How to Make $100 Dollars a Day Online w/ Affiliate Marketing

Learn How to Make $100 a Day w/ Affiliate Marketing Using This Killer Tactic

Welcome Deadbeat! Today, we are going to be covering some killer information on how you can make $100 a day w/ affiliate marketing!

I can’t wait to share this information with you, but you must make sure to take action! Action takers are the ones that will make money online with affiliate marketing….

….sadly a lot of people that get into this space aren’t motivated and they don’t TAKE ACTION!

I’m super pumped today to be sharing with you one of my best kept affiliate marketing tactics that I bet you have NEVER seen before. I know, I know this is a very big claim & “secret”, but I can back it up…..

…..I call it “The Money Traffic Circle”


One of the most important things that you will need to do when looking to earn some deadbeat cash through affiliate marketing is… engineer things properly & in the RIGHT WAY!

It’s very good practice to realise that you will need to do things step by step and follow a system. My money traffic circle is just the thing you need to use when doing your deadbeat affiliate campaigns (so pay attention).

There is no point shooting in the dark or trying to “figure” out what works, the money traffic circle is a PROVEN system that I use properly to make a TON of money from affiliate sites.

One more key point to make is that this system is working RIGHT NOW, and it will continue to work way into the future. Internet Marketing is an ever changing beast, so keep up with it!

Building Up The 4 Initial Properties for Smart Affiliate Marketing

So, whenever your thinking about starting a new affiliate campaign you will need to think about building up the foundation of 4 initial properties that will be VITAL to your success!

When doing affiliate marketing it is super important to have a foundation from which you can work from. You will have more focus and you will be implementing a system that you can use over and over again….this is smart!


The four initial properties that you’re going to want to build up are :

  1. Your email list….
  2. Your WordPress blog…
  3. Your Facebook account/fan page…
  4. AND also your YouTube Channel….

These platforms are all key ingredients to become successful in this money making traffic circle. You would be surprised how many marketers don’t do this & they are leaving hoards of traffic on the table (for DEADBEATS).

I have a lot of faith in this system because it doesn’t matter what niche your in or what product you choose…these platforms will work extremely well in any of your affiliate campaigns online.

Online markets will tend to procrastinate all of the time about what niche does this or will this product be a good match for this system?. Don’t do that have laser focus on this because it works…..

For these platforms I cross promote every platform with every platform, if that makes sense? For example, at the end of my blog post on WordPress I would add a link to my YouTube video…..

….or just like in my blog posts here I have the YouTube video embedded at the top. This is very powerful, it’s simple…but yet highly effective.

Keeping it simple is the key, remember that :)


One point to note here is that people will always have their own different preferences. So, for example some people enjoy video more so they would be happier subscribing to you on YouTube…

And some people prefer the look and feel of a blog, so they will follow your blog more often than say – Facebook.

Giving people options is a good thing and you will find that they become more engaged with you and your content because they like the platform that they are on.

You are also BEING SMART because there are many ways for people to subscribe to you, so you will be able to collect more subscribers in the long run…which is super important of course!


Another, good thing I would like to share with you is on my email list, I have a link to my Facebook page so that when people are done reading my emails…they can hopefully engage with me on FB.

Secret Sauce for Affiliate Cash?

There is one thing in this money traffic circle that will make a world of difference & as I like to call it….The SECRET sauce!

For any campaign or site you do, you need to think outside the box and create different “secret sauces…”. Doing things differently from most marketers will really set your campaigns apart from other people’s.

For example, I produce content on my FB page that is different from the other platforms, it’s also important to note that this content WILL be unique to my FB page and will not be found on YouTube for example…

….Just make sure that you do this on all your platforms and just link it all together in an effective way. Still keep it simple…but put in the work!


At first you might feel a bit overwhelmed, but with some practice this will become second nature to you! With time you will get better and you will also get a lot faster (which I know your looking forward to…).

Just do it consistently and you will see results, most people give up and then they wander why they never see any results. Just self motivate and you will do an awesome job! WELL DONE DEADBEAT…

But Where Are Twitter & Snapchat…

Well, that is a good question! Social platforms like Twitter and Snapchat require a lot more work and you have to use them a lot more. You need to be engaged everyday….sometimes this takes FAR too long.

Not to mention, they take a lot more work and I’m called the “lazy deadbeat” for a reason. The reason is I’m lazy, but don’t confuse that with average work…because as you can see I created an amazing money circle!

I personally like things that only need to be done once, at a certain time. Not only does this keep me super organised…this also allows me to focus on more things in my affiliate business.


For sites like Twitter, if you don’t have an automation tool…then you are going to be using a lot of time posting, commenting etc. Now, some people like this…but I personally don’t.

One thing I will say though is when you start building up a big following then going on sites like these will make more sense & be more worthwhile…

Big marketers are smart (just like you deadbeat..) they will build up a HUGE following and then create their content to suit more “high maintance” social sites such as Twitter…

Thanks so much for reading this post today and watching my YouTube video! Would you like to get your hands on more quality, FREE information? Then continue reading below:

If you want to learn more about how to make money with affiliate marketing, feel free to check out my Deadbeat Super Affiliate System.

To your “deadbeat commissions”

Dan “the Deadbeat” Brock!

How to Make $10,000 a Month Online With a Simple 1 Page Affiliate Website

My Deadbeat Secret Sauce for Making $10,000 a Month Online With Simple One Page Powerhouse Affiliate Sites

Hey “LAZY” Deadbeat, I’m super pumped to be sharing with you today how it’s possible to make $10,000 a month online with simple, yet highly effective one page affiliate powerhouse sites! No, you don’t need a 50 page site that sucks up all your time, remember…we need our beauty sleep!


