Bing Ads Tutorial: Get Paid Traffic to Your Affiliate Sites ft. Matt Neer

How $13 Budget Made $130.50 Direct Linking on Bing Ads!

Hi Deadbeat; today I want you to picture spending a few minutes picking 2 offers from, and then another few more reading both offers’ sales pages, and then writing 8 ads in about 10 minutes.

And after a total of $13 spent on Bing Ads, $130.50 ROI was made– that’s insane! Over 800% ROI!


For the first offer,  $6 worth of ad clicks was spent – and $63.50 was made!

And the 2nd,  $7 spent- and $67 was made!

The Cost Per Click I was getting was at $.03 – $.11 off of a $10 daily budget set for both campaigns…it doesn’t get any cheaper than this especially for a quality, targeted traffic.

If i had this running on other PPC platforms like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads…I’m sure I won’t be getting such conversion for that cheap without serious work been put into testing and optimization first…let alone $$$ burnt!

Bing Ads: The Best PPC Platform for Affiliate Marketing

I’ll tell you a myth about why Bing Ads converts effortlessly…

At around 2008-2009; the rate of people using Bing as their default search engine began to increase exponentially.

This is as a result of people buying computers with browsers which comes pre-installed with Bing as the default search engine, and most of these people are unable to change it to Google, people who are unable to change this to Google are less tech savvy, usually in their 40s, 50s pluswith a lot more buyer intent!

That said, here are a few reasons why super affiliates are leaving Google Adwords in droves in favor of Bing Ads.

  • It’s pretty much laid back unlike Big mean Google Adwords which literally hates every affiliate marketer…Bing are seemingly desperate to capture a big chunk out of the PPC market share.
  • You can direct link…almost send the traffic almost anywhere
  • You get clicks on the “dirt cheap”!
  • Clicks are legitimate unlike 7search

Other things like less fierce competition isn’t uncommon…although you could find yourself drowned by the competition if you do not know how to navigate your way to success.

Which is why before I’m going to be showing you which market is hot right now on Bing Ads and that converts effortlessly.

Market Hot Right Now On Bing Ads 

While the fact stands that just about anything would convert with Bing, but I’m a fan of proven systems so here are the tested working niches that has being proven to perform well with Bing Ads!

  • Biz opps/MMO
  • Survival kits
  • Muscle Building
  • Learn to play musical instruments
  • Picking up chicks
  • Fertility
  •  Insurance/Loans/Mortgage
  • Diet and weight loss
  • Beauty/anti-aging/skin care/hair loss
  • Physical products (Amazon, commission Junction etc)
  • Job vacancies
  • Magic

So there you have it a quick list of proven niches to pick from – you might want to run and test Bing Ads traffic to it to see what happens.

How would you do exactly that? First you have to pick your offer/product that you’re going to run, could be a physical or digital product.

Now i’m going to pick a digital product from ClickBank and show you how to go from picking products to landing pages to setting up your campaigns on Bings Ads.

Picking Your Products…

By the rule of thumb, when picking a ClickBank product for a Bing Ads campaign…I always pick products with medium gravity between 20-60; good affiliate support and with recurring revenue!

Gravity in ClickBank is some special formula that they come up with to show the amount of affiliates that sold that specific offer within that past 12 weeks

The higher the gravity the more affiliates making sales on the offers, and the lower the gravity the fewer affiliates making sales promoting that offer.

Offers with a gravity between 20-60 are not too popular to the point where the market is over saturated with their offer, but not too low to where they are not selling at all.

Quality Support I try to email the product’s vendor and make sure they get back to me within 1-2 working days. I want to make sure i don’t get stranded when i need tools or funnels from the vendor.

Recurring Revenue the benefit of having a recurring payment cannot be undermined. Can you imagine getting payment from sales 1 or 2 months after you got the initial earning without doing anything?

That will mean more money to bid higher for each keyword, or enable you bid on more keywords to get more sales volume.

Sometimes you might find good products without a recurring revenue – that’s okay…like this DIY Aquaponics product i found on ClickBank which i will be using for this post as an example how to get set up on Bing Ads.

Msarketplace ClickBank

DIY (Do it Yourself) Aquaponics is a booming market online where people grow their own organic food in their backyard.

And the product which i have selected called the Aquaponics 4 you is a guide that teaches how to set up an Aquaponic system successfully.

Now that’s that about picking a product, next up we need to conduct a little research.

Research & Analysis

Now the first thing you do is research the offer and find out which organic and paid keywords it is deriving traffic from, from search engines.

You can use Alexa, Simlarweb to mine them out…

Now if, fails you in finding paid keywords  – there’s one tool Spyfu I always use to see already set up campaigns being created by my would-be competitors.

I just need to query “aquaponics” on Spyfu to get a keyword overview –


If i scroll down, i can find Most Successful “Aquaponics” Advertisers and Their Best Ads…

SpyFu Keyword Research Tools Keyword Overview aquaponics

Clicking on one of the “Most Successful Advertisers” I can reveal their ads which i can begin swiping and ready to deploy for my own campaigns!

How to Set Up Bing Ads Campaign

Keyword research for Bing is actually a simple, straight-forward process that is easy to learn. Perhaps you’ve done Adwords or SEO before, it’s the same method – and if you haven’t – the first step is to find your main keyword or the seed keyword –

Find your main keywords…

You simply need to figure out the broadest possible keywords in your niche. For example, “Aquaponics” is the main keyword.

Keep it simple and move to next step – which is start building a list of keywords.

Once you have assembled a list of your main keywords, it’s time to start building it out in the Bing Keyword Research tool.


