How to Make 6 Figures a Year Online


Learn How to Make 6 Figures a Year Online – The Smart Deadbeat Way

Hey Deadbeats, a very big welcome to all of you today… I love having you guys and gals here today. In today’s post I will be covering how to make 6 figures a year online! Grab a seat and pay attention…. this will be good!

Having built 3, six figure a year businesses myself… I would like to think I can share a trick or two that will REALLY HELP YOU!


What I aim to do today is share some very valuable tips with you so that you can master this “online stuff”…

But as always make sure you take action, you could train yourself all day long… but your not producing work doing that and the money is not coming in!

Six Figures online? Here’s Tip Number One!

Ok deadbeats, let’s get into the good stuff! So, when your thinking of creating a business online…. think of going to the gym.

Just think of the big guys in the gym, you know the ones with 22 inch biceps and legs bigger than mine and your waist is. Create this scenario in your head… just for one minute!

So, in the business world your going to be starting from scratch and that’s ok. Everyone has to start somewhere right? Your going to be the skinny guy/gal in the gym… struggling to even lift 20 lbs (yes, I did too haha).

This is just the reality of it, standing next to the big guy is hard I know!

With your online business you will still be working out, but not your muscles. What your going to have to do is work out your creative mind and get DAMN GOOD AT IT….

….your first month or two you will feel confused and you won’t really know anything, but at least you have made a start and you will be heading in the right direction!

Sitting at home watching TV is NOT the right direction, I know you love watching game of thrones on record, but at least by “going to the gym”, your getting your deadbeat butt off the couch and STARTING….

One of the key takeaways from this tip is this: You will learn to think properly on your own and be creative on your own. Of course this skill will take some time to master, but when you get it down… YOUR ROCK IT!

Making Six Figures a Year Online Through Clever Communication

Another awesome tip that I want to share with you is, you must really master how to communicate properly through writing content online. You need to write certain things in a certain way, then your see results….

When you master this skill, you will be able to get people to take action… just using your words. This is one of the most important things online, people need to take action to buy things right?

I have read a couple of awesome books on sales copy and advertising secrets of the written word. These books have given me some awesome knowledge and I continue to re-read these a lot, just so it’s in my brain!


Again, I can’t stress to you enough the importance of TAKING ACTION!!

Make sure that after your done reading these excellent books, that you start taking action on your notes… (you made deadbeat notes right? I know you did!).

97% of people online NEVER take action, be in the 3 %!

You can put this stuff into practice for your affiliate sites or campaigns. Start producing articles and weave in many techniques from the books, your be surprised how good you get.

Do this over and over again, you will become a lot better and of course it will become a lot easier.

This will help your creativity skills & you will also learn to do things in a certain way…. it will become second nature and your be proud of yourself!

Six Figure Speaker?

You will also want to be very mindful of your presentation skills. For example:

===> Speaking well….

===> Having good video presentations…

===> AND of course writing very well….

If your someone that is shy on camera, then I recommend you do your best to gain some confidence on video!

VIDEO IS HUGE… and in the future video will be dominating in a lot of marketing elements online, have you heard of YouTube? Thought so….

By the way if you haven’t found me on YouTube Yet, search for the Deadbeat Super Affiliate….

Jump on video and start somewhere. Your first video won’t be that good… but by the time you reach video twenty, your be a video GURU!!

To Make Six Figures Online Pay Attention to Your Audience

The next tip I want to share with you is, make sure that you pay attention to your fans and audience. Engagement online is a HUGE thing and you must do this day in and day out.

Building relationships, networking & being pleasant to people is what it’s all about…..

Without your loyal fans and audience you will have no business. You may have heard it many time, but it’s so true. “Customers are the bread and butter of any business…”.

You need to focus 110% of keeping your fans happy, even when your not making money!

The way I like to think of it is this – value comes first & then money comes second. Of course Deadbeat we are in business to make money…but the money only comes when your fans are happy and like you!


Relationships Are Important So Pay Attention Here

Like I mentioned a little bit ago, relationships are very important to have online… but you must bring something to the table, what do I mean by this?

For example if you went to a networking event and all you brought was your wallet with a picture of your GF in & nothing else, then forget building any meaningful relationships.

You need to bring something…..

Build something that is full of value and worthwhile. You can then offer this when you meet people, doing so will give you a much better chance of succeeding with business relationships…. this is how it works! 🙂

Do You Need Perfection to Make Six Figures Online?

Of course you are going to want to do the best you can in your online business, but my friend… perfection can be your worse enemy online!

Your goal when you first get online is not to be perfect, it is to build a lot of content and get your work OUT THERE….

Put yourself out there, grow a following and do things everyday to get towards your goal, it won’t be perfect…. but perfection comes later Deadbeat!

PUMP out the articles, PUMP out the video’s, HECK…. just get content out there!


Immerse Yourself In This….

Another key thing your want to consider is, you need to immerse yourself in your online business…

…stop watching 5 hours of Netflix & stay away from the daily burger night at Mcds. Spend this time of learning new skills and reading as much as you can!

You have to become border line OBSESSED! You need to do everything you can to make this work & make this work properly…. the magic will come, you just have to work for it!

Lastly, find things in your business that build momentum.

Sure, things like answering emails and checking Google Analytics is still important, but these won’t produce much momentum.

Things like:

  • Writing killer articles and content…
  • Shooting, editing and uploading some awesome deadbeat content….
  • Building up some key relationships…
  • AND building up a MASSIVE following….

All these things are super important and you need to make these things come to the forefront of your daily tasks…

If you want to learn specifically how to make six figures a year online, feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Deadbeats You ROCK!!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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