Ok deadbeat, so let’s get real here…how are you going to work properly if you don’t have the Deadbeat “lazy chair”?. My Deadbeat productivity is 10x better in this chair, especially with my energy drinks. You + lazy chair = helping you think better (GET ONE).

But first……

Before we get into the meat of this, I just want to share with you what I will be talking about today, WILL make the difference between you earning $500-$1000 a month & $10,000 a month.

Being “lazy” doesn’t mean we don’t work hard, it just means we work smarter! Being Deadbeat smart will allow you to do the same amount of work, but receive 10x more Deadbeat cash….

Let me tell you something, the key to making a TON of money with affiliate marketing sites is how you build them and how much VALUE/HELP you can provide…

…Sure you could spend 30 minutes creating a site, but that won’t make you much money, you need to put in serious effort!

You need to realise that this is super important and will separate you from all the other affiliate marketers out there (of course still doing it in a “lazy” way).

I want to highlight to you three systems that I have used to make BIG Deadbeat cash…..


Unfortunately, there is going to be a large number of people online who SIMPLY won’t buy what your offering(they would rather be on Facebook, or posting a selfie on Instagram haha). What you need to understand is this:

  • The remaining number of potential customers want to do two things.. 
  • Either buy straight away or buy “when the time is right…”
  • As an awesome Deadbeat affiliate your main job is to sell to these people…
  • You do this through smart marketing and thinking about their emotions..
  • You need to think about moving that person through a journey…
  • Focusing heavily on emotional triggers and stories!

The Importance Of A Killer Affiliate Site Headline


The most important element of your Deadbeat affiliate sites will be the headline “HOOK”. Just think of this for a second, when a fisherman is baiting his hook…his providing food to entice the fish onto his hook.

The same applies here, you need to provide something that will INSTANTLY catch your visitors eyes….

This will be your chance to be unique and really keep them interested in what your page and product can do for them.

This is an art and It will take some practice, but aim to keep them glued to your page!

You REALLY need to think about what your visitors are looking for and then you will include these things in your headline.

Think outside the box and do your research

You need to use power words such as “FREE”, you also need to point things out like….it’s simple and it won’t take much time.

We live in a world where people want results quickly, so use that in your unique selling point and marketing hook (GOOD JOB DEADBEAT!!).


Now, I was going to make a Deadbeat ninja comment here but I won’t.

One more thing you need to pay attention to is keeping your visitor on the page, so they take action on your CTA button, please K.I.S.D (keep it simple deadbeat). Don’t give your visitor chance to leave….


Your visitor needs to be HIT with the “Hook” immediately, then you can grab them and reel them in for the rest of your page. A lot of marketers get this wrong, but you Deadbeat are smarter than that….

You can also really excel and use things such as:

===> Clever images to portray a headline..

===> Different colours to provoke different emotions…

===> AND always make sure to include BENEFITS in your headlines….

Good job Deadbeat let’s move on…..

One last KEY thing in this section I want to touch on is the power of using VIDEO just below your headline…


The major Deadbeat benefits of having a video are :

  1. You can really express the things that you want to say, step by step!
  2. You will be able to trigger emotional buying points and convey on video..
  3. AND you can also be an awesome story teller(you know you love my robe).

Successful Affiliate Sites Tell Stories….

The next thing that you will need to master is the ability to tell stories and really hone in your potential customer!

If you think about it Deadbeat, movies that do really well at the box office have KILLER STORIES… And they are much better than just an “average movie”.

Another key point I want to make is, people will stay a lot more engaged on your content when you tell a story. I don’t know about you but I would rather read something entertaining than something boring….

…..As humans we have been taught to engage and listen to stories, this is why it is so powerful and you really need to master this.

You want to make sure that you weave your benefits in with your story and also how your journey has got you to the point of success that you’re at.

“Once you master this art, you will be so proud of yourself”

You will need to get good at summarising things and you will be able to do this well when you tell a story! At first it will be hard, but the more you practice and get good at this…the easier it will be!


Make Sure to Include Features & Benefits…

To compliment your wonderful stories (because I know they are…), you need to make sure that you include benefits and features of your product that your trying to sell.

You need to do this so the potential customer can get an insight into what the product is about, your essentially “warming them up”… so their ready to buy.

For example benefits of a fat loss program could be :

  • Healthier hair & skin…
  • Increased energy….
  • Increased muscle tone…
  • AND losing 4 inches from your waistline…

You want to include the MAIN ones, don’t overdo it here! Remember, get to the point and tell them what’s in it for them ok?

Ok moving on here…..

Why Affiliate Sites Need to Have Social Proof!


Ok, so one of the last important key elements in any affiliate site is to use the power of social proof and testimonials.

Before people buy they need to be assured that people have done it before them, when they see people have…BOOM their mindset changes!

This stuff is so powerful that you can expect to double or even triple your sales and of course Deadbeat…THIS IS AN AMAZING THING!

The beauty of this is that you can have exactly the same page and when you add social proof you can make ALOT more sales, with just a little bit of extra work!

For the affiliate sites, you can access testimonials from the vendor and they will be more than willing to give you them. They want to show people that their product rocks and they want it out there as much as they can…

…It is also a value thing. Having high value social indicators on your affiliate sites is a MUST and your conversions will be so much better.

Also, doing these things will allow you to keep the visitor on your site longer. I can’t stress enough the importance of this. If you don’t do this properly…you will lose out on valuable sales.

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope I have highlighted to you some key things that you need to include to make $10,000 a month with simple one page affiliate sites!

I’m releasing new videos on affiliate marketing every day on my Youtube Channel – if you haven’t subscribed yet, you need to right now!