Sorting and saving the results
By clicking on the different columns you can sort the results as you’d like.

For example you can sort the results after the previous month searches, high to low, when you’re looking primarily for keywords with good search volume.

Also sorting them in order of least expensive CPC to most expensive CPC to find those keywords that you may be able to get really cheap clicks on.

Look at the CTR and Clicks columns too, to ensure people are really clicking on the ads for these keywords.
Before you go ahead and save these keywords so you can add them to your campaign, you need to go through all of them manually and ensure that they’re actually relevant. Just to ensure some completely irrelevant keywords didn’t creep in among the results.

So the bottom line is you should be looking for keywords with high search volume, relevance, good CTR, low CPC and good CTR.

Those are the keywords you’ll want to download and use for your campaign.

Lastly you want to click the “create campaign” button – then write your ads, target your keywords and set bid.

After your campaigns before pending before they go live all you have to do is wait for Bing to begin displaying your ads. It’s not even a 24 hrs wait. And when it becomes live, you should continually tweaking your ads for better CTR, lower click costs and higher Quality Score.

You should never stop experimenting – there’s always something to improve!

See you In Success

Dan Brock




5 Lazy Ways to Earn Passive Income Online (In Your Bathrobe)

Top 5 Proven Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Computer


Hi there Deadbeat, in this post today I have got you covered with 5 ways to create passive income streams online perfect for every beginner.

The first way we’re going to talk about in this is Article Writing, one of the oldest way to begin making passive income online.

#1 Article Writing:

Here’s how to begin; I’m going to give you a very good list of sites where you can begin providing them with content in exchange for money.

You can also decide how you’d like to be paid; there are sites where you can “revenue share” and sites where you just get paid normally after submission and approval of your articles.

Revenue Share:

Hubpages – Begin earning ongoing revenue share for publishing “hubs” thru either Amazon, Adsense.

Liberal America – A political writing site, you’d earn 75% of Adsense revenue for your articles.

Unanchor – A travel itineraries writing site, you’d receive 75% revenue share for your submitted articles.

News for Shoppers – News for Shoppers – a consumer product writing site, for your article about products, stores etc you’ll receive a 70% Adsense revenue share.

Paid Submission:

Problogger – if you want to see good listings of writing gigs you can apply for, without having a paid membership to a site, then I’d recommend problogger. It’s a solid job board that’s regularly updated.

Contena – is really super resource for finding companies looking for written content though it’s a fee-based membership.

Hire Writers – You can get paid $20 per article submitted and accepted once you become a member on their site.

A List Apart – This site pays between $50 – $200 for top quality write-ups. Check it out!

Great Content – This company is out on the look-out for great content writers for their clients, they pay once you earned $25plus.

There are tons of places online to find writing gigs, but you have a head-start if you begin with all those sites I have mentioned above.

#2 Self Publish Amazon Kindle Ebooks:


This is a really good way to create a passive income from writing 30-100 pages of the experiences you’ve had like backpacking in China or dating exotic Russian women!

Kindle publishing gives you instant access via computers, tablets, smart-phones, e readers and apps to over 500 Million red-hot buyers.

In 7 days or more you can create a good fiction book, then you’ll need a nicely designed cover – you can hire someone on Fiverr to do that. Or you can use Amazon free cover making tool if you have an image you want to use already.

Then you can publish your ebook, you want to price it as say $1.99 – $3.99 depending on how many pages it is. Also if you really want to see some sales, I cannot stress the importance of doing a few marketing, you could tweet it, share it on Facebook. Don’t expect to make thousands of dollars off of it but perhaps a couple hundred per month on the regular.

Like I said you don’t necessarily need to be Shakespeare, you’re writing about fun experiences or sad ones you’ve had – so I recommend putting up an ebook on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

#3 Youtube Videos:

This is a really big one because YouTube is ranked 3rd Position in the world when it comes to the general public favorite website. So if you put out a video on just anything seemingly interesting – it’s bound to be picked up by loads of people.

And that’s is going to help you make money off of your videos – there are lots of ways to make money with YouTube videos – from very difficult ways of spending thousands of dollars on a crew, scripting and acting set to just dead simple as attaching an Iphone’s Mic in the audio jack and just filming.

Now here’s what you need to do if you have limited budget and an Iphone, sure you can use your Android phone if that’s what you use.

Go to and find yourself a good diet product:
Usually it’s not a good idea to go with the popular CB products because they are seen all over the place. You need to find those low key, low rising, just released CB products that almost no one promotes, it does convert way better with YouTube.

Now be aware, not all of them are high quality, so you still have to inspect the offer and its sales page. Be sure to read the sales page or watch the sales video to see if you PERSONALLY would love to purchase this product.

Put yourself in the shoes of your intended viewer and see if you are persuaded to purchase the product in question.

Now that you’ve selected the product, time to make video, you could do a talking head video reviewing the product or go to Product’s sale page and download the video from there if there’s one there.

Most of the product, i.e. approximately 80% of the products have their own videos on their sale page. So you would have to download the video and then you can upload it to your YouTube channel. Voila!

You now have a video that’s going to make you money – be sure to set things up so the viewers are redirected from your video to your landing page where you’ve added your affiliate link.

#4 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is what I actually recommend for any beginner starting out as it gives you more leverage than just writing articles for someone else. It’s a property which will continue to earn passive income for you for months to come.

Here are the steps required to set up an affiliate marketing blog –

Step 1. Find a good niche and a good product to promote: there are lots of places to find products across all niches like Clickbank, Clicksure, Jvzoo and Clickbetter, Amazon – also when selecting a product, make sure it has high Gravity.

