How to Make Money With Youtube Videos (3 Real Ways)


How to Make Money with YouTube Videos -3 Proven Ways



Hey Deadbeat!

If you haven’t set up YouTube videos… or  you already have a few videos up but they aren’t making money online passively… then you need STOP exactly what you’re doing and just pay attention to this post.

Because I’m going to be sharing with you here today the same strategies that are already making me $10, 000 plus every month from my YouTube channels combined without much babysitting.

So here are the top 3 ways you can easily begin making money online with your YouTube videos…

#1 YouTube Partnership Program:

This is where professional YouTubers can earn shared revenue through ads placed on the same pages as their own videos. It’s basically Adsense for videos!

It’s not for you if all you’ve being doing is scraping videos from flickr or wikipedia commons and uploading on YouTube to making a few affiliate commissions here and there – this is a different ball game!

You see, your videos would have to be original, of top quality; created on a regular basis, and having your channel experience a growth in popularity. Also you must own all the rights to the videos.

Usually the best video content are video’s that are being produced without a sales pitch! Videos that people watch basically for entertainment purposes. Like Video games, Pranks, Make Ups, Pick Up et cetera.

Those are the few of the YouTube industries, where if you can produce video content at a very top level and attract a cult following of subscribers. You could definitely make thousands of dollars monthly.

#2 Affiliate marketing:

Just like when you create the traditional affiliate marketing sites which would target buyers’ keywords on Google search, you practically carry out the same approach on YouTube! A lot of people on here will still have buyer intent and will still spend a lot of money online.

So the key to success here is to sell to people exactly what they are looking for – this is an easier method to make money online with your YouTube videos than the YouTube Partnership Program.

From my experiences over the years with making money with YouTube videos through affiliate marketing; I have arrived at two conclusions that works (makes money) easily…here they are below:

  • Physical Products Sell the Easiest: I have found digital products(PDFs, tutorial videos, audios etc) convert a lot less than physical products.
  • Physical Products from top sites: This will promote trust and people have no problem getting their credit cards out for sites like Amazon. They are very well known and a BIG brand! So basically all you have to do is get your viewers/visitors to Amazon and let Amazon do the selling. It’s just that simple!

#3 Lead Generation:

This is a different strategy from affiliate marketing, where instead of sending your YouTube video’s traffic to buy on Amazon or Ebay, you send them either to a blog or an opt in page.

Usually you’d create videos that both entertain and educate with your main goals being sharing knowledge, solving a problem and not really selling anything…just providing real value!

This involves spending a little more time on keyword research as your videos needs to be optimized with targeted keywords! This gives them a much better chance of reaching page one in Google search.


You could start off your keyword research by typing into YouTube’s search bar and let the “autocomplete function” give you what keywords your intended target audience are using.

Once you create the video and are ready to begin uploading on your YouTube channel, just make sure to include the keywords in…

  • The headline
  • description
  • tags of the video

Doing this gives your videos a good chance of being ranked high on Google’s SERPs – which will simultaneously send droves of traffic to your videos – which you are going to be redirecting to a:

  • Blog: when you’re redirecting your YouTube videos’ traffic to a blog – your goal perhaps is you want to increase the worth of your blog in terms of traffic levels which in turn is good in monetary value. This way you make money from sending your YouTube videos’ traffic to your blog.
  • Opt in Page: this is where you have built a funnel, usually you want to offer the traffic to opt in and subscribe to gain a freebie you’ve put together. Since they are now in your mailing list, you can from time to time sell your products.

One Last Important Thing: Your Call To Actions (CTA) must be spot on – you need to give verbal Call To Actions to your viewers for them to take specific actions.

Whether it’s telling them to like or comment on your video or click on your “annotated” links to subscribe for your blog.

You need to tell them!

That’s about it for my 3 ways of making money with YouTube Videos but here’s one more crucial tip!

Crucial Tip to Get More Views to your Videos

So when you’ve published a new video no matter what it’s for, be it entertainment, educational or a documentary or just for our affiliate marketing and lead generation techniques I explained above.

The key to getting your videos ranked high by YouTube is getting as much traffic to it as you can within the first week – or first month.

Getting traffic as much as you can from outside sources to your video – signals to YouTube that your video has some value – for YouTube it must carry some weight, since it’s resonating with your audience, getting reasonable traffic levels, likes, subscribers and comments.

This is the initial push your video needs if it’s going to have long lasting high rankings on SERPs.


You might ask what are the outside sources to get initial traffic to my videos?

Well, you have Facebook – you’re going to need to find and post your video to relevant fan pages, groups or give it a real boost by spending a few $$ on FB ads and promotions.

Also you have Reddit, you could write a detailed valuable post on relevant topics and link back to your YouTube video!

You can get droves of traffic to your video especially when you are able to tap into a trending topic on Reddit.

Lastly you’d want to get your videos on related forums, find relevant topics relating to your video’s on forums and post something valuable with your video’s link – this is going to help increase the views of your video in the first week of publishing.

Alright Deadbeat, that’s all the tips i have for you today about making money with your YouTube videos.

One More Thing

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To Your Success!

Dan Brock

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