Deadbeat YOU ROCK :)

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

3 Tips to Quit Your Job to Work From Home

The Deadbeat’s Frame Work for Quitting your Job & Going Full Time Online


Have you ever been sold on the idea of making money online full time and quitting your day job?

Or perhaps you’ve bought a couple of products, hoping it’ll take your online efforts to the highest level where you don’t need a day job?

Well, I have being making money online full time for years now and in this post, I’m going to be sharing with you some golden tips on how you can achieve a very good living online… for free.

Should I Quit or Should I Stay Put?

Now I’m not going to tell you to quit your day job per se to begin working full time on your online projects. Likewise, however I will tell you this: Please don’t quit of making money online either…

But I’m going to help you make the right decision…

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, today he is worth $66.4billion but in 1994, he too was faced with the biggest decision of his life: should he quit his “well-paying” job as NYC hedge fund manager to create an online bookstore… or should he stay put.

He was able to make the right decision quitting his high paying day job and betting right on the internet because of a thought process he came up with and dubbed the “Regret Minimization Framework”

“The framework I found which made the decision incredibly easy was what I called – which only a nerd would call – a ‘regret minimization framework’. So I wanted to project myself forward to age 80 and say, ‘Okay, now I’m looking back on my life. I want to have minimized the number of regrets I have.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO & President of

When you have the big-picture , you tend to make the right decisions –

“I knew that when I was 80 I was not going to regret having tried this. I was not going to regret trying to participate in this thing called the Internet that I thought was going to be a really big deal. And I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that. But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. And I knew that that would haunt me everyday. So when I thought about it that way, it was an incredibly easy decision.”

—Jeff Bezos

Like Jeff Bezos, you might be faced with the similar decision of whether to or not to quit your job and focus squarely on your online projects.

If it helps, think of the “regret minimization framework” – think of your days end when you’ve become old at 80 –

Would having been tied to a job with a 401k savings plan really worth it?


Would you have regretted not being able to live where you want or go on all those lovely vacations? You would definitely regret the freedom it brings and all the awesome stuff that comes along with a home business….

Minimize Risks

One big mistake that I see often, is people think that they have found the make money online gold pot and then they are quick to quit their day job, this however isn’t the right way to do it…

But the reality is an internet business is like every business out there – it is going to take an initial time period before you start earning an income to be able to both re-invest back into your business and sustain your daily needs.

For Jeff Bezos, it took over six years for Amazon to make revenue of over $1 billion with a $5 million profit.

In the first couple of years, there were little or no profits. Bezos was in no hurry to rake in a profit because he wanted to keep prices low while reinvesting as much revenue as possible back into the company to sustain growth.

That’s a long time of hard work; how long do you think you’d be able to get your business up – One month? Six month? Maybe – it really depends on you.

But anyways, I’d advise you don’t quit your day job just yet whilst you’re getting your online business up. You should sacrifice your spare time – yes, time you spend watching the latest movies on Netflix and grabbing coffee with friends at Starbucks.

So, take time from those spare times and build your online business up slowly whilst you work at your day job which provides your daily needs.

Build it up slowly but surely until you gain confidence from a business standpoint that you can actually make this work full time before you think of quitting your 9 to 5.



The worst emotional state you can be in is worrying whether you’re going to have money to pay the bills. You’ll never be able to make a successful business online when you’re freaking out about unpaid bills.

Which is why I’d say before you jump in and quit your job, you will seriously need to think about having a safety net and some large amounts of savings…

You need at least six months of savings before you go all in with building your business online. This is extremely important to the growth of your online business as your already saved up cash will easily enable you to keep re-investing profits generated.

Develop Life Skills

Just like any good thing which requires some effort to achieve – you’re going to need to develop some life skills to make your online business a success

If you’re going to succeed, you are going to need to learn new habits – you need to get rid of:

  • Procrastinating: Procrastination is the thief of time! You need to know you have limited time to make your online business a success. Philosophers say fear and not mainly laziness is the root of procrastination…your fear of your idea failing might be putting you off from working towards it but as Mark Zuckerberg puts itMove fast and break things – so be happy to fail fast! Then you can can learn from your failures fast and make progress fast!
  • Impulse web surfing: Now, that your work is online; where you have over one billion things online to get sidetracked by – for instance like working on your products and it pops up in your head that you have to check your Facebook. The Best way to counter this is to write down your distracting thoughts on a notepad and check on them later when you’re done with important stuffs.
  • Eating Junk Food: Our minds and our bodies are connected in a number of important ways, high-fat, high-sugar lunches make us sleepy and have low energy. So it’s important you eat lots of proteins and healthy fats, also don’t forget to hit the gym 3 times a week at least if not everyday as it keeps the body healthy and the mind sharp.
  • Multitasking: If you want to really succeed, you need to be able to have concentrated efforts on one particular thing. You don’t want to be building a Youtube channel and an affiliate marketing blog simultaneously – you’re going to make mess of both.

So you need to replace these productivity killers with:

  • Discipline
  • Self Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Courage

You’re going to need all 4 of these traits, they will go a long way in helping you build a big successful business online…you just can’t without them

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment area about quitting your job to start your online business.

See you later… Deadbeat!

-Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock



Bing Ads Tutorial: Get Paid Traffic to Your Affiliate Sites ft. Matt Neer

How A $13 Budget Made $130.50 Direct Linking on Bing Ads!

Hi Deadbeat, today I want to share with you something awesome! My friend Matt Neer shares his experiences on how he choses affiliate products from JVzoo, creates simple ads and then makes a ton of money and of course an excellent ROI!

And after a total of $13 spent on Bing Ads, $130.50 ROI was made– that’s insane! Over 800% ROI!


