 20-60; good affiliate support and with recurring revenue!

Gravity for ClickBank is some special formula that they come up with to show the amount of affiliates that sold that specific offer within that past 12 weeks

The higher the gravity the more affiliates making sales on the offers, and the lower the gravity the fewer affiliates making sales promoting that offer.

Offers with a gravity between 20-60 are not too popular to the point where the market is over saturated with their offer, but not too low to where they are not selling at all.

Quality Support I try to email the product’s vendor and make sure they get back to me within 1-2 working days. I want to make sure i don’t get stranded when i need tools or funnels from the vendor.

Recurring Revenue the benefit of having a recurring payment cannot be undermined. Can you imagine getting payment from sales 1 or 2 months after you got the initial earning without doing anything?

That will mean more money to bid higher for each keyword, or enable you bid on more keywords to get more sales volume.

Sometimes you might find good products without a recurring revenue – that’s okay…like this DIY Aquaponics product i found on ClickBank which i will be using for this post as an example how to get set up on Bing Ads.

Msarketplace ClickBank

DIY (Do it Yourself) Aquaponics is a booming market online where people grow their own organic food in their backyard. And the product which i have selected called the Aquaponics 4 you is a guide that teaches how to set up an Aquaponic system successfully.

Research & Analysis

Now, the first thing you do is research the offer and find out which organic and paid keywords it is deriving traffic from search engines. You can use Alexa, Simlarweb to find them out…

Now if, fails you in finding paid keywords  – there’s one tool called Spyfu I always use to see already set up campaigns being created by my would-be competitors.

I just need to query “aquaponics” on Spyfu to get a keyword overview –


If i scroll down, i can find Most Successful “Aquaponics” Advertisers and Their Best Ads…

SpyFu Keyword Research Tools Keyword Overview aquaponics

Clicking on one of the “Most Successful Advertisers” I can reveal their ads which i can begin swiping and ready to deploy for my own campaigns!

How to Set Up Bing Ads Campaign

Keyword research for Bing is actually a simple, straight-forward process that is easy to learn. Perhaps you’ve done Adwords or SEO before, it’s the same method – and if you haven’t – the first step is to find your main keyword or the seed keyword –

Find your main keywords…

You simply need to figure out the broadest possible keywords in your niche. For example, “Aquaponics” is the main keyword. Keep it simple and move to next step – which is building a list of keywords.

Once you have assembled a list of your main keywords, it’s time to start building it out in the Bing Keyword Research tool.


Sorting and saving the results

By clicking on the different columns you can sort the results as you’d like. For example you can sort the results after the previous month searches, high to low, when you’re looking primarily for keywords with good search volume.

Look at the CTR and Clicks columns too, to ensure people are really clicking on the ads for these keywords. Before you go ahead and save these keywords so you can add them to your campaign, you need to go through all of them manually and ensure that they’re actually relevant.

Just to ensure some completely irrelevant keywords didn’t creep in among the results. So the bottom line is you should be looking for keywords with high search volume, relevance, good CTR, low CPC and good CTR. Those are the keywords you’ll want to download and use for your campaign.

Lastly you want to click the “create campaign” button – then write your ads, target your keywords and set bid. When it becomes live, you should be continually tweaking your ads for better CTR, lower click costs and higher Quality Score.

You should never stop experimenting – there’s always something to improve!

Here to your success! :)

Dan Brock




5 Lazy Ways to Earn Passive Income Online (In Your Bathrobe)

Top 5 Proven Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Computer


Hi there Deadbeat, in this post today I have got you covered with 5 ways to create passive income streams online perfect for every beginner. The first way we’re going to talk about is Article Writing, one of the oldest way to begin making passive income online.

#1 Article Writing:

Here’s how to begin; I’m going to give you a very good list of sites where you can begin providing them with content in exchange for money. You can also decide how you’d like to be paid!

There are sites where you can “revenue share” and sites where you just get paid normally after submission and approval of your articles.

Revenue Share:

Hubpages – Begin earning ongoing revenue share for publishing “hubs” thru either Amazon, Adsense.

Liberal America – A political writing site, you’d earn 75% of Adsense revenue for your articles.

Unanchor – A travel itineraries writing site, you’d receive 75% revenue share for your submitted articles.

News for Shoppers – News for Shoppers – a consumer product writing site, for your article about products, stores etc you’ll receive a 70% Adsense revenue share.

Paid Submission:

Problogger – if you want to see good listings of writing gigs you can apply for, without having a paid membership to a site, then I’d recommend problogger. It’s a solid job board that’s regularly updated.

Contena – is  a really super resource for finding companies looking for written content though it’s a fee-based membership.

Hire Writers – You can get paid $20 per article submitted and accepted once you become a member on their site.

A List Apart – This site pays between $50 – $200 for top quality write-ups. Check it out!

Great Content – This company is out on the look-out for great content writers for their clients, they pay once you earned $25plus.

