37 Hard-Hitting Marketing Words That Sell

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37 Hard-Hitting Marketing Words That Sell

Hello deadbeats!

In today’s lesson I will be covering 37 marketing words that sell and will REALLY help you make some good OLE DEADBEAT SALES…

…There is an art to this and I will show you this art today, grab a coffee… get your reading glasses on and LET’S GO!


It’s one thing in the online world to communicate to people… that’s obvious we have a conversation face to face or on the CELL PHONE…

…but when your online, your online weapon of COMMUNICATION are words and content, that’s why it’s so important you know the right words that can make you money.

Because after all, an online marketing business is for profit… it’s not a CHARITY.

On that note you need to make sure your using the right words and the RIGHT TYPE of words to sell.

Marketing Words That Sell – Let’s Begin!

You need to realise something…

Becoming successful at affiliate marketing requires you to make small changes and TWEAKS to your campaigns, so that they can be more profitable and stable.

You need to do the extra work, that most people don’t want to do and then you can reach A HIGHER INCOME LEVEL… it’s that simple…

…And one way to do that is by writing specific words throughout your content pages THAT SELL!


These words will make your content more interesting and then people will stay on your page longer…

…Your time on page metric and your engagement level will improve and so will the percentage of AFFILIATE LINK CLICKS, which is what we want!

There is by the way a good book called “words that sell” look it up on Amazon when you have chance.

So, the first set of marketing words I want to use are something called attention grabbers!

Moving On…

These words work well in headlines and titles, you can also use them in your introduction paragraph!

Some examples are :-

===> Eliminate..

===> Exclusive…

===> Break through…

===> Best selling!

Ok, so there are some good examples of ATTENTION GRABBING marketing words… let’s move onto the next category and that is “appealing words”.


Ok, moving on…

Some great “appealing words” you can use are words such as :- irresistible, winning, vivid, exsquit and unforgettable! These are all great appealing words to use!

Ok, let’s continue…. the next set of words you can use is in the genre of “competitive words”. Words such as:-

Cutting edge, masterful, outperforms and hard hitting are all good examples….

This words are for when you need to edge out your competition and get people to buy from you instead of them buying from SOMEONE ELSE!

Great Marketing Words That Sell – CONTINUED

Ok, the next set of words is “convenience”…

These words could include… versatile, practical, simplified and ready to go. As you can see there is a wide RANGE OF WORDS…

…That all mean different things and all provoke different emotions. You see people buy with emotion.

When they read certain words that trigger an emotion, THEY ARE much more engaged and in buying mode, this is what we want!


Ok, let’s move on…

The next marketing word section is : distinguished! Yeah, quite a mouthful I know, try saying that after a few beers (haha).

Prize winning, prominent, premier and influencual are all great examples for this section and are quite complex words, but VERY POWERFUL.

These words combined with others on list really do make up good marketing copy and a lot of the TOP BUSINESSES online write all these words in their content!


Ok, the last section I want to look at is ====> EXCITING WORDS.

You use these to make the reader more excited and place them strategically in titles and subtitles…

Some words are:-

(1) Thrilling…

(2) Exhilarating…

(3) Pulse Pounding…

(4) Shocking…

So, there is a good collection of 3 different MARKETING WORDS THAT SELL, like I said you can use them in your copy and make sure to include them in as many titles as you can!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Use these words in the titles as much as you can…

===> REMEMBER, do the extra content work to better your income…

===> Get use to writing and including these words, practice!


Now, if you have no clue on how to build an affiliate website, then I do have a FREE GUIDE that you can access, which will show you step by step how to achieve this.. access it here ==> deadbeatuniversity.com/guide.


You will also learn how to do proper keyword research, set up your website and many more things that go along with setting up a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Thanks for joining me today deadbeats!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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