For the first offer,  $6 worth of ad clicks was spent – and $63.50 was made!

And the 2nd,  $7 spent- and $67 was made!

The Cost Per Click I was getting was at $.03 – $.11 off a $10 daily budget set for both campaigns…it doesn’t get any cheaper than this especially for a quality, targeted traffic.

Bing Ads: The Best PPC Platform for Affiliate Marketing

I’ll tell you a myth about why Bing Ads converts effortlessly…

Around 2008/2009, the number of people that started using Bing ads really increased and the a large percent of these people are of the older generation!

This is as a result of people buying computers with browsers that come pre-installed with Bing as the default search engine, and most of these people are unable to change it to Google, people who are unable to change this to Google are less tech savvy, usually in their 40s, 50s pluswith a lot more buyer intent!

That said, here are a few reasons why super affiliates are leaving Google Adwords in droves in favor of Bing Ads.

  • It’s pretty much laid back unlike Big mean Google Adwords which literally hates every affiliate marketer…Bing are seemingly desperate to capture a big chunk out of the PPC market share.
  • You can direct link…sending the traffic almost anywhere
  • You get clicks on the “dirt cheap”!
  • Clicks are legitimate unlike 7search

Other things like less fierce competition isn’t uncommon…although you could find yourself drowned by the competition if you do not know how to navigate your way to success.

Which is why below I am going to show you some markets that are hot on Bing right now and how you can use this information to make some seriously good sales….

These Are The Hot Markets On Bing Right Now…

  • Biz opps/MMO
  • Survival kits
  • Muscle Building
  • Learn to play musical instruments
  • Picking up chicks
  • Fertility
  • Insurance/Loans/Mortgage
  • Diet and weight loss
  • Beauty/anti-aging/skin care/hair loss
  • Physical products (Amazon, commission Junction etc)
  • Job vacancies
  • Magic

So there you have it a quick list of proven niches to pick from – you might want to run and test Bing Ads traffic to it first before you spend a lot of money to see if it converts! First you have to pick your offer/product that you’re going to run, it could be a physical or digital product.

Now, i’m going to pick a digital product from ClickBank and show you how to go from picking products to landing pages to setting up your campaigns on Bings Ads.

Picking Your Products…

By the rule of thumb, when picking a ClickBank product for a Bing Ads campaign…I always pick products with medium gravity between 20-60; good affiliate support and with recurring revenue!

Gravity for ClickBank is some special formula that they come up with to show the amount of affiliates that sold that specific offer within that past 12 weeks

The higher the gravity the more affiliates making sales on the offers, and the lower the gravity the fewer affiliates making sales promoting that offer.

Offers with a gravity between 20-60 are not too popular to the point where the market is over saturated with their offer, but not too low to where they are not selling at all.

Quality Support I try to email the product’s vendor and make sure they get back to me within 1-2 working days. I want to make sure i don’t get stranded when i need tools or funnels from the vendor.

Recurring Revenue the benefit of having a recurring payment cannot be undermined. Can you imagine getting payment from sales 1 or 2 months after you got the initial earning without doing anything?

That will mean more money to bid higher for each keyword, or enable you bid on more keywords to get more sales volume.

Sometimes you might find good products without a recurring revenue – that’s okay…like this DIY Aquaponics product i found on ClickBank which i will be using for this post as an example how to get set up on Bing Ads.

Msarketplace ClickBank

DIY (Do it Yourself) Aquaponics is a booming market online where people grow their own organic food in their backyard. And the product which i have selected called the Aquaponics 4 you is a guide that teaches how to set up an Aquaponic system successfully.

Research & Analysis

Now, the first thing you do is research the offer and find out which organic and paid keywords it is deriving traffic from search engines. You can use Alexa, Simlarweb to find them out…

Now if, fails you in finding paid keywords  – there’s one tool called Spyfu I always use to see already set up campaigns being created by my would-be competitors.

I just need to query “aquaponics” on Spyfu to get a keyword overview –


If i scroll down, i can find Most Successful “Aquaponics” Advertisers and Their Best Ads…

SpyFu Keyword Research Tools Keyword Overview aquaponics

Clicking on one of the “Most Successful Advertisers” I can reveal their ads which i can begin swiping and ready to deploy for my own campaigns!

How to Set Up Bing Ads Campaign

Keyword research for Bing is actually a simple, straight-forward process that is easy to learn. Perhaps you’ve done Adwords or SEO before, it’s the same method – and if you haven’t – the first step is to find your main keyword or the seed keyword –

Find your main keywords…

You simply need to figure out the broadest possible keywords in your niche. For example, “Aquaponics” is the main keyword. Keep it simple and move to next step – which is building a list of keywords.

Once you have assembled a list of your main keywords, it’s time to start building it out in the Bing Keyword Research tool.


Sorting and saving the results

By clicking on the different columns you can sort the results as you’d like. For example you can sort the results after the previous month searches, high to low, when you’re looking primarily for keywords with good search volume.

Look at the CTR and Clicks columns too, to ensure people are really clicking on the ads for these keywords. Before you go ahead and save these keywords so you can add them to your campaign, you need to go through all of them manually and ensure that they’re actually relevant.

Just to ensure some completely irrelevant keywords didn’t creep in among the results. So the bottom line is you should be looking for keywords with high search volume, relevance, good CTR, low CPC and good CTR. Those are the keywords you’ll want to download and use for your campaign.

Lastly you want to click the “create campaign” button – then write your ads, target your keywords and set bid. When it becomes live, you should be continually tweaking your ads for better CTR, lower click costs and higher Quality Score.

You should never stop experimenting – there’s always something to improve!

