Build or Buy a $2000 a Month Affiliate Website?


Build or Buy a $2000 a Month Affiliate Website?

Sup Deadbeats?

Welcome to today’s post! Today I want to look at whether you should build or buy a $2000 a month affiliate website!

Of course both options have pro’s and con’s, but I want to give you some killer information today about both!

Sit back (on your lazy deadbeat chair), relax and LEARN SOME REAL STUFF!


This post will compliment another post/video I did in the past on how to buy websites on flippa! I have been getting a lot of emails about this exact subject so…

… I wanted to produce this information to show some more tips and tricks on this subject….

Whether, you have a lot of money in the bank to buy a site or no money at all…. this video will help you!

Let’s begin!

Building vs Buying an Affiliate Website!

Now, in order to fully understand this, you need to realise that there is an investing principal change happening…..

Retirees are beginning to flee safer investment classes and they are moving towards buying web properties, in order to produce a higher ROI (return on investment!).

These people are actively seeking already established websites that are generating monthly income!

This is VERY SMART, because they have the capital upfront and with some really good research the ROI can be very good & most of the time it is!

This shift will continue to happen and I can’t imagine what it will be like in the next 10 or 15 years, but expect to see some radical changes!

So, around five years ago you would have been able to buy a website for around the price of twelve months worth of revenue (this is how it works…).

However, in this present day you will be lucky to buy a site for anything under 2 years worth of revenue!

For example, nowadays if a site is earning $2000 a month from affiliate income…. you will have to pay a minimum of  $48000…. most likely close to $50k.

Can you see how much of jump that is from five years back? You need to be prepared to spend a lot more money if this is something your serious about doing FULL TIME!

Building vs Buying – that is the question!

Now, there is one BIG problem with this! If you’re a beginner and have never brought a site before, you can quickly run into a lot of trouble!

You will have no experience & you will lack the knowledge on what important metrics you will need to look for!

Can you imagine shelling out $5ok for something you really have no clue about?

This isn’t smart business, your just setting yourself up for failure!

You will make a lot of mistake and spend countless hours trying to figure out how to fix it! This will also really deflate your motivation and you will become upset…. lacking the drive you need!


I personally think that 24 months payment for a site is a bit too much! Sure twelve is better, but twenty four? This seems very expensive and unless you’re an advanced expert…. it will be hard to keep up and manage!

Sometimes with these sites, the traffic sources are unreliable and really you will have no clue if these traffic sources will work for the long term…

…. or if they are just an initial traffic boost! You really need to think about this!

For example, an SEO update could really drop the ranking on that site or if traffic is coming from YouTube for example…. some videos might be taken down!

Potentially what could happen is your visitors could go from say 1000 visitors a day and drop to like 50!

This happens all the time and I have even had it happen to some of my sites!


One of the other problems that I am seeing is, newbies are flooding the market & hoping to buy killer money machine sites, but without the experience needed!

Now, some online marketers are creating sites for the sole purpose of luring in these newbies and then SCAMMING THEM!

They know these newbies are looking for money sites, so they produce these sites in a bad way and then sell them…..

Some things these online marketers are doing is:

===> Posting FAKE traffic stats and inflating them….

===> Posting FAKE monthly income claims….

===> AND do a lot more shady stuff, that a beginner won’t pick up on!

Do you see how risky it can be?

Build or Buy a $2000 a Month Affiliate Website – CONTINUED

Now, what I do sometimes is go on and see what sites are aviable to buy…

Still to this day I see people who are being fake and changing things around and I HATE IT!

For the beginners, they would have no clue what was happening… but because I have years of experience I know exactly what to look for!


If you’re a beginner and really want to do this, I recommend that you calm down…. take a step back to really assess the risk and level of reward that could potentially be involved…

One of the key things that you will want to do is to start learning how to build sites from scratch!

This will give you the much needed skills and knowledge that you need to know in order to become successful at this!

Doing this, will reduce the overall amount of risk and when you have learned to overcome your mistakes… the sky really is the limit!

I do have a system that you can access that shows you STEP BY STEP this exact formula and the few extra steps that you need to bring this altogether and make it work for you!

You can get that at

I will explain how to get traffic from your YouTube videos, how to use SEO to get visitors and of course an awesome formula to bring it altogether!

Thanks for your time deadbeat, I really appreciate you being here with me today! Your support and willingness to learn is awesome… until next time!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock!

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