Time Management In Online Business – Time = Money

Time is Money and You Should Stop Wasting Both…

We all find ourselves watching TV or scrolling on Facebook when there is something more productive we could be doing.

Next time you find yourself spending 3 hours cleaning the house or mowing the lawn, think to yourself “could I be making money instead?”

Instead of doing those things yourself, you could pay someone to do it for you.

Yes, that does cost money, but paying someone about $20 to do the job for you means that you can use those 3 hours to do something more productive.

Use these time management tips to help from wasting more time and money:

  • Organize your daily tasks- put the most important task first
  • Stay focused on one task at a time
  • Prevent yourself from any distractions

Take some time in the beginning of your day to create a daily plan that you way you stay on track.

Trade Money for Time

The saying “time is money” is correct to an extent.

You may think “why should I spend money when I can just clean the house myself.”

Those 3 hours you are spending cleaning the house could easily go to spending more time on your business.

While you spend time on your business, you are working towards making more money, therefore, when you are not working on your business, and instead cleaning your house, you are wasting money.

Every minute you are not working towards making money, you are probably wasting money.

If you spend hours doing one task and you have a long list of tasks to do, you will likely run out of time.

You may spend the entire day working on one simple task, by the time that task is finished, you are ready for bed. Now you must wait until the next day to start the next task.

Instead, you could have paid someone else to work on the task for you and you could have accomplished more within a day.

Completing more tasks in a day, whether you are paying someone else to do that task or you are doing it yourself, will allow you to continue to progress towards your goals.

The more you progress, the more money you start making!

Instead of taking two years to complete everything, you can pay someone to do the same job in a very short amount of time.

Trading money for time is well worth it.


Tips to Excellent Time Management

Every day may not go as planned, because things occur that may prevent us from staying on track.

When possible, practicing time management skills can make all of the difference in the progress of our daily lives.


  1. Make a list of the tasks you want to complete that day
  2. Set reminders on your phone to keep you on track
  3. Do not multitask

Use Time Wisely

  1. Set deadlines for yourself
  2. Put a time limit on your “breaks”
  3. Do not stop until you are finished

Those without an organized, structured day tend to accomplish much less than those that have a daily plan.

Working on saving time may take some time at first, but making this your daily goal will eventually pay off.

Spend a little money, save a lot of time

In order to save something, usually you have to spend something.

For example, in order to save money you must spend time making the money.

Just like if you want to save more time, you may have to spend a little money.

In the end, you are gaining more than you are losing.

If you can find someone that can do the job better and quicker than you can, why not pay them to do so?

You could have spent 2 days doing that job when someone more experienced can do that job in 2 hours.

Use those 2 days to focus on other important tasks and you will accomplish a lot more in the end.

When the day ends, you will likely feel more fulfilled  than you would have if you were working on the same task the entire day and made very little progress.

When it comes to developing and running an online business, it is very important to keep progressing and working towards reasonable goals.

Typically, there are always improvement to be made and a lot of daily work to complete during the day.

That being said, there will likely be a lot of work that needs to be finished. The more work you finish, the more you can work on throughout the day.

Remember, there may be times where you need someones help.

To keep things flowing, time management is essential.









Why It’s Important to Be Frugal When Starting An Online Business

Dan “the Deadbeat” Brock here…

And one of the main reasons I’m able to successfully live this lazy, work 1 hour a day lifestyle…

Is because I’m good at living a frugal, minimalist entrepreneurial lifestyle.

It wasn’t always like this.

In fact, I had to go through the experience of buying 2 Porsches (A Black 2002 911, and a 1990 928 GT) & a Mercedes Benz to realize that buying “things” was a complete waste of money and energy.

See, no matter what I was doing, on the back of my mind I’d always be worrying about my cars.

I’d say that 10% of my brain power was spent passively worrying about them!

And when I realized I was really only driving the cars 2-3 times a year, I decided it was time for them to go.

So over the last few months I’ve been simplifying my life significantly.

I sold my 1990 928 GT, and all the expenses related to it!

Go Through Your Personal and Business Expenses Regularly!

It’s extremely crucial to go through your expenses both personal and business about once every 2-3 months.

What I do is make a list of every recurring charge that hits my credit cards, and enter that data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Then, I systematically go through the list 1 by 1 and see what I can do to either eliminate it, or reduce it as much as possible.

I know it’s common sense, but are you actively doing this?

Even small $5-$10/m charges add up.

Think of them as your profits slipping away.