Here to your success! :)

Dan Brock




5 Lazy Ways to Earn Passive Income Online (In Your Bathrobe)

Top 5 Proven Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Computer


Hi there Deadbeat, in this post today I have got you covered with 5 ways to create passive income streams online perfect for every beginner. The first way we’re going to talk about is Article Writing, one of the oldest way to begin making passive income online.

#1 Article Writing:

Here’s how to begin; I’m going to give you a very good list of sites where you can begin providing them with content in exchange for money. You can also decide how you’d like to be paid!

There are sites where you can “revenue share” and sites where you just get paid normally after submission and approval of your articles.

Revenue Share:

Hubpages – Begin earning ongoing revenue share for publishing “hubs” thru either Amazon, Adsense.

Liberal America – A political writing site, you’d earn 75% of Adsense revenue for your articles.

Unanchor – A travel itineraries writing site, you’d receive 75% revenue share for your submitted articles.

News for Shoppers – News for Shoppers – a consumer product writing site, for your article about products, stores etc you’ll receive a 70% Adsense revenue share.

Paid Submission:

Problogger – if you want to see good listings of writing gigs you can apply for, without having a paid membership to a site, then I’d recommend problogger. It’s a solid job board that’s regularly updated.

Contena – is  a really super resource for finding companies looking for written content though it’s a fee-based membership.

Hire Writers – You can get paid $20 per article submitted and accepted once you become a member on their site.

A List Apart – This site pays between $50 – $200 for top quality write-ups. Check it out!

Great Content – This company is out on the look-out for great content writers for their clients, they pay once you earned $25plus.

There are tons of places online to find writing gigs, but you have a head-start if you begin with all those sites I have mentioned above.

#2 Self Publish Amazon Kindle Ebooks:


This is a really good way to create a passive income from writing 30-100 pages of the experiences you’ve had like backpacking in China or dating exotic Russian women!

Kindle publishing gives you instant access via computers, tablets, smart-phones, e readers and apps to over 500 Million red-hot buyers. In 7 days or more you can create a good fiction book, then you’ll need a nicely designed cover – you can hire someone on Fiverr to do that.

Or you can use Amazon free cover making tool if you have an image you want to use already. Then you can publish your ebook, you want to price it at say $1.99 – $3.99 depending on how many pages it is.

Also if you really want to see some sales, I cannot stress the importance of doing marketing, you could tweet it, share it on Facebook. Don’t expect to make thousands of dollars off of it but perhaps a couple hundred per month on the regular.

Like I said you don’t necessarily need to be Shakespeare, you’re writing about fun experiences or sad ones you’ve had – so I recommend putting up an ebook on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace.

#3 Youtube Videos:

This is a really big one because YouTube is ranked 3rd Position in the world when it comes to the general public favorite website.

So if you put out a video on just anything seemingly interesting – it’s bound to be picked up by loads of people. Now here’s what you need to do if you have limited budget and an IPhone:

Go to and find yourself a good diet product:
Usually it’s not a good idea to go with the popular CB products because they are seen all over the place. You need to find those low key, low rising, just released CB products that almost no one promotes, it does convert way better with YouTube.

Now be aware, not all of them are high quality, so you still have to inspect the offer and its sales page. Be sure to read the sales page or watch the sales video to see if you PERSONALLY would love to purchase this product.

Put yourself in the shoes of your intended viewer and see if you are persuaded to purchase the product in question. Now that you’ve selected the product, it’s time to make video! You could do a talking head video reviewing the product or go to Product’s sale page and download the video from there if there’s one there.

Most of the product, i.e. approximately 80% of the products have their own videos on their sale page. So you would have to download the video and then you can upload it to your YouTube channel. Voila!

You now have a video that’s going to make you money – be sure to set things up so the viewers are redirected from your video to your landing page where you’ve added your affiliate link.

#4 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is what I actually recommend for any beginner starting out as it gives you more leverage than just writing articles for someone else. It’s a property which will continue to earn passive income for you for months to come.

Here are the steps required to set up an affiliate marketing blog –

Step 1. Find a good niche and a good product to promote: there are lots of places to find products across all niches like Clickbank, Clicksure, Jvzoo and Clickbetter, Amazon – also when selecting a product, make sure it has high Gravity.

Gravity measures how popular a product is with affiliates. It is also loosely related to how well a product sells. It’s calculated based on the number of affiliates who have made a sale on that product recently. A high gravity score means that many affiliates have sold that product recently. A low score means that not many affiliates have sold that product recently.

When you’ve selected a good product, you’re in the right maket.

Step 2. Find a keyword to market the product with: And THAT will be our targeted keyword – the product name. There is an awesome advantage when you promote the products from Clickbank.

However, after an in-depth research of the traffic to my affiliate sites in the past years. I’ve found out that these people not only look for the product name itself, but also for several other keywords in combination with the product name which you definitely need to consider targeting as well.

Here are the most searched keywords combined with the product name:

“Product Name” Bonus

“Product Name” Review

“Product Name” Scam

“Product Name” Does it Work

“Product Name” Book

“Product Name” Download

Buy “Product Name”

and much more…you are to combine these keywords above with the product name and begin putting it on a landing page for your on page SEO.

Step 3. Put it all together, publish it to your website: just set up a review page targeting those keywords above then the traffic would begin to trickle in.

Step 4. Generate traffic and start earning cash: Well this part needs little or no explaining.

#5 Creating your own products


Having a product is the highest level in internet marketing, if a product is good and well marketed – it can exponentially increase your income, you could even quit your day job and go full time online.

The best place to begin for a beginner with aspirations to create a product would be possibly a PDF/Video product on ClickBank.

If you have an e-book or video course in a popular market that solves a problem – ClickBank makes that easy to sell.