There are tons of places online to find writing gigs, but you have a head-start if you begin with all those sites I have mentioned above.

#2 Self Publish Amazon Kindle Ebooks:


This is a really good way to create a passive income from writing 30-100 pages of the experiences you’ve had like backpacking in China or dating exotic Russian women!

Kindle publishing gives you instant access via computers, tablets, smart-phones, e readers and apps to over 500 Million red-hot buyers. In 7 days or more you can create a good fiction book, then you’ll need a nicely designed cover – you can hire someone on Fiverr to do that.

Or you can use Amazon free cover making tool if you have an image you want to use already. Then you can publish your ebook, you want to price it at say $1.99 – $3.99 depending on how many pages it is.

Also if you really want to see some sales, I cannot stress the importance of doing marketing, you could tweet it, share it on Facebook. Don’t expect to make thousands of dollars off of it but perhaps a couple hundred per month on the regular.

Like I said you don’t necessarily need to be Shakespeare, you’re writing about fun experiences or sad ones you’ve had – so I recommend putting up an ebook on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

#3 Youtube Videos:

This is a really big one because YouTube is ranked 3rd Position in the world when it comes to the general public favorite website.

So if you put out a video on just anything seemingly interesting – it’s bound to be picked up by loads of people. Now here’s what you need to do if you have limited budget and an IPhone:

Go to and find yourself a good diet product:
Usually it’s not a good idea to go with the popular CB products because they are seen all over the place. You need to find those low key, low rising, just released CB products that almost no one promotes, it does convert way better with YouTube.

Now be aware, not all of them are high quality, so you still have to inspect the offer and its sales page. Be sure to read the sales page or watch the sales video to see if you PERSONALLY would love to purchase this product.

Put yourself in the shoes of your intended viewer and see if you are persuaded to purchase the product in question. Now that you’ve selected the product, it’s time to make video! You could do a talking head video reviewing the product or go to Product’s sale page and download the video from there if there’s one there.

Most of the product, i.e. approximately 80% of the products have their own videos on their sale page. So you would have to download the video and then you can upload it to your YouTube channel. Voila!

You now have a video that’s going to make you money – be sure to set things up so the viewers are redirected from your video to your landing page where you’ve added your affiliate link.

#4 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is what I actually recommend for any beginner starting out as it gives you more leverage than just writing articles for someone else. It’s a property which will continue to earn passive income for you for months to come.

Here are the steps required to set up an affiliate marketing blog –

Step 1. Find a good niche and a good product to promote: there are lots of places to find products across all niches like Clickbank, Clicksure, Jvzoo and Clickbetter, Amazon – also when selecting a product, make sure it has high Gravity.

Gravity measures how popular a product is with affiliates. It is also loosely related to how well a product sells. It’s calculated based on the number of affiliates who have made a sale on that product recently. A high gravity score means that many affiliates have sold that product recently. A low score means that not many affiliates have sold that product recently.

When you’ve selected a good product, you’re in the right maket.

Step 2. Find a keyword to market the product with: And THAT will be our targeted keyword – the product name. There is an awesome advantage when you promote the products from Clickbank.

However, after an in-depth research of the traffic to my affiliate sites in the past years. I’ve found out that these people not only look for the product name itself, but also for several other keywords in combination with the product name which you definitely need to consider targeting as well.

Here are the most searched keywords combined with the product name:

“Product Name” Bonus

“Product Name” Review

“Product Name” Scam

“Product Name” Does it Work

“Product Name” Book

“Product Name” Download

Buy “Product Name”

and much more…you are to combine these keywords above with the product name and begin putting it on a landing page for your on page SEO.

Step 3. Put it all together, publish it to your website: just set up a review page targeting those keywords above then the traffic would begin to trickle in.

Step 4. Generate traffic and start earning cash: Well this part needs little or no explaining.

#5 Creating your own products


Having a product is the highest level in internet marketing, if a product is good and well marketed – it can exponentially increase your income, you could even quit your day job and go full time online.

The best place to begin for a beginner with aspirations to create a product would be possibly a PDF/Video product on ClickBank.

If you have an e-book or video course in a popular market that solves a problem – ClickBank makes that easy to sell.

Once you sign up as a vendor and list your product on the marketplace then set the commission cut you are willing to pay to anyone who chooses to promote your product for you, other ClickBank users will start promoting it. This will drive traffic to your product’s sales page and sales will start to trickle in.

Also you can begin promoting your products yourself just like I explained in #4

If you want to learn specifically how to create your products, feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

Click here to download the guide now

It’s going to walk you thru the basics of affiliate marketing and scaling up from there…

Okay that’d be all…


Dan Brock

How to Make Easy Money Online (While Being Lazy)…

The Lazy Way to Make Easy Money Online

Hey Deadbeat, on this page you’d find the proven ways on how to make easy money online while being literally lazy!


Yes, so if you’re feeling lazy and looking for easy ways to make money online right now! This post you’re reading has got you covered!