The way I look at it, is it’s easier to reduce your expense by $100/m, then to start or tweak a new campaign to produce an extra $100/m.

Your expenses are like guaranteed CASH MONEY!

Some Of The Expenses I Was Able to Reduce.

Over the last 3 months I reduced my current overall business and personal expense down to roughly $1800/m!

Here are some of them:

Business Expense Reductions

Mailing list services – these were at roughly $250/m, I got them down to about $60/m by removing all people who haven’t opened emails from me in more than 365 days!

Web Hosting – I was paying a combined $300/m between HostGator hosting plans, cloud service, and Amazon S3. I went through and scaled down some services, and cancelled a couple hosting plans. I’m now down to 2 HostGator plans, and my $50/m Softlayer cloud! Hosting expense is under $100/m now!

Domain Names – I had over 150 domain names I was paying $13/year for. Domain names actually represented a big portion of my expense, but because I was only paying $13/year for each one, it was hard to wrap my brain around how much money I was actually spending on these per year. So what I did was went through my account and deleted ALL domains that weren’t currently earning me money. I went from 150 domains down to 10. Some of the domains I literally paid $300-$500 each by buying them in auction so I was really attached to those. Those were a hard decision to get rid of, but I decided that since I haven’t done anything with them in the last 2-3 years of owning them, I might as well drop them!

Software – I was spending big money on monthly software subscriptions from Adobe and other sites. I managed to reduce this down from about $350/m to $30/m! I bought some one time fee software to replace the ones I was using, but all in all I ended up saving a lot!

Internet – I was able to reduce our internet bill from $80/m down to about $50/m by dropping down from 50mbps to 25mbps. I notice absolutely no difference in speed.

Personal Expense Reductions

Cell Phone – Went from $100/m to $30/m by switching from a Verizon data plan to a prepaid call/text only plan. I hardly use my phone anyway, so this turned out to be easy money.

Cable TV – I decided to get rid of cable TV all together, for a savings of $50/m. Now instead of watching TV (complete waste of time), I read self improvement books!

Gym Membership – I like to workout, but at this point in life I’ve focusing on building my online business back up. I reduced my Jui-Jitsu membership down from $190/m to $150/m.

Car Insurance – Was able to completely get rid of my cars for a monthly savings of around $250/m. My house is located in the center of town where I can literally walk to everything I need. Life is simple, and great!

Eating Out/Going Out – Over the last 10 years, this has been by far my biggest expense. I looked over my taxes the last 5 years and have spent close to $100,000 in POST TAX money on eating out/going out. A stopped drinking about a year ago, and am now focusing on reducing the amount I eat out/get carry out.

Why I Decided To Slim Down

So back in 2010-2012 I had A LOT of month expense between employees and personal expense bloat.

The stress of it all was too much for me to handle.

So I decided then that I was going to trim all the fat off of everything.

Sure, I’m making a little less money overall, but right now in life I prefer simple and stable vs. complex and chaotic.

This year I’m gearing up for a big expansion, but this time I’m not going to have STUFF to worry about!

What This Means For You:

Like I said before, ALWAYS be on top of your expenses.

The best way to do this is to learn to do your own books.

This way you get good at getting receipts and structuring your life around tax write offs… and also have the ability to keep an eye on every single monthly expenditure you have!

Get too it! See what you can shave off your monthly expenses.

-Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock

How to Become an Online Super Affiliate (Even If You’re Lazy)!

OK – so you decided you want to become an online super affiliate.


The “deadbeat lifestyle” is second to none:

Nothing beats being able to wake up at 2pm in the afternoon…

And logging in to your affiliate network accounts to be greeted by  to see hundreds of dollars in commissions before your “work day” has even started.

Now the reality is you can make this a “1 hour” per day career…

But it does take some initial leg work to get things up and running.

Hi – I’m Dan Brock “The Deadbeat Super Affiliate”…

Dan Brock "Lazy Deadbeat"And after driving over 7 figures in affiliate sales while working in my favorite robe and floppy tube socks,..

I decided it was finally time to start “Deadbeat University” and teach all the nitty-gritty affiliate tactics that I’ve learned.

Let’s jump right in and discuss some of the key steps at starting.

Here Are The First Steps You Need to Take To Become a Successful Lazy Super Affiliate.

First, You Must Master the Mental Game.

internet marketing mental game

I’m going to talk a lot about this in the future… but in a nutshell, you have to get your mind right in many ways.