Once you sign up as a vendor and list your product on the marketplace then set the commission cut you are willing to pay to anyone who chooses to promote your product for you, other ClickBank users will start promoting it. This will drive traffic to your product’s sales page and sales will start to trickle in.

Also you can begin promoting your products yourself just like I explained in #4

If you want to learn specifically how to create your products, feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

Click here to download the guide now

It’s going to walk you thru the basics of affiliate marketing and scaling up from there…

Okay that’d be all…


Dan Brock

Add a High Converting Amazon WordPress Theme to Your Website – Part 4

Integrating an Amazon WordPress Theme Into Your Website Can Improve Conversion Rates…

There are a few good themes, both free and paid,  that are great for Amazon affiliate websites.

In order to be successful, you need to choose the right WordPress theme.

You will want to find a theme that brings attention to what you are trying to accomplish.

Which is to sell products.

Installing a Responsive Theme

Installing a WordPress theme is very important and fairly simple.

For those who do not know how to install a WordPress theme, just follow these steps.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the appearance tab on the left and click themes.
  2. Next, you will want to click the Add New button on the top of the page.
  3. Then click on the feature filter tab. Screenshot (12)n
  4. Within the feature filter tab, you should see a section labeled layout
  5. Under the layout section, check mark the box next to responsive layout Screenshot (13)n
    Using a responsive theme allows mobile users to use your website.

By using a responsive theme, your website will fit well with mobile devices.

You could lose half of your potential customers if you fail to make your website easily accessible through mobile devices.

Choosing Your Theme

The best themes for high conversion rates are typically simple themes.

This is because you will need something that is easy to navigate, yet appealing.

In order to find a simple theme, just type simple into the search bar. Screenshot (14)n

Search for a theme that is both simple and focused more on content.

When you want to try out a few themes, simply click install and then activate.

When deciding on a theme, there are a few things to look for.

  • Simple
  • Focused on content
  • Small header to avoid distractions so users can focus more on the content
  • Responsive

Since your website will need to be more content driven than anything else.

You should pick an appropriate theme that outlines the content.

There are plenty of themes that do this for free.

The Deadbeat Theme

This particular theme was designed specifically for Amazon affiliate website.

This theme will also work with product based websites.

Using this theme will guarantee at least 2 to 3 times more conversions than using a standard theme. Screenshot (16)

As you can see, this particular theme is very simple.

The main focus will be on the content as the header is very small and non distracting.

A feature that sets this theme apart from the others, is the product panel that is located on the right.

This panel is designed to promote top rated products.

Having this panel makes it very easy for customers to see some of the products you offer.

This section will more than likely drive most of the sales.

Screenshot (17)n

This theme can be found on as a bonus to the Amazon Marketing Affiliate System.

Using both free or paid themes an be effective depending on how you use them.

What to Look For in an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

When it comes to selling products and being an affiliate website, you need to emphasize what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are trying to sell products, this needs to be somehow obvious.

That being said, you should not constantly throw products into your customer’s face.

Instead, try to discretely integrate products into your website where they will be noticed.

The best way to accomplish this is to create content.

The content should go into detail about specific keywords.

This content should also somehow be relevant to the products you are trying to sell.

For this to work, you need to pick a theme that displays everything neatly.

Since you’re main emphasize should be on content and products, this is what the customer should see the most of.

Avoid distracting headers, ads, and anything else that would draw the customer away from the product.

The most obvious aspect of your website should be content.

Along with the content of course comes products.

Using a simple theme is the best solution.

Specifically for product affiliation, a theme that displays the products neatly along with the content is ideal.

How Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes Can Boost Conversion Rates

Having the right WordPress theme can make you more money immediately.

By using a theme that is easy to navigate, more customer will be attracted to your website.

Using a responsive theme will increase the number of mobile users.

Without a responsive theme, you may lose more than half of your customers.

This is because many people are mobile users and they need to view a website that is easy to use on a mobile phone.

Picking the right theme could essentially mean more money.













How to Make Money As An Affiliate WITHOUT a Website

You Do Not Need A Website To Make Money From Being An Affiliate…

It is possible to make money without building a website.

With this method, you can start earning money right away!

How To Create The Content

First, you will need to write out your report.

You can use a Word document for this.

Include pictures, headings, and plenty of useful content.

Typically, this report should be more than two pages.

It should also include your product as the very last page.

Create accurate and useful information about the problem your product will solve.

For example, this document is about teeth grinding, so the product listed at the very bottom is supposed to help those solve that problem.

Your content should build up and eventually lead into your product.

Screenshot (24)

Adding The Affiliate Link To The Product

When the reader views the document, they will see the product listed on the very last page.

When they see this product, they can view the product that is being sold on the affiliate website by clicking on the hyperlink.

Once they make a purchase, you make some commission.

Here are some steps on how to add your affiliate link to your report.


  1. Copy the link of the product you are promoting
  2. Select the text or image you would like to hyperlink
  3. Go to the Insert tab and select Hyperlink Screenshot (25)n

How To Save The File as a PDF Form

You must save the file as a PDF, not a word document.

This step is essential and very simple to do.

Follow these steps to effectively save your word document as a PDF file.

  1. Go to the File tab
  2. Scroll down to Save As Screenshot (28)n
  3. Go to format
  4. Select PDF Screenshot (27)n
  5. Name the file whatever you have named your article as

How To Submit Your PDF File

There are two methods to do this.

One method is to manually submit the PDF yourself.

There are several websites that list various ways to this.

This method may take some time, but through this method you can submit your PDF wherever you would like.

The second method is to use Fiverr

There are several gigs on Fiverr that will submit your PDF file for you.

