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Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO – Deadbeat Skills

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In today’s lesson I will be looking at black hat SEO vs white hat SEO and really go over the important stuff you need to know!

SEO or search engine optimization can sometimes be quite complex, but don’t worry I have you covered… LET’S BEGIN!


Oh the great SEO debate….

Black hat, grey hat or white hat? Well, today we are only going to be covering black and white hat SEO, but grey is involved in both anyways…

…There is always SO MUCH talk on blogs, forums and everywhere on the internet about search engine optimization!

But when you faced with making a decision on your SEO efforts… which one shall you choose? Let’s find out….

Black Hat VS White Hat SEO – The Debate!

So, we are going to cover the best type of SEO for you to use on your deadbeat affiliate sites!

Ok, so let’s start by looking at what black hat SEO is: This type of SEO is a short term way to trick Google into giving your site or blog a big boost in the search rankings…

…Still to this day there are many people and websites that still use black hat SEO on a daily basis… because it works!

There are also sites that have been using it for years (they just haven’t got caught yet).


Some people do black hat SEO, but a lot of people don’t and ill explain why in a minute… I personally stay away from black hat tricks.

For this type of SEO, you can use tactics such as :-

===> Keyword stuffing.

===> Spamming.

===> Automated comment bots.

These are all things that Google will catch onto quickly and they will take action against your site!

Moving On….

Another huge piece of the black hat pie is to use article scrapping and even the name gives me warning signs…. not sure about you?

This is where people take articles and information from other people’s blogs or sites, repurposing it for their own use… which is bullshit if you ask me and a crap thing to do….

…Software is used to achieve this and there is even paid software being sold for this one reason (“shakes head in disgust”).

Then, lastly you have the software and platforms that go out and spam hundreds of backlinks all over the net, like for example social media profiles and blogs!


Next’ let’s head over to Fiverr and I can show you what some black hat SEO Fiverr gigs look like and then you can decide if you really want that quick ranking boost or not!

For example, type in GSA backlinks….

….and you will see the GSA gigs, 100,000 links for $5, 60,000 links for $10 and so forth!

However, you might think that having 100,000 is awesome but Google doesn’t… you still will get penalised and de indexed as well and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that do you?

Black Hat VS White Hat – CONTINUED

Moving on, so nowadays I focus on doing white hat SEO, it’s just easier…

Sure, it will take longer to do and you will have to put in ALOT more work but the results are worth it and plus there is ALOT LESS RISK!

Ok, so let’s talk about some great white hat SEO techniques…

…One technique is: creating very high quality information, you will receive some great SEO benefits from this, because Google rewards sites with great content, especially when people stay on your site longer!


So, even with great content you still need to make sure that the blog post or review post is long! Google likes longer content and they seem to rank higher than say a blog post with only 300 words of content!

Naturally written content Is the best and you want to make sure that it makes sense, your writing for REAL PEOPLE here, not just the robots…

…Next, a great white hat technique is too use manual social bookmarking on Fiverr. Make sure the gig does manual submissions, not automated… manual are much better!

You will get a nice boost of traffic and you will see some advance in search engine traffic… which is what good SEO is all about!

Let’s Continue…

Another very good white hat trick is guest posting…

Here you have to reach out to site owners in your niche and request a guest post, in turn they will offer you a contextual link back to your site!

It’s a win-win situation, your getting some backlinks and the site owner has some new content for their blog or website!

You can also have them write on your blog for the same benefits, its sort of like “you scratch my back and ill scratch yours”.


It’s a very good way to build up lasting relationships with people and the more people you know in your niche the better!

This will take quite a bit of work upfront, but the results and traffic will be worth it, this is a very popular white hat tactic.

Then you can have things like manual blog comments and forum post… but be careful make sure you don’t spam… ADD QUALITY!!

Black/White SEO – Deadbeat Skills

With the manual comments etc, your going to add real value to the website and if you do it enough… the blog owner will appreciate that and maybe give you a guest post!

Next, you can pay people to create and write mini blog, for example on web 2.0 sites like, these site have high authority and this will help your site rank higher!

Again, these sort of things are ready reached on sites like Fiverr or Konker…

So, there you have it some great deadbeat information on the great debate of white hat SEO versus black hat SEO.

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Remember black hat SEO is only good for short term results…

===> Be consistent and you will see better results…

===> Do things 100% properly, not half assed…


Like I mentioned above there is grey hat SEO, but that will be in another post!

If you want to learn some more ways to use white hat SEO, to earn yourself some more affiliate commissions… I do have a guide that you can access for FREE!

ACCESS the free step by step guide here ==>


It’s been a pleasure DEADBEATS… until next time!

Over and out…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock!

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