What I mean by that, is affiliate marketing/internet marketing is a bi-polar business:

Some days you can earn nothing, and the next day earn thousands in affiliate commissions.

Also, when you’re just starting out, you can go months before you start seeing progress.

In fact, you will probably mess up your first couple affiliate sites.

There’s a learning curve…

And you need to continually cultivate what I call an “Optimistic, Goal Oriented Mindset”.

This is what will keep driving you in the face of failure… and will also help you overcome the many hurdles along the way.

I don’t want to go too much into it in this post because I plan to create a lot of content in the near future to address this concept.

Once your mental game is tight, you have to start building things!

Step 1 – Find a Market, and “Niche It Down” Based on Keywords.

google adwords keyword research tool

The first step is finding a market where people actually buy stuff!

But don’t think you can jump right in to a hot, highly competitive market and start pulling in the affiliate sales, it’s probably won’t happen.

That is why it’s important (when starting out), to find a low to medium competition market…

Or at the very least, “niche a competitive market down” to a small subset of a highly targeted audience.

A perfect example of this is the “guitar” market.

If you were to make a site around the “guitar” keyword, you’ll likely have thousands of vendor and entertainment sites to compete with.

If you “niche it down” a little bit and instead target a sub-set of the guitar niche – say for example – “acoustic guitars”… you’re odds of competition go up quite a bit.

That’s still a bit broad, so you can drill it down even further by going after an even more specific audience like “left handed acoustic guitars”!

You can find out crucial niche data by using keyword tools like Google Adwords Keyword tool.

Step 2 – Find Some Affiliate Products to Promote


If you’re going after a physical product oriented niche – which is something I usually recommend – Amazon.com affiliate program is a great “go to”.

It offers attractive commission payout rates between 4-10%. That may not seem like a lot initially, but you can expect a conversion rate of around 10%. Not only that, but you also get paid commissions on any products that the website visitor you refer buys during the 24 hour cookie time period.

Step 3 – Register a Domain Name & Create a Website

register a domain name and web hosting

This is relatively easy to do, even if you have no idea what you are doing.

Aim to register a .com if you can, but you can sometimes settle with a .net or .org if you are aiming to create a small affiliate niche site.

If you are trying to create something massive – AKA an “Authority Site”, I ALWAYS recommend you try and get the .com.

Going with the “left handed acoustic guitar” niche example, I would try and register something like “lefthandedacousticguitars.com”, or “lefthandedguitars.com”. If I am satisfied with creating a smaller niche site and the .com isn’t available, I would go with something like “lefthandedguitars.net” instead.

Setting up a website is easy once you have your domain name.

All you need is a web hosting plan (I recommend HostGator), and a fresh WordPress installation.

I ALWAYS build my affiliate sites on WordPress because it offers the best “point & click” capabilities.

Step 4 – Add Content To Your Site.

add content to your website

Typically I will use the data from a Keyword research tool like the Google Adwords Keyword tool to determine 3-5 articles I can write about a topic.

Going with our theoretical example of “Left Handed Acoustic Guitars”,  some probable keywords worth writing content on include:

  • buy left handed acoustic guitars.
  • best left handed acoustic guitars
  • acoustic guitars for left handed people
  • left handed acoustic guitar reviews

Just a disclaimer, I didn’t run these keywords through the keyword tool yet to determine if they are being searched for or not, but I’m going to bet some of them are.

Anyway, I would create an article addressing each keyword above, and publish it to my site.

Once your content is up, you then focus on driving traffic to it.

Step 5 – Drive Website Traffic

drive traffic to your website

This is one of those things that scares people away.

When you hear the words “traffic generation”, you imagine some guy slaving away in front of his computer days on end pecking away at his keyboard just hoping for some traffic.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, if I had to sit in front of my computer any more than 1 hour per day doing this… I wouldn’t be doing it.

I’d be out robbing banks or something.

(Just kidding)

But really – traffic generation can truly be a “Set and Forget” type thing. Once you create your “traffic asset”, it can driving traffic for many years to come with little, if any input on your part.

I’ll be talking a lot about traffic generation in the near future.

Once all these steps are complete, you now have an autopilot niche affiliate site ready to earn commissions for years to come.

Like I said – it does take some initial practice…

You probably will create a couple duds in the process – but that’s OK.

It’s just like learning a martial art.

EVERYONE sucks at first.

The people who are able to overcome their ego and stick with it get better.

Those that can’t give up.

In the affiliate marketing space, that means a lot of money left over for the rest of us who have the resilience to stick it through!