Gravity measures how popular a product is with affiliates. It is also loosely related to how well a product sells. It’s calculated based on the number of affiliates who have made a sale on that product recently. A high gravity score means that many affiliates have sold that product recently. A low score means that not many affiliates have sold that product recently.

When you’ve selected a good product, you’re in the right maket.

Step 2. Find a keyword to market the product with: And THAT will be our targeted keyword – the product name. There is an awesome advantage when you promote the products from Clickbank – There is literally low competition on Google!

However after an in-depth research of the traffic to my affiliate sites in the past years. I’ve found out that these people not only look for the product name itself, but also for several other keywords in combination with the product name which you definitely need to consider targeting as well.

Here are the most searched keywords combined with the product name:

“Product Name” Bonus

“Product Name” Review

“Product Name” Scam

“Product Name” Does it Work

“Product Name” Book

“Product Name” Download

Buy “Product Name”

and much more…you are to combine these keywords above with the product name and begin putting it on a landing page for your on page SEO.

Step 3. Put it all together, publish it to your website: just set up a review page targeting those keywords above then the traffic would begin to trickle in.

Step 4. Generate traffic and start earning cash: Well this part needs little or no explaining.

#5 Creating your own products


Having a product is the highest level in internet marketing, if a product is good and well marketed – it can exponentially increase your income, you could even quit your day job and go full time online.

The best place to begin for a beginner with aspirations to create a product would be possibly a PDF/Video product on ClickBank.

If you have an e-book or video course in a popular market that solves a problem – ClickBank makes that easy to sell.

Once you sign up as a vendor and list your product on the marketplace then set the commission cut you are willing to pay to anyone who chooses to promote your product for you, other ClickBank users will start promoting it. This will drive traffic to your product’s sales page and sales will start to trickle in.

Also you can begin promoting your products yourself just like I explained in #4

If you want to learn specifically how to create your products, feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

Click here to download the guide now

It’s going to walk you thru the basics of affiliate marketing and scaling up from there…

Okay that’d be all…


Dan Brock

How to Make Easy Money Online (While Being Lazy)…

The Lazy Way to Make Easy Money Online

Hey Deadbeat, on this page you’d find the proven ways on how to make easy money online while being literally lazy!


Yes, so if you’re feeling lazy and looking for easy ways to make money online right now! This post you’re reading has got you covered!

Okay, before we jump right into the different techniques of making easy money online – you need to know this, very important!

There’s a right way and wrong way to do it…

First, let’s go into the wrong way –

Wrong Ways NOT to Make Money Online if you want to be Lazy

How does “Dropping your affiliate links in the comment area of multiple Youtube videos” – sound? How lazy and easy to make money online does it sound?

Sounds super lazy and easy too right?

All you have to do is find tons of youtube videos of any industry online – for instance you find muscle building videos on youtube then you go get a muscle building related affiliate product, grab your affiliate link and have it placed nicely on every muscle building videos’ comment area you find; then magically watch the sales – easy money – roll in right?

Or in my case on my youtube channel, Deadbeat Super Affiliate – where I teach how to make easy money online – I find people are spamming my videos with their affiliate links. Trying to leech on to my traffic.


They are practically logging into my youtube videos and leaving their affiliate links in the comment area…not cool!

Truth is you might actually make a sale here or there trying this, but I doubt if it’ll be consistent because your comment with your affiliate link in it will almost never be approved by any legitimate youtube channel.

I personally delete such annoying comments when I see it…good riddance!

I find people using the same approach with the affiliate links on:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Come on peeps, this isn’t 2006…even if your affiliate linked comment evades the tired eyes of a webmaster and gets approved, definitely still is a waste of effort.

And never does it qualify as a lazy way to make easy money online – not one bit!

Reason is if you put into consideration the hours you’d spend gathering up your giant list of videos, blogs, forum threads, Facebook posts that you’re going to spam with your affiliate links.

And a couple more hours copying and pasting your comments and then you make 10 bucks! For 4hours worth of work – not cool!

What you really need to lazily make easy money online is putting little hours daily and making a lot more than 10bucks – I’d show you how right now!

Right Ways to Make Money Online if you want to be Lazy 

The first thing you need to understand – if you’re going to make easy money online lazily is DO NOT try to get a job online!

Yeah, like making money online taking surveys, yes it is a no brainer, super lazy technique but it is still a job. You don’t necessarily need that, you already got your day job!

It’s also the same when you’re working on Fiverr, Upwork or other freelance sites online – it feels like a job – you don’t necessarily need that –I’m not saying working on Fiverr is bad but you need something better, you need to own an online property.

$350k In 5 Days from a 100k Opt -in Subscribers’ List

Now here’s a story that’ll best describe to you what having an online property really means –

One evening on the 13th May 2009, John got a call from his accountant saying – I quote below:

“Hi John, you’re having a really good year this year, better off than last year, anyways because you made a lot more than you did make last year, it’s looking like you owe $250, 000 in tax which must be payable before the Tax deadline day Friday the 18th May 2009, which is just 5 days from today”

Now fast forward to this present day John is a successful internet marketer, founder of multiple companies in online markets ranging from health, finance, Internet Marketing to mention a few and having done over $100 million in revenue.

But back in 2009, he was just a fledgling beginner internet marketer with relative degree of success and has just manage to pay off a huge credit card debt that May which he had used in the finance of a year-long creation of a 100k plus opt-in subscribers’ list

He didn’t even have $50k in the bank…where is he going to get $250, 000 in five days? He pondered

He had just bought a house for his family, had made their life more convenient and just got off debt by selling off a bunch of websites he owned.