Screenshot (29)Typically, they will submit your file to several different sources.

The gigs will only cost you about $5 depending on what you are looking for.

This method is the easiest method because you do not need to do any of the work.

Simply choose from any gig you want, supply them with your PDF, and they will do the work for you.

Screenshot (30)

What Affiliate Websites Should You Use?

While there are many to choose from, you can view a list of the top best affiliate websites.

While Amazon is typically a favorite, they no longer support affiliate promotion through PDF.

With that being said, there are plenty of other affiliates that you can use.

These include,

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • JVZoo
  • eBay Partnership Network
  • ShareASale

The affiliate, you decide to use depends on what you are selling along with your niche.

If you find that selling digital products, such as an eBook, would be appropriate for your article, then try using ClickBank.

Although, if you are more interested in selling physical products, ShareASale has a lot of big brand items to choose from.

Whatever method you choose, keep the product reasonably priced and relevant to your article.

How Will I Make Money From This Method?

While you may not earn hundreds of dollars per day from this method, you can earn a constant income.

These reports will be placed over the internet throughout the years and many will likely find it.

This is a simple and quick way to passively make an income.

There is only a little to no work at all that you need to put into this.

As soon as you submit your PDF, feel free to sit back and relax while making a little bit of income.

Even though the income may not be a lot, it will add up very quickly.

It will not be too long before you begin to find a little bit of money coming in from the purchases people are making through your link.

This is just one of many different ways in which you can constantly make income without doing any technical work, such as building a website.

You can do several of these reports to add more sources of income, although they may not all be very successful, over time you will begin to see some money come in.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Instead, this is a quick way to make some additional money passively.









How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Online w/ Affiliate Marketing

You Can Create More Than One Stream Of Income Being An Affiliate…

While one stream of income may be enough for many, imagine having several different streams of income.

Over time, you can begin to make a lot of passive income.

Many beginners make mistakes when they try to create more than one stream of income at one time.

Avoid the following common mistakes when trying to create more than one stream of income from being an affiliate.

  1. Do not try to create more than one income stream at one time- you can get more accomplished by focusing on one at a time
  2. Stay with your original niche and work on building that niche up- do not try to switch niches if your current niche is not working out for you download

Build Different Websites Within The Same Niche

You can make a website about dog training collars.

To make more income, you can also make another website specifically about healthy dog treats.

These are both under the dog niche.

Now you can somehow connect these two websites.

You can create synergy between the two website’s income streams.

Both websites can now work together, yet create two completely separate income streams.

Build a Solid Community From One Website

If you have built a community of interested visitors and buyers, you can utilize this community to draw traffic and interest to your other websites.

This works especially well if you have multiple websites within the same niche.

If you have built a community of passionate dog lovers in your dog collar website, you can direct the people of the community to your healthy dog treat website.

These people have expressed interest in the dog niche.

You can use their interest to your advantage by showing them more content and products they may be interested in.

This is a great way to have a community as well as constant traffic and sales for your website.

You can also ask this community to share your website with other potentially interested users.

This will result in a continuously growing niche that will continue to benefit you for many years to come. successful-affiliate-marketer

Put Equal Work Into Every Website

Most people make a common mistake of only focusing on one of their websites and slack on the other.

The first website they make, this website always tends to get their complete effort.

Then, when they decide to create the second website, they do not take their time on the presentation of the website and especially the content.

Create high quality content for every website you make.

Every website you make within your niche needs to be of equal quality.

Thing of each website as its own.

Each website needs to make its own success to create a good amount of income.

There should not be any website that relies on any other website to make its income.

This is how you will gain the most amount of income through various streams.

Keep Improving Your Niche

If you have a unique niche, make all the websites you can within this niche.

Once you have made a website and are beginning to see income, keep working.

Many people make a common mistake by getting their website to the point of making some income and just leaving it there.

While this may work for some in creating a truly passive source of income.

You need to keep creating content, improving your website, and attracting more traffic.

Doing so will increase your income.

If you continue to increase your income in every website throughout your niche, you will eventually make a lot of income through this one niche.

Do not quit using your website.

You may still be able to continue to gain income without updating it, but chances are that you will not be able to grow your income to reach higher amounts.

If anything, you may lose traffic and sales over time.

The Right Way To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

There are many things you should not do when creating multiple streams of income.

These include trying not to focus on more than one niche at a time.

As well as changing your desired niche because you get discouraged.

There are also plenty of things you should do to successfully create various sources of income over time.

These include

  • Keeping multiple websites within the same niche
  • Building a community
  • Updating your websites over time
  • Making sure every website is high quality and can make income on its own

All of these are essential in making multiple income streams as an affiliate.





Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

Let Me Explain How Affiliate Marketing Is A Pyramid Scheme…

Is Affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?


This answer may have not been what you expected but..

Let me explain myself.

How Is Affiliate Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Affiliate marketing is indeed a pyramid scheme, but not in the way you may be thinking.

Take a corporation, for example.

  • First you have a CEO at the very top- this person is making the most money
    • Next, you have the managers- they make a little bit less money than the CEO, but they still make good money.
      • At the bottom are of course, the entry level employees- they make the least amount of money.

Now how does this apply to being an affiliate marketer?

Well think of where you might be within the list above.

Let’s use the Amazon affiliate for example.

Are you the CEO of the affiliate? No.

How about the manager? No.

Are you at the bottom? Yes.

Although you may not feel like it, you are technically the entry level employee.

Now the people above you are the product creators.

The products that you are trying to sell, these people own.

You are helping them with sales and traffic, so you are supporting them and working for them by promoting their products.

At the very top is Amazon.