Okay, before we jump right into the different techniques of making easy money online – you need to know this, very important!

There’s a right way and wrong way to do it…

First, let’s go into the wrong way –

Wrong Ways NOT to Make Money Online if you want to be Lazy

How does “Dropping your affiliate links in the comment area of multiple Youtube videos” – sound? How lazy and easy to make money online does it sound?

Sounds super lazy and easy too right?

All you have to do is find tons of youtube videos of any industry online – for instance you find muscle building videos on youtube then you go get a muscle building related affiliate product, grab your affiliate link and have it placed nicely on every muscle building videos’ comment area you find; then magically watch the sales – easy money – roll in right?

Or in my case on my youtube channel, Deadbeat Super Affiliate – where I teach how to make easy money online – I find people are spamming my videos with their affiliate links. Trying to leech on to my traffic.


They are practically logging into my youtube videos and leaving their affiliate links in the comment area…not cool!

Truth is you might actually make a sale here or there trying this, but I doubt if it’ll be consistent because your comment with your affiliate link in it will almost never be approved by any legitimate youtube channel.

I personally delete such annoying comments when I see it…good riddance!

I find people using the same approach with the affiliate links on:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Come on peeps, this isn’t 2006…even if your affiliate linked comment evades the tired eyes of a webmaster and gets approved, definitely still is a waste of effort.

And never does it qualify as a lazy way to make easy money online – not one bit!

Reason is if you put into consideration the hours you’d spend gathering up your giant list of videos, blogs, forum threads, Facebook posts that you’re going to spam with your affiliate links.

And a couple more hours copying and pasting your comments and then you make 10 bucks! For 4hours worth of work – not cool!

What you really need to lazily make easy money online is putting little hours daily and making a lot more than 10bucks – I’d show you how right now!

Right Ways to Make Money Online if you want to be Lazy 

The first thing you need to understand – if you’re going to make easy money online lazily is DO NOT try to get a job online!

Yeah, like making money online taking surveys, yes it is a no brainer, super lazy technique but it is still a job. You don’t necessarily need that, you already got your day job!

It’s also the same when you’re working on Fiverr, Upwork or other freelance sites online – it feels like a job – you don’t necessarily need that –I’m not saying working on Fiverr is bad but you need something better, you need to own an online property.

$350k In 5 Days from a 100k Opt -in Subscribers’ List

Now here’s a story that’ll best describe to you what having an online property really means –

One evening on the 13th May 2009, John got a call from his accountant saying – I quote below:

“Hi John, you’re having a really good year this year, better off than last year, anyways because you made a lot more than you did make last year, it’s looking like you owe $250, 000 in tax which must be payable before the Tax deadline day Friday the 18th May 2009, which is just 5 days from today”

Now fast forward to this present day John is a successful internet marketer, founder of multiple companies in online markets ranging from health, finance, Internet Marketing to mention a few and having done over $100 million in revenue.

But back in 2009, he was just a fledgling beginner internet marketer with relative degree of success and has just manage to pay off a huge credit card debt that May which he had used in the finance of a year-long creation of a 100k plus opt-in subscribers’ list

He didn’t even have $50k in the bank…where is he going to get $250, 000 in five days? He pondered

He had just bought a house for his family, had made their life more convenient and just got off debt by selling off a bunch of websites he owned.

Where is he going to get $250, 000 in such a short time period? He wondered…

The thought of an impending IRS (Internal Revenue Service) subpoena and a possible jail term made him cry and sob all day long.

Until his wife said to him “I don’t why you’re so upset, you always figure these things out and you’re going to figure this one out too

That struck some sense into him and gave him the motivation he needed and he now had to work with what he had to save himself and family from the imminent danger of the approaching showdown with Uncle Sam if he didn’t pay up.

He turned his attention to his list of over 100k subscribers… and began creating the few promotions he had reserved for the year long.

Even though it wasn’t the ideal situation for him because he had to hasten things up… He did send out the offers to the list and manage to cut a check of $250k by Thursday the 17th May 2009 just one day shy of the tax day deadline… and the rests history!

He was saved by his 100k plus opt-in subscribers’ list! Saved by his online property!

An online property is just like any offline property – it’s an asset – but it’s a lot easier to create an online property.

A 100kplus opt –in subscriber list might seem like a daunting thing to create but John slowly built it for year – putting a few spare hours each day until it became a big asset.

So the key to lazily making easy money online is to own a valuable piece of online property.

Now there are lots of things that you can own that is not necessarily a subscribers’ list –

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Games

So this is the right way to do it, doesn’t involve spamming people and making less for more hours of work.

If you’re interested in how I create single page websites which I spend about 1 hour on to build and then they make $100 per month from each.

Please feel free to check out a guide that I have put together:

Yes I’m giving you the chance to finally own a bunch of single page websites that makes $100/month – think of if you create and own 20?

Click here to download the guide and I’ll basically walk you thru setting websites that will make you easy money online…lazy style!


Dan Brock