Where is he going to get $250, 000 in such a short time period? He wondered…

The thought of an impending IRS (Internal Revenue Service) subpoena and a possible jail term made him cry and sob all day long.

Until his wife said to him “I don’t why you’re so upset, you always figure these things out and you’re going to figure this one out too

That struck some sense into him and gave him the motivation he needed and he now had to work with what he had to save himself and family from the imminent danger of the approaching showdown with Uncle Sam if he didn’t pay up.

He turned his attention to his list of over 100k subscribers… and began creating the few promotions he had reserved for the year long.

Even though it wasn’t the ideal situation for him because he had to hasten things up… He did send out the offers to the list and manage to cut a check of $250k by Thursday the 17th May 2009 just one day shy of the tax day deadline… and the rests history!

He was saved by his 100k plus opt-in subscribers’ list! Saved by his online property!

An online property is just like any offline property – it’s an asset – but it’s a lot easier to create an online property.

A 100kplus opt –in subscriber list might seem like a daunting thing to create but John slowly built it for year – putting a few spare hours each day until it became a big asset.

So the key to lazily making easy money online is to own a valuable piece of online property.

Now there are lots of things that you can own that is not necessarily a subscribers’ list –

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Games

So this is the right way to do it, doesn’t involve spamming people and making less for more hours of work.

If you’re interested in how I create single page websites which I spend about 1 hour on to build and then they make $100 per month from each.

Please feel free to check out a guide that I have put together:

Yes I’m giving you the chance to finally own a bunch of single page websites that makes $100/month – think of if you create and own 20?

Click here to download the guide and I’ll basically walk you thru setting websites that will make you easy money online…lazy style!


Dan Brock

How to Make Money Blogging In 2017 (For Lazy Deadbeats)

The 3 Top Tips to Create a Super Profitable Blog in 8 Months

Hi Deadbeat, today I’m going to be showing you in this post how to start a profitable blog from scratch and get it to take off by generating loads of traffic and then making money.

make money blogging

I have received hundreds to thousands visitors per month and have made a full time income from my blogs, which makes me consider myself as someone you want to listen to about making money with blogging– so let me have your undivided attention.

I have summed up the best practices of making money blogging into 3 SUPER ACTIONABLE TIPS, just so you can begin taking actions – it’s simple and relatively easy!

These tips aren’t the basic steps required to setting up a blog – just so you’d know; and in case you’re a beginner, quickly let’s go over the basic steps below:

  • Choosing a blogging platform: there are about 5 to 10 blogging platform available for you to choose from which the prominent ones being WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr namely. I’d definitely advocate WordPress, it’s a massive platform with tons of plugins, add-ons, themes at your disposal. So do choose WordPress, you won’t regret it!
  • Choose web hosting/domain name: as a beginner it might be tempting to go with a free hosting and domain name – I’d advise; you buy both a hosting and a domain name – you can start off on a cheap shared hosting if you’re concerned about the cost and also a domain can be really cheap, say below 5 bucks…

Even if the ugly URL( for your new blog  which you’d get doesn’t bother you – you’d be limited still, you can’t have a  fully functional money making blog on a free subdomain. So pull out your credit card and buy both now!

  • Design your WordPress blog: WordPress gives you ease and almost infinite ways to design and layout your blog. You can choose from a ton of free themes for your blog or if you want you can purchase a paid theme.

That’s that about the basics…now let’s head to the real meat, 3 actionable tips to begin making money blogging online.

#1 Select a Lucrative Niche to be in…

The first tip to creating a successful blog that you’re going to profit from is it has to be about a popular topic:

Here are top 6 top industries online right now:

  1. Dating
  2. Health & Beauty
  3. Adult
  4. Biz-Opps
  5. Coupons/Discount/Daily Deals
  6. Games

It’s safe to say all these are popular markets that appeal to a lot of people online – where people would be willing to spend money. So if you’ve developed a passion for blogging about say a “not too popular” niche like for instance “in-growth fingernails” which appeals to about a small number people online.

It’s probably not a good idea if you want to make money blogging about it as it’s not going to be lucrative.

Reason is you can only have a few posts about it and then you’re out of ideas for posts, plus the small number of people who are interested are only going to visit your blog, consume the content and never visit again because there’s nothing new to be consumed.

That’s not going to be lucrative for you as you need to convert visitors to your blog to loyal readers then ultimately to buyers of whatever products you might build in the near future and sell to them.

You can’t do that if visitors only visit once now can you?

So always select a lucrative niche! It’s absolutely important…

Now you might say – “how do I know my selected niche is lucrative?” Good question…

There are quick checks you can do to find out if your selected niche is actually going to profitable for you when you start blogging about it.

Google Keyword Planner:

If you have a gmail account, then you should sign in to your Google Adwords account and locate the Google keyword tool – it can always give you a hint if a market you’re getting into is going to be profitable.

Now for instance here are 2 online markets I have in mind – “lawn mower” and “Chinese cuisine” –

Using the G. Keyword tool – when I search for Chinese cuisine – here’s what it gives me:

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords

As you can see in the image above, the arrows are pointed to 2 things you can easily look at to gauge the profitability of any niche.

  • The average number of monthly searches
  • The suggested bid

For the Chinese cuisine market – it gets about 1k – 10k searches per month which isn’t so popular! And the suggested bid shows and proves there are advertisers selling products – with a suggested bid of £2.44 ($3.10). That connotes an expensive and almost saturated market.

Now let’s try this with the “lawn mower” market –

2Keyword Planner – Google AdWords

This is a really popular market online, getting about a million searches per month, that’s a load of traffic –also with decreased suggested bid which confirms merchants and a viable market.

