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How to Dominate Search Engine Traffic with this Awesome Expired Domain Method

Hi there Deadbeat, in most recent years we have seen the steady decline of internet marketers using Organic Search Engine’s traffic as their number one Go To traffic source.

When people get frustrated with the slow pace of SEO (Search Engine optimization), they are more likely to move onto a “faster” paid traffic platform like Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising (where the CPC can get really cheap (about $0.05) for quality, targeted traffic.)

However, Search Engine traffic isn’t dead! It’s just a long term SEO goal you need to learn to accomplish over time, before you begin truckloads getting targeted buyers’ traffic.

Okay, here’s why I think Organic Search Engine’s Traffic is still the best FREE traffic source.

$5.1M in Free Organic Search Traffic

If I wanted to check some really cool stats and see the power of my SEO efforts, I would use a tool called SemRush. From here I can gather some very important information and find some awesome stats, so I would head over there and type in for example, this is what I get…

This is what I get: Organic Search Positions

As you can see is getting about 3.5 million free organic search traffic visitors from Google.

Those 3.5 million traffic visitors would actually cost me $5.1M in advertising if I were to buy it via Google Adwords.

So, you can now see why you should spend time building and including SEO techniques into your website. You will want to do this slowly over time. This is a lot cheaper than spending millions of dollars on paid traffic sources which you might not have!

Not to worry though, in this post I will cover on page SEO and one of the most important ranking factors…link building.

Basically those are the 2 SEO activities you need to carry out – On Page SEO and Link Building – and I will be sharing more link building techniques you can also apply on my next posts.

SEO is 30% On Page & 70% Link Building

Most Gurus say that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts should be “30% On Page & 70% Link Building”. These percentages are not fixed and sometimes for different sites you will need to change these, but this is a good start!

For instance you might find yourself 3 months in; doing 100% of On Page aspects such as awesome content, keyword research & adjusting your site’s structure…especially when your site is new – and then a solid 6 months developing and implementing a link-building campaign.

If you’re reading this, then I assume you must have gotten your affiliate marketing site up – if you haven’t, don’t worry!  Check out the deadbeat super affiliate system you can use right now to set one up.

Now, before we get to the meat of this post, which is building links with expired domains – please do ensure that your affiliate marketing site checks the following list of “On Page” SEO aspect below:

  • Have an SEO friendly domain name
  • Your keyword in title tags
  • Add Modifiers To Your Title (like review, free report, discount)
  • Add images and video’s, also make your post engaging to reduce bounce rates
  • Add your keyword to H1 (heading )and H2 (sub-heading) tags
  • Drop your keywords in the first 150 words
  • Use outbound and internal links
  • Add your keywords to one only image per post
  • Create longer content – 1000 to 2000 words posts
  • Use social sharing buttons

Okay, there you have it, a complete check list of On Page SEO, which needs to compliment your link building campaign…

Let’s go into that now…

Buy Expired Domains for Instant Search Engine Ranking


As you might already be aware, Search engines measure a website’s value and relevance by analyzing the links to the site from other websites.

It is an integral part of how a website will rank in the search engines…for instance if (high authority in the news space) links to a news blog you started, you will be able to gain a good boost in rankings because google will pass this authority link juice onto your site. It might not get indexed straight away…but it will come!

If you have an “expired domain” with decent authority which is closely related to your money site’s niche- this improves drastically the ranking of your “money site” on SERPS!

The more powerful the “expired domain” is – in terms of high Authority, High Page Rank, good number of backlinks, et cetera… the higher and faster it’s going to increase the rankings of your money site on SERPS.

Expired domains are pre-existing websites that the prior owner let expire for usually 2 reasons –

  1. It didn’t make them any money and they quit and let it expire
  2. Or they lost interest and forgot about it

You might think expired domains are useless -and a lot of people would think why did the prior owner let it expire? – but in terms of SEO, it does carry a lot of weight especially if you find a good one.

You just have to be able to select the good ones from the bad and then decide which ones to eliminate so you don’t get your site penalized by the big G.

Not to worry tho, I’m going to be providing you with tips here below to successfully buy an expired domain name…

Go to

And in the query box, search for your industry/niche main keyword to reveal a list of expired domains you could buy.

For instance I’m going to query “stop snoring”


Okay, as you can see from my screenshot above, I have an arrow pointed at a site that has my interest – stop-snoring– – it has 12.2K backlinks…

Now, I’m not going to just click the “register” button at this point – I have to investigate more about the site to make sure this is what I am looking for and need.

Here is a check list the domain must pass before I register it –

  • Check if the domain is indexed by google
  • Check the anchor or link profile of the domain’s backlinks for spam, you can use or Moz Explorer to verify it isn’t Penguin prone)
  • Check with the Google Webmaster Tool that there is not a Manual Penalty to the domain.

Now if the site passes the check list above – I’d want to register it straightaway –

Register Expired Domain

Now this is easy – i just head to Godaddy, search for my new domain name and pull out my credit card and buy it…

But I also need to fly under the radar, I don’t want Google knowing I am artificially building links – so I have too minimize my footprint by hosting each expired domain I buy on a separate IP address, this also needs to ve different from my main money site!. Also I’m going to be using private whois information and using a different theme on each site.

Make sure to make an excel sheet to keep track of your websites, IP addresses…

So there you have it, I have showed you how to buy and utilize the power of expired domains for instant search engine rankings of your deadbeat affiliate marketing sites or money site!

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Lastly if you have any questions; please feel free to comment below and I’ll gladly answer your questions…

Alright deadbeat.

Until my next post…


Dan Brock


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