Make Money Online With FREE Wix Websites (Easy $100/Day Method)


Make Money Online With FREE Wix Websites (Easy $100/Day Method)

Hello deadbeats,

So, in today’s post I will be showing you how to make money online with free Wix websites – an easy $100/day METHOD…

…This is a GREAT WAY to get started online and make some of your first dimes.


A lot of people online make money with websites…

…But as you might have guessed, they won’t really share all the IMPORTANT INFORMATION that you need to know.

However, in today’s post I will be showing you some key information that you need to know and some key things you need to do!

Are you ready to learn how to make money with Wix websites… LET’S GO!

Make Money With Wix Websites – Deadbeat Method

In this post I am going to be showing you…

…3 lazy, SIMPLE WAYS to make money with Wix. These are super simple ways to make up to $100/day online.

Now, before we start there is something you need to know and that is…

… is best used for a SUPPORTING WEBSITE OR INCOME STREAM. You don’t want to base your whole business of one site, you need lots of streams of income!


Wix is great for supporting some of your main sites and giving them a boost in ranking…

…The first thing you need to do is SIGN UP WITH WIX, just like you would any other site and then we can begin.

Now, create an email address that has your ROOT KEYWORD in it, this helps better with ranking and conversions.

Also, the subdomain is built with this address and for SEO purposes you need to make sure there are keywords in there!

Moving On….

Then, when you have signed up follow the steps and get to the step where it says “start with Wix ADI”, this is an editor for your site…

…This is better for being mobile friendly and overall A FASTER LOADING SITE.

Next, move through the steps and then on to creating and preparing your theme that your going to be using!

So, then just change some basic stuff like the background image, title and some of the content… then we can MOVE ON.


Publish the site and then you can start working on the posts…

…Make sure you include some good SEO practices, like having the main keyword in the title and subtitles & using things LIKE LSI KEYWORDS. 

You will also want to include good content and keywords in your content, by the way I teach all of this is my deadbeat super affiliate system.

Also, make sure to add media and format THE CONTENT PROPERLY, so the site looks the best it can.

Making Bank With Wix Websites – Continued…

Then you can also go under advanced SEO settings in the post and edit this as much as you can…

…Now, when you have built up THE SITE with some content and everything, we can now look at the ways to make money with the site.

Now, firstly you can sell products and do affiliate marketing, we are deadbeat affiliate marketers after all.

For example, for my eye circle site I found a product called revitol eye cream and then what I can do is… write a review about this and sell it on the site.

ecommerce-2301933_640When you have set up your review page, be sure to add the product image, making the affiliate links visible and CLICKABLE… so you can earn the commission.

For example, on this site if you can sell three products a day you will be well on your way to making a $100 a day from Wix… which is AWESOME!

Do you see how awesome this can be? Ok, moving on…

…If you can get 200-300 visitors per day, typically you can convert 2% of them and there are your sales. Simple, yet effective!


Now, the second method is…

… I can use this site to BOOST UP MY YOUTUBE VIDEO’S and help them rank higher in Google and YouTube.

Grab the YouTube video and then make sure to embed it on your site, then include a link for them to watch your YouTube video… it’s simple.

This link will REALLY HELP YOU with SEO and give you video’s a good rank.


Now, method number three is one of my favourite ways…

… Is too start building AN EMAIL LIST from your website. Eye circles is beauty oriented and I can sell many products that are related… increasing MY SALES.

Now, to do this go to the editor and click the ADD MORE BUTTON… so, that you can add some HTML code for your email capture form.

Make sure to put it in the sidebar, where people can see it. Then enter the opt in code from your auto responder, so that it can collect people’s emails.

Wix Money Making…

So, let’s just recap the methods:-

(1) Sell affiliate products in the form of review pages…

(2) Embed your YouTube video’s for more traffic and higher rankings…

(3) Lastly, have an email opt in form to sell even more products!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Use these sites as supporting income streams…

===> Make them look as professional and great as you can…

===> Use keywords in your domain and email for best results…


If you want to learn how to find the best keywords, format your content properly and the secrets to making money with affiliate sites, then I have a FREE GUIDE you can check out, that will help you with all this information. ACCESS ===>


Have a great day deadbeats, until next time…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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