13 Things People Spend Money On

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13 Things People Spend Money On – These Can Make You Deadbeat Cash

Hey Deadbeats!

Welcome to another fun packed, “lazy” tutorial for you to learn some serious deadbeat knowledge!

Today, I want to look at 13 things that people spend money on, these things will help you decide what you could potentially sell online….

Hold on tight, this is going to be a wild ride!


There are just somethings in life that people will always be willing to trade money for!

It could be for a purpose, like to achieve something or it could just be as simple as a movie night out with friends, whatever the reason…. people will always spend money on certain things!

Let’s begin…..

People Spend Serious Money On These Things….

Ok, so the first thing people love to spend money on is…… things that are related to freedom! Let me give you an example here…

One thing that is sure in life is that we are getting older each day and when you get older you start to lose some of your freedom!

As we get older we are more likely to say, fall off a chair when we want to grab something high on a shelf…. so, how would we prevent this?

Well, one thing we can do is buy a grabber claw with a long reach and tough grabbing claw, this will enable us to stay on ground level and then reach the things we desire…

Not only does this eliminate the need to start climbing off the ground, it also won’t stress us out…. because we can reach it easily & don’t have to overstretch!

Ok, moving on here…

The second thing that people will always spend money on is…. their health! Of course people need to live, so they are willing to pay for it!

It could be a gym membership, health supplements or even body modifications….

For many people “health” is a very emotional topic and when people are emotional about something…. they spend money!

A bigger person could be worried they might end up getting diabetes, so they invest in a personal trainer and nutrition coach….


A meat lover might want to change their eating habits and become a vegan, again they still need to pay money to achieve this!


Money, Money, Money Must Be Funny In A Rich Man’s World!

Moving on deadbeats, I hope you’re enjoying this so far!

Ok, so the next thing people spend a ton of money is….. TIME. People will always trade money for time and will continue to do this… we all need more time right?

So, lets use an affiliate marketing business as an example here….

You can save time by having someone else create your squeeze page for example & in exchange for saving that time…. you will have to pay a fee to the person who is doing the work!

I know a lot of people who outsource 99% of their online business! They might have costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but to them having time freedom is MORE IMPORTANT!

Think about that for a second, what would you chose?

Ok, next people spend money on things that make them money…. geez try saying that after a few cocktails (haha).

For example, say you wanted to become a hot dog vendor…. in order to make money from your business, you would need to spend money to get the cart & food supplies!

People will always spend money on things they need to MAKE MORE MONEY…. this will never change my friend!


Another thing people spend money is SEX…

You know the saying “sex sells”, well it sure does, people spend a lot of money in the search for sexual pleasure and many other things to do with this!

Next, people always spend money on drugs, whether it’s legal or illegal… people will always by drugs (hopefully the legal ones). Have you tried to treat a mega migraine without headache pills…. GOOD LUCK!

Things People Spend Money On – CONTINUED!

People always want to fork out cash for pain relief!

People with back problems pay for chiropractors, people who have a stuffed up nose pay for sinus medication…..

There is actually many affiliate products that you can sell relating to things like this….

You could sell products for:

  • Back pain…
  • Cure tinnitus….
  • Curing acne…
  • AND many more things… 

And again people who are in pain are very emotional, so you will need to help them solve the problem! Ok moving on….

Next, we have the power of knowledge! As we all know knowledge is power & power comes at a HEAVY PRICE!

People need education and they will pay for it! Whether it’s learning to become a doctor or paying for hairdressing school, the money is producing the knowledge they need…

People also love to spend money on experiences….

Things like travelling or going to a famous person’s concert or whatever it may be!

As humans we have the desire to explore and seek out new things, but we can’t do that really…. unless we have enough money!

For most people there is a DRIVE and heart filled PASSION to experience a lot of things in life!

A good example of this could be creating a site around a travel niche… for example a cruise ship site/review site!

Moving on deadbeat!

Next, people will pay for friendships/relationships!

Plenty of fish and eHarmony are not multi-million dollar companies for nothing my friend!

People will always NEED love and relationships and they will pay for it everyday!


Oh yeah I like this next one….

People will always spend money on comfort, you know a nice bed or the best shoes… whatever it may be!

I personally like the idea of spending money on as many sleep things as I can, napping is one of the most important parts of my day….see?

Foam comforter anyone?

Yes Please!!!

People will also spend cash to improve their happiness… you know buying chocolate, going out to the bar etc.!

Of course people can be happy WITHOUT MONEY, but for most of life’s “pleasures” money is involved somewhere RIGHT?

The last thing people are interested in is…. spending money on their passions!

Things like:

  1. Hobbies…
  2. Their favourite computer games
  3. Their favourite kickboxing gear/club…
  4. AND many more things…

There is a core desire of happiness when people spend money on passions….!

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Until next time deadbeats, over and out!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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