  • Amazon- they make the most money
    • Product creators- they make a lot of money, but much less than Amazon
      • The affiliate marketer- this person makes the least amount of money

So as you can see, Amazon is at the top, but the product creators support Amazon by giving them a cut of the money they make from the products they sell through Amazon.

While the affiliate marketers support the product creators by promoting their products and encouraging their products to sell. download

Being an Affiliate Marketer in The Pyramid Scheme

As you can see, affiliate marketers are at the bottom of the pyramid.

This does not mean that they do not make any money at all.

In fact, affiliate marketers can make a lot of money from promoting the product creator’s products.

The more money the affiliate marketer’s make through affiliate product sales, the more money the product creators will make.

The more money the product creators make, the more money Amazon makes.

So in the end, everyone is making money.

Affiliate marketers do have to put a lot of work into making their money.

With that being said, if you put in the hard work first, you can start making money without having to work as hard.

For some, this may take longer than it might for others.

With plenty of knowledge and patience, you can begin making a full time income within a few months of hard work.

Being an affiliate marketer can potentially bring you a lot of money.

As opposed to the corporate pyramid scheme, the affiliate marketer scheme works a little bit differently.

Although affiliate marketers are at the bottom of the pyramid, they still make a lot of money.

They can easily live off of their income with no trouble at all.

For other entry level workers, they may never be able to comfortably live off of their income.

Affiliate marketers can also choose how much they want to make.

The more products they promote and sell, the more money then end up making.

For entry level workers, they can work for several years and still only make minimum wage.

So, being an affiliate marketer does not mean that you are at the very bottom.

You can be just as successful as being a manager in the corporate pyramid scheme. Affiliate-Marketing-Vs-Multi-Level-Marketing

Work Your Way Up

Here are a few tips for beginners to use when trying to work their way up.

  1. Find a niche and make it yours- make many websites about this niche
  2. Cross promote your website with other similar websites- find a website that does not compete with you, but instead complements you
  3. Avoid working with your competitors- do not work with anyone within the exact same sub niche as you. You can have a website about dog collars and work with a website about dog toys. Do not work with another website about dog collars.
  4. Start promoting other products before creating your own.
  5. Pace yourself and be patient

When it comes to being an affiliate, you are not stuck in one spot.

You will have a lot of space to grow and work your way up.

In the beginning you will have to work hard because you are at the bottom.

Once you have earned your spot within your niche, you can begin to grow and expand your website.






Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

What Are Some Of The Best Plugins For Affiliate Marketers?…

While there are many plugins that are great for websites regardless of what they are for, there are some plugins that are great specifically for affiliate marketers.

Here I will cover the top 5 plugins for affiliate marketers, explain why you need these, and how they will help you have more success as an affiliate marketer.

All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is a must have app for any affiliate websites.

This should be one of the first plugins you install.

The All In One SEO Pack is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress and that does not go without reasoning.

A few key features this plugin includes are

  • Google analytics support
  • Support for SEO post
  • Built- in- API
  • SEO integration for e-Commerce websites
  • Fine Tune Navigational links

There are many more features, but these are just a few of them.

Why is this plugin essential for affiliate websites?

This plugin has a lot of features that are great for affiliate websites.

For example, the support SEO post and SEO integration for e-Commerce websites is a great feature to have.

Some affiliate websites contain stores featuring the products they are promoting, so having SEO integration for a store is important.

SEO in general is very important for affiliate marketers because they need to drive traffic to their websites and rank well in Google to sell their products.

All In One is an important plugin to have when making an affiliate website.

Jetpack by

This plugin may already be included with any new WordPress website you make.

This plugin includes about 10 to 12 tools that will be useful when developing an affiliate website.

Some features that this plugin includes are

  • Traffic Growth
  • Security
  • Image performance

There are many more features included in this plugin, but these are a few key feature that this plugin can provide for you.

A lot of people find this plugin to be very helpful.

It will allow you to use social media buttons on your post so readers can easily share, subscribe and like your articles.

This plugin is always free which is great!

When finding plugins to download, if this is not already downloaded, make sure you install it.

This plugin is great for many different websites, affiliate marketing websites are definitely one of them.

This plugin is very simple to use and runs effortlessly.

Jetpack by is a must have plugin when using WordPress.

Amazon Link Screenshot (36)n

This feature is essential for Amazon affiliate marketers.

This plugin allows you to embed different Amazon advertising features throughout your website.

You can put this anywhere within your website as they are very flexible with location.

You can use this to put any Amazon links within your website.

This is a great plugin for Amazon affiliate marketers.

It is highly recommended because it makes everything look more clean and simple.

A few features this plugin includes are

  • Search tool
  • Amazon product cache
  • Affiliate tracking id
  • Built in templates

Along with many other helpful features that will benefit anyone using Amazon products.

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate links make it easier to manage your website.

Every website tends to have a lot going on.

Whether there are a lot of pages, products, articles, ect.

This plugin will help you stay organized along with a few other key features

  • Assign your categories to links
  • Easily import affiliate links
  • Export your links
  • Track monthly and lifetime clicks

This plugin is highly recommended so that you can stay organized.

There are many links within a website and they can often be difficult to deal with, this plugin helps to make things a little more simple. Screenshot (37)n

Amazon Link Engine

This is a cool plugin because you can localize any link.

For example, if your visitor is from the UK and they click on your affiliate link, this link will redirect them to the UK version of Amazon.

This is so that the website is easily compatible with their location and they can easily make their purchase from there.

You make a little bit of extra money through this plugin because this allows for a diverse amount of people that are able to purchase your products.

This will work with a lot of different countries, so just because they are not from the location you are from does not mean that they cannot buy your product.

This one works best with Amazon affiliate websites and this is something they should have for their website.