How to Get Rich Online (The #1 Tip For Internet Marketers)


How to Get Rich Online (The #1 Tip For Internet Marketers)

Sup Deadbeats?

How are you today, good I hope! In today’s article I want to look at how to get rich online (rich deadbeat).

Making money online is one thing, but GETTING RICH ONLINE… well that’s a whole other level, grab your coffee sit back and enjoy today’s post!


BTW, if your new to my channel and this blog, then the money in the video is actually movie prop money…. I don’t believe in being an ignorant rich guy, it’s just for dramatic effect!

How to Get Rich Online – The Foundation

Ok, so today I want to cover how to get rich online and you must do these things if you’re looking to become SUPER SUCCESSFUL.

There is one thing that you must master, if you want to become rich online…

…. you must master how to do NOTHING! What Dan, have you lost your marbles? NO…. ill explain!

For today’s information I am not selling you a system, I will be teaching you a very good concept and you will see why later on!

I find online nowadays, people only want to sell you there “secret system” and they don’t really like revealing concepts or actionable steps…. but today I will!

In your online business, you don’t do everything… you basically do nothing!

You know the saying work smarter, not harder!

You will need to figure out how to do the least amount of work, but earn the most amount of money for your business!


Get Rich Online – REAL life Example!

Ok, so what I would like to do is walk you through an example, so you understand this concept better!

When I was younger I started a web hosting business (as many of you know), and at first, after some research…. I thought I had to master these 3 things, they were:

  • Learn how to program a hosting control panel….
  • Learn how to use system admin….
  • AND learn how to build a web server…

However, from doing more research I uncovered some extra “minor details….”

For example, I quickly realised that it would take me 10 years (yes ten years), to learn how to program a hosting panel.

Now, as you can imagine this is too much work for one person… heck even for ten people it would still take a good chunk of time…


So, being the lazy guy that I am, there is no WAY I am taking years to build all of this stuff. As a business owner you will need to come to the realisation that you will suck at most task… but it’s ok!

So, after some research and a lot of time dedicated to finding out alternative ways to do this, I stumbled upon some information that would be of HIGH VALUE!

I found out that instead of building a control panel for myself…. I could buy an already built one!

So what I learned from this first lesson is this, for a small amount of upfront money I could get access to something (in less than an hour), that was fully functional and what I needed!

I would save ten years and I would be able to start making money ALMOST INSTANTLY…. this my friend is how you have to think!

There are people who have already done the hard work, so all I needed to do was found someone who has what I needed and pay them!

Basically, one of the messages that I’m trying to get across is this:

As a business owner your goal isn’t to get in the trenches and learn EVERYTHING…. your goal is to learn the basics!

This comes from a strong mindset and also smart business thinking. At first, I felt very defeated and stressed out… how could I possibly complete all of this?

But, when I shifted my mindset and worked smarter…. I found out that most of this stuff could be done by other people & not me!

How to Get Rich Online – Work Smarter

So, I figured out that I had to learn the basics…. for example I took a course on basic programming and this was enough to get me by!

This took me about a month to achieve (not ten years haha) & I was happy with what I had learned!

By knowing the basics, this will help you figure out if the work you’re looking for (from outsources) is good or if they are taking you for a ride!

If you didn’t know the basics, you could potentially lose A LOT OF MONEY….

You will also get a much better understanding of how things work in your business and if by any chance something does go wrong with this platforms or systems, you will have half a clue on how to fix it….


You need to learn and master how to keep your business together! You need to be your businesses glue….

You’re the captain of the ship, not the mechanic in the boiler room (haha).

Support your own business and when it’s necessary, do the repair work or figure out someone who can do it properly!

The key thing here is, when I realised I could outsource almost everything in my business idea….. I honestly has nothing to do (except to keep it all together).

People would ask me ” so hey what do you do?” and then I would reply – well not that much….. that’s the position you want to be in!

What I mean by you’re doing nothing is, you’re not doing the hard labour… your just keeping it all together! Hard labour = hard work & I like to work smart, not hard!


So, the message and concept of this post is:

You need to stop thinking that you need to master one thing and start being a jack of all trades…

learn everything at a basic level and be the guy/gal that holds all the stuff together & implements things to grow the business further!

And lastly, you will need to develop the skill of bringing the RIGHT people into YOUR BUSINESS…. like I mentioned above with outsourcing! Get all this stuff right and this is how you will become rich online!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and some more tactics like the ones you have learned today, then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed today’s article as much as I enjoyed writing it… to your success!

Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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