So it’s a popular market which will be more lucrative than the “Chinese Cuisine” market on the long run.

Speaking about long runs – let’s go on to the next tip.

#2 Build up your Audience Base…

Right after you’ve chosen your lucrative niche, for the next 6 months you shouldn’t be concerned about making money. You need to build up an audience or readers’ base.


Ever wondered how some successful blogs have got such a cult following? Well this is how they did it –

At this stage you’re posting say 2 valuable contents per week and like I said you shouldn’t really worry about making money now.

What you want to do now is simultaneously build up an audience base on social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – here’s how you do it:

  • Facebook: create a good Fb page for your blog and pick your best posts that you’ve published on your blog and spend money on ads boosting them, it’s going to get you likes for your fb page and help build your fan base on facebook.
  • Twitter: create a twitter handle for your blog and then follow and interact with your competitions – tweet your best contents and you could also use twitter ads to gain more exposure and followers on twitter.
  • Youtube: Create a youtube channel based on your blog, see if you could convert some of your best contents to videos, post them on your channel and promote it – get people to subscribe to it.

Do all these for six months slowly until you’ve built up a cult following, also you want to link your social properties together like promote your youtube videos on facebook.

Then use the last tip that’ll transcend your blog to having serious spiky traffic levels.

#3 Re-launch your Blog!


Right after six months of audience building – by now you have a fairly strong amount of readers’ base, they are going to be the catalyst of now taking your blog to the next level as they are going to be the one sharing your posts…and making the quality posts go viral which will bring spikes of traffic.

What you want to do now is have queued up for 30 days solid – top quality posts, videos – for every day of the 30 days.

This will help you achieve a top blog status with over 50 posts skyrocketing spikes of traffic – then you’re ready to make money blogging.

You can sign up at advertising network exchanges, set up Google Adsense, accept direct ad placements from advertisers, sell custom and affiliate products etc…to begin your money making blogging roller coaster.

If you want to learn more about how to make money online blogging, feel free to check out my DeadBeat Super Affiliate System.

So there you have it the 3 solid tips in building a profitable blog which will continue making you money for years to come from different ways of monetizing its traffic.

See you in a million bucks!

Dan brock

How to Outsource Content Creation (Article Writing Done for You) PT 5

Outsourcing Your Content Can Save You Time….

The best way to outsource content creation is to organize your topics and ideas.

Doing so will allow the writer to have a better idea of exactly what you want done.

Make sure to outline the topic of your article, so the writer can write content around your topic.

Know What You Are Looking For

In order to effectively outsource your writing, you must have an idea of what you are looking for.

This means thinking about the categories you want to include in your website.

Also think about potential topics.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Find some products that you are interested in selling
  2. Come up with a few categories to put your articles under
  3. Find keywords that are relevant to your niche
  4. Think of several potential article titles for you writer to work with

Websites That Are Great For Outsourcing Work

Finding a reliable website is important in finding freelancers to outsource your work to.

This method is a more affordable way to outsource your work.

You can also find many skilled freelancers that are possibly more proficient than you are at the job.

By hiring a freelancer, you are also saving more time to do other productive things.


UpWork is a great website to find highly skilled, experienced, and educated freelancers.

The best part is the price…

You can hire a very experienced writer to write your content for a very affordable price.

With that being said, have a budget set.

Be aware of how much you an afford to spend on this content.


This website is best if you are just looking for affordability rather than quality.

While you may get some quality content, the writers on this website are typically not Native English speakers.

This website is great for those looking for a quick 400 word article for about $2.

The writers are also only allowed to write the content.

Therefore, they can’t use any heading (h1, h2, ect.).

They also can’t attach any images.

This website is not recommended for high quality content.


This is a very popular website and the best part is the price.

For $5, you can get a good deal on content because every gig is worth $5.

With that being said, most writers will charge $5 for only about 500 words or less.

While they may be good quality writers, their are a few that may deliver less than average work.

You also are not given a lot of background of the writers you are working with.

Be sure to check the reviews as well as the person’s background in writing before you make your decision.


Explaining Your Writing Needs To Your Freelancer

It is important that your freelancer fully understands the type of content you want, the writing style you are looking for, and any other necessary details.

Instead of writing a full paragraph on everything you want, the easiest method is to record a video.

In this video, discuss everything you have provided to the freelancer to work with.

You don’t need to go into detail about every post.

Make the video short and to the point.

A great tip is to provide a script on how you would like your content to look.

Screenshot (18)n

Use these tips to have a better experience with your freelancer:

  • Provide a script
  • Explain your details thoroughly
  • Keep in contact with your freelancer
  • Write the first few articles for your writer to refer to

Good Content is Important For Your Website

Having high quality content on your website, especially if your website is new, is essential in adding value.

Adding good content on your website allows you to get a good start on your website.

If your website is interesting, informative, and valuable then this will reflect in your website statistics.

The longer your visitors read your articles, make a comment, and interact with your website, the more value you are giving to those visitors.

So, your content should be well written, easy to ready, and providing some sort of value.

Adding Content To a New Website

While many people may be in a hurry to start gaining money.

It is a common mistake to start filling up your website with ads, affiliate links, and unnecessary fillers.

Instead, you should provide valuable content on a regular basis for a good amount of time.

This will allow you to slowly gain rank in Google and attract more users.

Then when you have a good amount of monthly visitors, you will be more likely to start gaining money.











Add a High Converting Amazon WordPress Theme to Your Website – Part 4

Integrating an Amazon WordPress Theme Into Your Website Can Improve Conversion Rates…

There are a few good themes, both free and paid,  that are great for Amazon affiliate websites.

