How to Make Money on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube)


How to Make Money on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube)

What’s up deadbeats?

Welcome to today’s post on how to make money on social media! A lot of people try to teach this stuff, but most aren’t doing it themselves….. I am!

Social media is one key tool that you’re going to need in your affiliate marketing business & you need to make sure that you put 150% into everything you do…. social media wise!

Sit back, relax and get ready for some AWESOME INFORMATION!


Social media is a power house of a marketing platform, but be sure to use it correctly and consistently!

You see a lot of marketers do well on social media for say the first two or three weeks… but then after that they GIVE UP! Come on really?

Do you see how they don’t get the right results?

Because social media is such as fast paced beast (twitter feed anyone?), you need to make sure you’re on you’re a game and you will want to be doing this stuff day in and day out…

At first this will be harder to do and on some days, you will lack motivation… but you have to find it in yourself to be confident and motivated about your work!

What you will learn today is the universal laws of making money with sites like Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube!

How to Make Money on Social Media – First Deadbeat Tips!

Ok, so the first tip I want to give you is this:

Don’t pitch anything at first on your newly created social media platforms..

You see a lot of newbies make this HORRID mistake of selling hard right from the beginning & this doesn’t work!

Sure, you might make the old sale here and there…. but I don’t know about you, but I want A RELIABLE INCOME!

One of the most important things online is having a reliable income! Well, this is true for any business… they need a reliable income, otherwise their business will fail RIGHT?


Social media doesn’t work like this and doesn’t respond to hard selling well! Yet. so many people still do this and then they keep asking themselves “why am I not making any money with social media?”.

You see when people are being nosy on Facebook and searching to see what their best friend is up too…. they are not thinking about your affiliate marketing e-book (no matter how amazing it is…).

For social media to be effective for you, you will need to take a different approach and one…. that works well the FIRST TIME!

Getting things right the first time will definitely help you in your business & it will also teach you to strive for 110% quality…. ALL THE TIME!

What you will need to do is add massive value at first, then the selling can come later! If you sell right off the bat, your essentially trying to draw money out of an empty bank… it won’t work!


If you don’t provide any value, the bank will always be empty! When the bank is empty, so is your business and I don’t like to see people having empty businesses!

Most humans have a value meter in their brain & if they have just met you for the first time online, that value meter needs to detect SOME VALUE!

Everyone is sort of the same way and when we think about our value meter… we think “what is in it for me?”.

So, say for example someone lands on your Facebook page about paid advertising, then they read your latest post about “how to improve your ads CTR”.

Now, their value meter starts to go off….

  • What steps do I need to take to get more visitors to click through to my site?
  • Does this guy have some examples of this?
  • I need to make more money, will this help me?

Stuff like that….

If you really take the time to look, the big players in social media are producing entertainment videos, educational videos & educational content… this is what you need to do!

Make Money on Social Media – CONTINUED!

Ok, so next you will need to MASTER the art of soft selling! Soft selling is recommending… make sure you remember it like that!

So, let me give you an example….

One of my hobbies is magic, now if I were to create a Facebook fan page…. about say the topic of card flrushing….. I would begin by creating a tutorial video on this.

In the video, I would provide an actionable tip and then at the end of the video I would recommend that they visit my site for more advanced tips… naturally most people want to find out more, so they visit your site! 


Now, the above was a great example of a soft sell, let me explain how it worked so well….

What I did was create a value video! I really thought about the video and the content and I made sure that it provided a really awesome tip…

… Then at the end of the video I RECOMMENDED my site (notice I didn’t SELL my site). I was like “hey check out my site for more advanced tips”.

I didn’t say “hey visit my site and buy my magic product”. I recommended something to help them out further…. but in a soft sell kind of way (I hope that makes sense).

Don’t make hard sells, it will get you nowhere! What would you think if you visited someone fan page and immediately they tried to sell you something? You would be like no thanks… who are you again?

REMEMBER, soft selling is recommending! 🙂

You want to be able to build fans, assets are very reliable and you must focus on building them up! You can then learn how to influence them…. so that they buy ANYTHING YOU RECOMMEND!

YES, this is an art, but when you get good at this…. wow you will be successful!

How to Make Money on Social Media – Do This….

Now, the next wise thing to think about is this…

Each social media platform that you own, should be an individual mini community! The power of a community online is extraordinary, you need to think about that!

You want people to become super fans of your brand and your message that you’re trying to get out there….

This is so POWERFUL…. just look at all the celebrities social media accounts… they have rabid fans that LOVE THEIR STUFF!

Build influence and momentum by engaging with people and providing immense value! Another, good way to achieve this is by commenting & communicating with other people on their platforms!


Thanks deadbeats for reading this far, it really means a lot to me that you have chosen to read this article today & I hope you enjoyed the video also..

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Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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