The Best Free Traffic Source : Blogging Vs Video Marketing?


The Best Free Traffic Source : Blogging Vs Video Marketing?

Welcome deadbeats!

In today’s post I am going to be looking at the best free traffic source between blogging and video marketing…

WHICH one will win? What are the Pro’s and Con’s or are they both just excellent sources of free traffic… let’s find out!


Blogging and video marketing…

…are some of the BEST TRAFFIC SOURCES around and they will be around for many years to come, which is one of the reasons they are so good.

Not to mention that the sheer amount of traffic you can get is AMAZING and oh did I mention it’s FREE…

…Of course there are paid options as well, but you can go the free traffic route also.

Blogging Vs Video Marketing – The Showdown

These traffic sources are very good because…

They are VERSITILE and work very well in A NUMBER OF NICHES… which is what you want in a traffic source!

You also need to make sure that the traffic platform is reliable and can send good amounts OF TRAFFIC, these platforms do both.

You can also start to see results very quickly, which is one thing you want when your just starting out right?


Should you focus on just blogging… or should you just focus on video marketing, that is the question!

So, let’s jump into this and I can give you some of my THOUGHTS on this matter and then see what you think!

To begin I want to show you an example…

…I have one affiliate blog and its gets around 600 visitors per day from blogging… WHICH IS REALLY GOOD.

Moving On….

Then next…

…I have a blog that relies on YOUTUBE VIEWS and as you can see, this is up to 500-600 a day from video marketing.

I want to dive into the advantages and dis-advantages and also give you some AWESOME DEADBEAT TIPS.

Ready… Ok great!


Let’s talk about blogging…

…Once you get it up and running, you will be able to get evergreen traffic for MANY YEARS TO COME.

It will take some time to set up the blog and get all the content ready etc, but think of this as a means to an end and the beginning of something great…

Then once you get this all FIGURED OUT, then the traffic flood gates will open and you will get some good traffic.

Blogging And Video Marketing – Best Free Traffic Sources!

Another, good thing about blogging is…

…Is one of the free traffic sources that you can outsource… WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING.

Once you find a good outsourcer who can mimic you style, very few people will be able to tell someone else is doing it.

This will save you time and allow you to promote that content more, which by the way IS VERY IMPORTANT!


Blogging is easier to scale up, once you have found the right outsourcer…

…Also, if you happen to be shy on camera… then blogging MIGHT BE BETTER for you. There are a lot of people who don’t like doing video’s.

Now, blogging is kind of an art you see… you will need to learn how to lay out the content, have proper titles and so forth.

But with the right mindset and a good work ethic, you will be able to get it done just fine!


Also, when visitors land on your blog…

…You have FULL CONTROL OF THE PROCESS, what do I mean by this? Well, you can get them to do many different things…

…such as sign up to an email list or buy one of your products from a banner or page on your site and many more things!

Having this control, can really help you SHAPE YOUR BLOG AND BUSINESS… when you put the effort in of course!


Ok great so let’s talk about video marketing… shall we?

I am A BIG FAN OF VIDEO MARKETING and I have many YouTube channels that generate me some nice income every month!

The beauty of video is that you can begin to see traffic results pretty quickly once it gets uploaded and starts getting found in the search results.

You will see RESULTS AS QUICK as a week or two and then it will just build from there.

These Traffic Sources Both ROCK!

In addition to this…

…Video’s really do tend to stick around for many years, if you hit the right nerve and get them to where THEY NEED TO BE!

Another, thing I like is… the volume of TRAFFIC YOU WILL GET. When it starts coming… it really does come!

Video’s will rank in the Google search engine and also YouTube search, so you will be able to have your video’s very visible to the right people.


Also, when they are done right…

…You can get ALOT OF GOOD TRAFFIC from the YouTube homepage and something called related video’s as well… it’s a DOUBLE WHAMMY!

However, video marketing is more expensive… If your going to do it properly you need to BUY THE equipment and things like that.

You can do it cheaper of course, but it’s up to you how seriously you want to get traffic.

Moving Along….

Also, being on camera isn’t as easy as some people think…

…it will require some practice to get comfortable and then there ARE SOME FACTORS INVOLVED, which you need to master.

Having a good on screen presence and showing the right body language etc will take time… but anyone can do it, when they put their mind to it.

Video marketing is also hard to outsource, because a lot of the time the outsources do it wrong… because there is many elements to GET RIGHT!


Video marketing is only going to grow and grow…

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Use both methods to piggyback traffic of each platform…

===> Video marketing is more expensive… REMEMBER…

===> Learn some good SEO skills, this will help…


…So, for that reason YOU SHOULD INCLUDE video marketing in your traffic arsenal and eventually video marketing is going to be more popular then written content, you heard it here first (haha).

So, if you want to really learn how to do video marketing and blogging properly…. then you need to check out my deadbeat super affiliate system. Go ahead and access it here ==>

Thanks for you time, until next time!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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