In order to be successful, you need to choose the right WordPress theme.

You will want to find a theme that brings attention to what you are trying to accomplish.

Which is to sell products.

Installing a Responsive Theme

Installing a WordPress theme is very important and fairly simple.

For those who do not know how to install a WordPress theme, just follow these steps.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the appearance tab on the left and click themes.
  2. Next, you will want to click the Add New button on the top of the page.
  3. Then click on the feature filter tab. Screenshot (12)n
  4. Within the feature filter tab, you should see a section labeled layout
  5. Under the layout section, check mark the box next to responsive layout Screenshot (13)n
    Using a responsive theme allows mobile users to use your website.

By using a responsive theme, your website will fit well with mobile devices.

You could lose half of your potential customers if you fail to make your website easily accessible through mobile devices.

Choosing Your Theme

The best themes for high conversion rates are typically simple themes.

This is because you will need something that is easy to navigate, yet appealing.

In order to find a simple theme, just type simple into the search bar. Screenshot (14)n

Search for a theme that is both simple and focused more on content.

When you want to try out a few themes, simply click install and then activate.

When deciding on a theme, there are a few things to look for.

  • Simple
  • Focused on content
  • Small header to avoid distractions so users can focus more on the content
  • Responsive

Since your website will need to be more content driven than anything else.

You should pick an appropriate theme that outlines the content.

There are plenty of themes that do this for free.

The Deadbeat Theme

This particular theme was designed specifically for Amazon affiliate website.

This theme will also work with product based websites.

Using this theme will guarantee at least 2 to 3 times more conversions than using a standard theme. Screenshot (16)

As you can see, this particular theme is very simple.

The main focus will be on the content as the header is very small and non distracting.

A feature that sets this theme apart from the others, is the product panel that is located on the right.

This panel is designed to promote top rated products.

Having this panel makes it very easy for customers to see some of the products you offer.

This section will more than likely drive most of the sales.

Screenshot (17)n

This theme can be found on as a bonus to the Amazon Marketing Affiliate System.

Using both free or paid themes an be effective depending on how you use them.

What to Look For in an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

When it comes to selling products and being an affiliate website, you need to emphasize what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are trying to sell products, this needs to be somehow obvious.

That being said, you should not constantly throw products into your customer’s face.

Instead, try to discretely integrate products into your website where they will be noticed.

The best way to accomplish this is to create content.

The content should go into detail about specific keywords.

This content should also somehow be relevant to the products you are trying to sell.

For this to work, you need to pick a theme that displays everything neatly.

Since you’re main emphasize should be on content and products, this is what the customer should see the most of.

Avoid distracting headers, ads, and anything else that would draw the customer away from the product.

The most obvious aspect of your website should be content.

Along with the content of course comes products.

Using a simple theme is the best solution.

Specifically for product affiliation, a theme that displays the products neatly along with the content is ideal.

How Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes Can Boost Conversion Rates

Having the right WordPress theme can make you more money immediately.

By using a theme that is easy to navigate, more customer will be attracted to your website.

Using a responsive theme will increase the number of mobile users.

Without a responsive theme, you may lose more than half of your customers.

This is because many people are mobile users and they need to view a website that is easy to use on a mobile phone.

Picking the right theme could essentially mean more money.













How to Create Your Own Website (Registering a Domain Name + Web Hosting) – Part 3

Here is a Guide to Help You Create Your Own Website…

Creating your own website is simple… if you know where to start.

In case you do not know where to start, here are a few tips!

The Beginning Stages of Creating a Website

In order to build a website, you must start with key three steps.

Regardless of the website type, these three steps stay the same for every website.

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Purchase web hosting
  3. Install WordPress

Each of these steps play a very important role in how your website will look and run.

Before beginning, make sure you are well prepared with any information you may need.

Where to Register a Domain Name

In order to register a domain name, there are a few web hosting websites you can use.

In this tutorial, HostGator is the website being used to register a domain name.


For those interested in using this website to register their own domain names, here is some important information.

Before you come up with your domain name, you must select a plan.

The plans offered on HostGator include:

  • Hatchling Plan- There are many features that come with this plan, but this plan allows for only 1 domain name.

So for those only wanting to create one website, this plan would be best for you.

  • Baby Plan- With this plan, you may register an unlimited amount of domain names.

This plan is great for those interested in building multiple websites, and the one I recommend for affiliate marketers.

  • Business Plan- This is the largest package HostGator offers. It includes unlimited domain names, along with a free dedicated IP, a free toll-free number, and a free private SSL.

This plan is ideal for business, as well as anyone interested in building many websites.

Screenshot (7)n

Choosing Your Domain Name and Signing Up For Web Hosting

This step is very important, because your domain name should not be just some random name.

Instead, your domain name should reflect your website.

This means… use a relevant keyword to help you pick your domain name.

For example, for a website aimed towards sleeping better, a good keyword to use would be “stop snoring”.

Here are some tips to help you pick out a good domain name.

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool to help find relevant keywords
  • Be creative with your domain name to increase the odds of availability
  • Pick a domain name that reflects your website along with the market you are aiming for

Screenshot (8)n

After you select your domain name, fill out the necessary information.

Accessing Your Control Panel and Installing WordPress

When you are through signing up, you should receive an email containing a link and more information on how to access your control panel.

WordPress is the easiest and most convenient way to build a website.

Not only is it simple for beginners to use, but there are tons of useful tools you can use to improve your website.

Follow these steps to install WordPress.

