UNLIMITED Blog Post Ideas – Deadbeat Style

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UNLIMITED Blog Post Ideas – The Deadbeat Way

Hello deadbeats, welcome to today’s post!

Today, we are going to look at how to come up with unlimited blog post ideas that you can use to elevate your deadbeat game….

…..and take your blog to the next level. This is a super ninja trick and your going to love these awesome tips, LET’S BEGIN


What you are about to learn is one very simple way that you will be able to come up with unlimited blog post ideas and it won’t take you that long to implement either…

…You see one of the many challenges you will face when writing and producing a good blog and good blog posts is that, eventually you will get writers block.

Not to worry though, you will be able to use this method, so that you can churn out blog post ideas with the drop of a hat… isn’t that AWESOME??

You can also use this technique for YouTube video’s (your welcome).

How To Come Up With Unlimited Blog Post Ideas – The Smart Way

This technique works really well, so make sure to really pay attention & when you have mastered it, make sure to teach other people…

…so they can be just as awesome as you and have a good technique for finding great blog post ideas.

We are going to be using a tool today, to aid us in finding this great ideas. Now, as usual with anything online… you will need to make sure you be consistent with this and learn it.

Of course anything worthwhile will take work and this is no different… but honestly it’s really not that hard.


So, deadbeat what do you do when you have brainstormed and created all the blog posts and YouTube video’s you can think of? How do you come up with more ideas, WELL….

The first thing you are going to need to do is head over to Google and then we can begin this cool blog post idea’s hack!

Basically, what you will need to do first is think about your niche and what questions there are in your niche…

…you will then want to enter one into Google, but first brainstorm say like 5-10 questions and then write them down… so you have something in front of you!

Blog Post Ideas – CONTINUED

Ok, so let’s just go through an example here, so that you have an initial idea of how this works.

SO, let’s say you have a nice about camera’s…

You could type something in Google like “What is the best digital camera for YouTube?”


So, then what you will want to do is scroll down to the section where you will see something that says ====>

People Also Ask…..

You will need to scroll down and find this section, sometimes it’s near the top of the page and sometimes it’s near the bottom.. but your find it somewhere.

This is where your going to find the gold and the help in coming up with unlimited blog post ideas!

These are gold because :-

===> These are long tail keywords..

===> People are actively searching for these questions…

===> They are very targeted to the niche and this is great!

Moving On…

So, when you narrow down the search and click on a specific question in that section, you will be presented with more information…

…Now, even though this factual information is good, we need to use something else.

That something else is this : When you open up one initial question… you will be presented with many more similar questions to that question, can you start to see the power of this…

…and how it is going to help you find unlimited blog post ideas? Ok, GREAT!


Then for each of those questions, you will begin to get more questions and then for those one’s you will get even more… can you see the awesome knock on effect this will have and how you can quickly gain a lot of ideas?

You will also notice that you will be able to find double edge keywords…

…For example some questions will have two or even three keyword embedded into them and of course if you know anything about SEO..

…You can see the power of having more than one keyword in a question from that selection of questions!

Blog Posts – Let’s Continue

These questions are the best because more often than not, when you do a search volume test for them in Google’s KW tool… they are highly searched keyword terms! BOOM….

The key here is to realise that not only can you use this for inspiration and ideas, you will also be targeting people that are ACTUALLY searching for information…

…Then when they land on your blog, your post will really help them and that my deadbeat friend is pure gold… don’t you think?


Now, another great thing you can do is at the bottom of some of your articles, you can do a questions and answers section… where you go over the questions you found on Google.

For example, you could have a review about a specific camera and then from the best questions list…

…Pick some good, related questions and then answer them. This will really add value to the reader and if you have a review site, this will help your conversions.


This is hands down one of the best and simplest ways to come up with unlimited blog post ideas!


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===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Using this method, make sure you plan your content out on paper…

===> Spend time digging through the levels of questions for max impact…

===> Also, look on quora for great niche question and content ideas…


Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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