100% Affiliate Commissions? Deadbeat Cash!

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100% Affiliate Commissions? Deadbeat Cash!

Hey deadbeats,

Welcome to today’s post where I will be looking at the question “can you receive 100% affiliate commissions?”.

With so many DIFFERENT affiliate networks, the commission rates vary a lot… some are low and some are high.


Then you have the different type of networks…

… Some that per you per lead, some that pay for an email sign up and then you have the products THAT REQUIRE you to make a full sale or multiple sales!

It really just depends on what type of products your looking to promote and with what network!

Obviously, THE MORE MONEY YOU CAN make the better… Let’s jump right in and have a look!

Affiliate Commissions Revealed

I was actually planning to sleep the entire day… but I thought I should share some great DEADBEAT KNOWLEDGE with you before I do…

… So, the question is how can companies offer 100% affiliate commissions? Is this the normal thing or is there any hidden catches here.

Whenever, something online comes up that people don’t understand or ARE WARY OFF, they automatically think it is a scam or not real.

But how do they even know that, when they haven’t researched the answer or even given that idea or thought a chance?

question-mark-2492009_640A lot of the time affiliate marketers see that a business is offering lots of money and then they think it is a scam? But is it….

… Today, I will show you WHY THIS IS FOR REAL and some keys things that you need to look out for.

So, out there is literally THOUSANDS of products that offer 100% affiliate commissions…

… Previously, on this blog you would remember that I talked about an eye cream product from Revitol.

Moving On…

So, this particular company and product…

… Will pay $40 commissions when you send people to their sales page and PEOPLE END UP BUYING something, in the form of the eye cream.

Now, hold up here. When the visitor goes to buy the product on the order form… they are presented with varies buying options.

They can purchase one, two or three of these products and pay different rates.


So, for one they will pay like $40…

… Then the more they buy, the price per unit will go down and down. For example when they buy three, the price goes down to $25 a bottle.

Now, if the customer DECIDES TO PURCHASE ONE… you are going to be getting paid out 100% commission.

So, this is ACTUALLY a sign of a good business.

Affiliate Commission Jackpot – Moving On…

Ok, so let me just run you through the numbers here…

… So, from experience in promoting a lot of these types of offers, I know TYPICALLY OUT OF 10 customers…

… 5 or more will actually BUY THE BIGGER OPTION, where the price per unit is cheaper… but the overall cost is more.

Then the rest of the people will buy the other options that are presented to them on the order page.


It’s quite surprising…

… You would think it would be the other way around right? But, a lot of the time it’s not.

Now, don’t let this fool you… THIS CAN ADD UP TO BE ALOT OF MONEY. When you really start looking at the sales and numbers, you will see!

I have one site that is making me up to $500 a day, selling these types of offers that we are talking about in this post.


This is something that I teach inside my deadbeat super affiliate system and lots of other cool stuff.. that you need to know!

Ok, so let’s just go with the original value of having 10 customers purchase something and I can break down some numbers for you.

For every 10 customers, five WILL TYPICALLY buy the bigger upgrade, which means…

… Those five people will purchase the package at a price of $125 for all the units that they want.


Next, you have the remaining five people out of the ten who will purchase…

… Three will end up BUYING THE MIDDLE PACKAGE, which works out to be – which works out to be $83 in total.

Now, out of the ten people… there should be two left and these people will purchase the first option for $40 in total for the purchase.

Ok, so now let’s just break down the numbers and we can see some great stuff happening.

Affiliate Commission Breakdown

Ok so…

… Five people times $125 – $625 and then three people spending $83 – $249 and lastly two people spending $40 – $80, will give us a total of $954.

Now, because we have worked out this is OVER TEN CUSTOMERS, we need to divide by ten, so… the company makes $95 a sale.

Now, on average they pay you out $40 which is what you would make. Then the company still makes $55 of that sale and everyone’s happy!

money-2696229_640You will be surprised how quickly the commissions will add up…

… I have been WORKING WITH THIS NETWORK for a while now and have made close to $300,000… can you see the potential here? I hope so!

This is mostly profit also, but I have used FREE traffic to generate these clicks and income.

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Look for products that offer structured commissions…

===> Research potential goldmines, before you call them scams…

===> Focus 90% of your effort on finding winning campaigns…


Now, if your interested in learning the steps that you need to take so that you can start learning how to one day achieve up to these results, then I highly recommend you check out my FREE guide that I have for you today… ACCESS it here ===> deadbeatuniversity.com/guide.


Until next time… stay lazy!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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