  1. Go to “Hosting”
  2. Click on the hosting dashboard
  3. Select the Launch QuickInstall
  4. Click WordPress when you arrive to the following page
  5. Select “Install” and fill out the required information about you and your website

Screenshot (10)n

Begin Using Your New WordPress Website

Once you have successfully installed WordPress, the next step is to access your page for the first time.

In order to do this, you must type in your domain name with a “/wp” at the end.

For example, in the tutorial the correct way to this is

Login to the WordPress website using your information that was provided to you.

Screenshot (11)n

If you have followed this guide step-by-step…

Congratulations! You have officially gone from registering your own domain name to logging into your WordPress website for the first time.

From there, you can start developing and creating your own niche website.

While you may use whichever web hosting website you want, this is what is personally recommended and from experience, the best hosting for a website.

The same goes for WordPress, although WordPress is the simplest, quickest, and overall the best way to create your website.

Creating a website does not have to be difficult.

With a variety of simple tools and only a few steps, you can begin creating your own website in no time at all.

Using these simple methods will result in a quick and easy process.

You do not need to be an expert to make a website, all you need is some basic knowledge.









Keyword Research Made Easy (Google Adwords Keyword Tool) – Part 2

Here is a Walkthrough on How to Find Keywords Using The Google Adwords Keyword tool…

If you haven’t already, in order to use the Google Adwords keyword tool you must first make an account.

To begin using the Google Adwords keyword tool, you need to sign up with a credit card.

Keep in mind that this tool is free, so you do not need to make any purchases.

Here are a few steps to help you get into the Google Adwords keyword tool.

  1. Make an account with your email.
  2. Sign up for the Google Adwords keyword tool, remember that you will need your credit card.
  3. When you are on the home page, click on the tools button on the top of the page.
  4. Click on Keyword Planner.
  5. Type in your product or service, change your settings as necessary

Understanding Keyword Results

When you type in specific keywords, the tool will automatically display some information.

Average Monthly Searches- This section is pretty self explanatory. The amount shown in this section reflects the amount of monthly searches this particular keyword had.

Competition- If you plan on using this keyword, it may be beneficial to understand how high the competition is for the keyword.

Trends- You may also notice that small graph to the left of the average monthly search section, when you click on this graph you will see how this particular keyword has done as far as monthly searches throughout the year. This information will help you figure out whether this keyword is being searched less, more, or staying consistent through the months.

Screenshot (2)n

Building a Keyword List

It can be confusing if you are new at searching for keywords. Finding the right keyword can make all the difference. Here are a few tips that should help you during your keyword search.

  • Find a keyword that is relevant to your website.

This one is kind of obvious, but very important.

If you are unsure of what keywords to use for your website ask yourself a couple questions..

  1. What kind of products do I plan on selling?
  2. What words would I use to best describe my business?

By answering these questions, you should come up with at least a few keywords to use.

Type these into the Keyword Tool and you will find a lot of similar keywords that do really well when it comes to monthly searches.

  • Find Keywords that are specific

Try to add more specific and targeted keywords as opposed to general terms.

Find long-tail keywords

This means that you should look for phrases made up of about three or four words.

Avoid one word keywords, as these are often not specific enough.

For example, otc sleeping aid is a great keyword because it is very specific and targets a group that is looking for over the counter sleeping aids.

Screenshot (3)n

  • Find Keywords That Will Sell

Finding a keyword that will sell means that whatever keyword you find, you can use this to list relevant products.

For example, for the long-tail keyword snoring mouthpiece, this term can be searched on Amazon and a lot of relevant products can be found.

Finding a good product to sell that corresponds with your selected keyword is essential.

Try searching your possible keyword on Amazon and check to see if there are any products you may be interested in selling.

The product should be relevant to the keyword you are using.

As long as you are using the right keyword, users should be able to find your product.

Screenshot (4)n


Using your Keywords

Finding keywords does not have to be stressful.

Using the right keyword is necessary when it comes to creating content.

When you have your keyword, try to create your content so that it revolves around this keyword.

Also use this keyword when selecting products to sell, because the product should be relevant to the keyword you have chosen and the content that you write about.

This guide should walk you through the entire process of creating your account to finally creating your keyword list.

The keyword list should be full of useful keywords that you can either build content around, use to sell a product, and create topics for your website.

Don’t Forget!

Here is a summary of key essentials that you should not forget when searching for your keywords.

  1. Fully understand the settings in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  2. Keep keyword relevant to your niche
  3. Look for keywords that are searched often per month
  4. Try and select long-tail keywords
  5. Make sure your keywords are specific
  6. Find a keyword that will help you sell products



How to Find Products to Promote on (Part 1)

A Guide on Finding Products For Your Niche on…

Amazon offers a large variety of products, so when looking for products for a niche, Amazon is great place to browse through.

You can gain both ideas and products from Amazon.

How to Find Niche Products

If you are currently looking for niche products, you have probably already discovered what niche you are making your website about.

In order to determine what products you want to sell, it is important to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  1. What kind of topics do I want to make my niche website about?
  2. What keywords do I need to focus on?

Regarding the first question, Amazon could help give you some more ideas.

For the second question, you should have at least a couple of keywords to start with.

For example, two simple keywords like “better sleep” brought pages and pages of products that are relevant to that keyword.

How to Choose a Product to Sell

When it comes to this step, although there are scientific ways to pick a product, typically you can simply choose the product you think will sell.

Here are a few tips that may help you when choosing niche product:

  1. Pick a product specific to your niche. Usually if you have a targeted keyword, you can use this to find relevant products.
  2. Pick products that cost anywhere from $10 to $200. Keeping the cost above $10 will make it much easier to decent profit and sell.
  3. Choose products that will stay popular. For example, selling an older version of a phone may not do as well when the new version of a phone comes out.

