How to Make $30,000/m On Amazon (As a Broke Millennial)


How to Make $30,000/m On Amazon (As a Broke Millennial)

Welcome deadbeats, how are you?

In today’s post I will be showing you how to make $30,000/m on amazon as a broke millennial and of course, ALL THE EXTRA GOOD STUFF…

Sit back, grab a coffee and get ready to learn some of the good stuff today… as I take you through how to earn money with Amazon.


One of the best ways to make money online is with Amazon…

… This is for a number of reasons, but one of the MAIN REASONS is this platform is good for beginners.

Then, when you start making some nice consistent cash… it is quite easy to begin scaling up and see a good increase in income from Amazon…

… Here is what you need to know, so that you can potentially earn up to $30,000 a month and even more from AMAZON!

Amazon Cash Online – Make That Money

So, this method I will be showing you is great for millennials…

…Because it is totally free and you can use FREE TRAFFIC. It’s also good because you can build this business up in stages and bite size chunks, so that it’s built properly.

Ok deadbeats, so for the first example I want to show you something…

…Follow along through the methods and examples, where I will be EXPOSING THE STUFF you need to know.

turn-on-2917049_640So, the example is from a site called, where I am looking at a YouTube channel called – Wranglestar.

This guy is crushing it with both GOOGLE ADSENSE AND AMAZON affiliate marketing from his YouTube video’s…

…Right off the bat you will notice he has a lot of subs which always helps of course, he has around 670,000.

He also has over 220,000,000 views, yeah awesome right – can you see where his income comes from now?!

Moving On…

I want to take you through why this channel is working so well… I am doing similar stuff to this also.

So, I have PERSONALLY TESTED a lot of what you see here and I have many YouTube channels that make me between $1000 -$3000… so pay attention (good job deadbeat).

Now, for the adsense of this channel, he is pulling up to $3000 a day sometimes on the higher day and then less on the other day… but still a good overall average…

…Now, bear in mind that his niche market is very buyer oriented… so, he makes more money per views then some other niches do.


At the end of this post I am going to be sharing 12 YouTube friendly niche markets to MAKE A KILLING IN…

…So, make sure you stay tuned in for that. Ok, now let’s have a look at his channel and go through some key elements you need to know in order to be successful.

First of all, this guy is really good at video’s and does well to engage the audience with smart acting skills and of course AMAZING INFORMATION…

…He spends a lot of time on his video’s and makes sure he puts in a ton of effort, with the hard work… it’s clearly paying off.

How To Make Money With Amazon – The Right Way!

This doesn’t happen overnight though… everyone’s video’s at first are somewhat to be desired, but you will get better with time.

Now, he makes ALOT OF FREE CONTENT about the content on his YouTube channel. He has a target audience and he knows what they want to see & hear.

For example, one video topic is how to build a bridge and this small video got about 100,000 views… which is excellent.

Another example is how to split firewood and this video has over 1 million views, so you know he has people interested in what he has to teach.

back-to-school-2629361_640So, here is what he does to make money from AMAZON…

…He creates review video’s with the products that he has purchased and goes over very thoroughly, how it all works and things like pro’s/con’s.

For example… “testing the cheapest axe on Amazon” is one video just like that and even in the thumbnail, he pre warms the visitor by given them the price.

This will eliminate the tire kickers and most people that watch this video, already know there is a product to be brought from the price there.


With over 1500 video’s he definitely knows how to produce a good video…

…He is also a smart marketer, because in the first comment on each video, you can see a visible link to the product and he often pins these comments – very clever!

Just by DOING SOME QUICK MATHS HERE, with over a million views – he is probably sending 100,000 people to AMAZON and of course a lot of these will buy.

So, now let me reveal the 12 niche markets you can get into… if you want to create something similar to this and start making some awesome cash!


The one things these all have in common is that you can review products and as you have seen from today’s post… make A TON OF CASH FROM.

Ok so, you have gardening, kitchen hacks, recipes & cooking, survival niche, home steading.

Next, you also have solar energy, health and fitness, men’s grooming, technology and video editing/production.

So, there you have it some key example you can use! What are you waiting for, go and make some YouTube video’s and bring in that deadbeat cash.

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Do what other won’t and really go the extra mile…

===> Spend a lot of time and effort on your video’s…

===> BE CONSISTENT & work hard…


Now, if your looking to find out how to properly select a niche and then make some great video’s for income, I have just the FREE guide for you! You can access it here ===>


Thanks 🙂

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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