Do not be overwhelmed when you see all of the products you can choose from.

Look at the number of reviews to see what is popular. 

Within your niche, you may find many products to promote on that have thousands of reviews.

As long as they are relevant to your niche, choose those!

That means that people want these products, and if the product is rated good, more people will be interested in trying it.

Screenshot (5)n

Use the Products to Generate Topic Ideas

You do not need a set list of topics and keywords before you begin selecting niche products.

Even if you are completely clueless about your niche, although when choosing a niche you should have a general interest, you can look for products.

Use these niche products to inspire more topic and content ideas.

If you have absolutely no topics or keyword ideas, explore all of the Amazon products and see what you come up with.

You may find a lot of items under a specific and targeted keyword that you could use.

In this case, start making a list of keywords, products, and topics.

Just make sure they are relevant to each other if they are being used in the same niche.

Do Not Worry About the Price, It Adds Up

Many people will only focus on whether they will gain a lot of income from this product.

In this case, they will pick a bunch of products priced around $200.

This is a huge mistake.

Try and choose products that range from $15 to $200 on average.

You may have one very expensive item, but for the most part, keep a variety of products.

Even though a $15 product may not give you a lot of money from only one purchase, it adds up.

It is better to have hundreds of $15 dollar products sold as opposed to only one $200 product sold.

In the end, the only thing you should focus on is whether people will buy this product.

So, pick products that you feel will attract and interest potential buyers.

Do not create a list of useless products that your customers will not need nor want.

Remember to pick items that are not relevant to your niche.

For example, if your niche is about dog beds,  you do not need to use a sleeping medication product simply because it will give you money.

How to Choose Your Niche From Amazon

In order to successfully pick products for your niche, you must have a niche that interest you.

If you still need to pick out a niche, Amazon is a great place to look for ideas.

You can look through the different categories, type in different keywords, and look through various products.

Do this until you find something that not only interest you, but also a great idea for a niche that will do very well.

Start by looking through the Amazon Departments and go from there!

Screenshot (6)nRemember: Do not stress about finding the perfect products, keywords, and niche…

Have fun with various ideas and see what works the best for you.






How to Make Money As An Affiliate WITHOUT a Website

You Do Not Need A Website To Make Money From Being An Affiliate…

It is possible to make money without building a website.

With this method, you can start earning money right away!

How To Create The Content

First, you will need to write out your report.

You can use a Word document for this.

Include pictures, headings, and plenty of useful content.

Typically, this report should be more than two pages.

It should also include your product as the very last page.

Create accurate and useful information about the problem your product will solve.

For example, this document is about teeth grinding, so the product listed at the very bottom is supposed to help those solve that problem.

Your content should build up and eventually lead into your product.

Screenshot (24)

Adding The Affiliate Link To The Product

When the reader views the document, they will see the product listed on the very last page.

When they see this product, they can view the product that is being sold on the affiliate website by clicking on the hyperlink.

Once they make a purchase, you make some commission.

Here are some steps on how to add your affiliate link to your report.


  1. Copy the link of the product you are promoting
  2. Select the text or image you would like to hyperlink
  3. Go to the Insert tab and select Hyperlink Screenshot (25)n

How To Save The File as a PDF Form

You must save the file as a PDF, not a word document.

This step is essential and very simple to do.

Follow these steps to effectively save your word document as a PDF file.

  1. Go to the File tab
  2. Scroll down to Save As Screenshot (28)n
  3. Go to format
  4. Select PDF Screenshot (27)n
  5. Name the file whatever you have named your article as

How To Submit Your PDF File

There are two methods to do this.

One method is to manually submit the PDF yourself.

There are several websites that list various ways to this.

This method may take some time, but through this method you can submit your PDF wherever you would like.

The second method is to use Fiverr

There are several gigs on Fiverr that will submit your PDF file for you.

Screenshot (29)Typically, they will submit your file to several different sources.

The gigs will only cost you about $5 depending on what you are looking for.

This method is the easiest method because you do not need to do any of the work.

Simply choose from any gig you want, supply them with your PDF, and they will do the work for you.

Screenshot (30)

What Affiliate Websites Should You Use?

While there are many to choose from, you can view a list of the top best affiliate websites.

While Amazon is typically a favorite, they no longer support affiliate promotion through PDF.

With that being said, there are plenty of other affiliates that you can use.

These include,

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • JVZoo
  • eBay Partnership Network
  • ShareASale

The affiliate, you decide to use depends on what you are selling along with your niche.

If you find that selling digital products, such as an eBook, would be appropriate for your article, then try using ClickBank.

Although, if you are more interested in selling physical products, ShareASale has a lot of big brand items to choose from.

Whatever method you choose, keep the product reasonably priced and relevant to your article.

How Will I Make Money From This Method?

While you may not earn hundreds of dollars per day from this method, you can earn a constant income.

These reports will be placed over the internet throughout the years and many will likely find it.

This is a simple and quick way to passively make an income.

There is only a little to no work at all that you need to put into this.

As soon as you submit your PDF, feel free to sit back and relax while making a little bit of income.

Even though the income may not be a lot, it will add up very quickly.

It will not be too long before you begin to find a little bit of money coming in from the purchases people are making through your link.

This is just one of many different ways in which you can constantly make income without doing any technical work, such as building a website.

You can do several of these reports to add more sources of income, although they may not all be very successful, over time you will begin to see some money come in.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Instead, this is a quick way to make some additional money passively.