6 Proven Affiliate Niche Markets That You Can Earn Money In This Year

Always Start a New Affiliate Website In These 6 Proven Niche Markets:

When starting off in the affiliate marketing space, it’s crucial that your first site be in one of the proven 6 niches I’m about to outline in this post.


Because you don’t want to invest all your time and effort into a niche that has zero to little buyer intent.

Where does buyer intent come from?

Simple: Any niche that has an element of desperation – things that keep people up at night…

Or any niche that provides happiness – things like hobbies and entertainment.

People exchange money for feelings.

Here are the niches worth focusing on:

Wealth & Money

Anything related to making or saving people money is always a proven winner.

Things like stock investing, debt relief, credit approval, etc. are all great niches to start a site in.

Although, it’s crucial to point out that if you plan to enter this niche, you should always “niche it down” to something specific.

For example, a site you can make would be on the topic “getting a credit card if you have bad credit”.

Health & Beauty


Investing in your health is one of the best investments you can make. People know this subconsciously, and are willing to shell out endless amounts of money on something that can either improve their health or make them feel healthy again.

People are also image conscious – so anything that improves someones physical appearance is again, a winner.

Relationships & Connection

Another topic more valuable than money is relationships!

If you’re a rich single male, and you haven’t had any luck finding a partner in the last 10 years…. you’d more than likely willing to give up a good percentage of your money in order to meet that girl.

I saw a few dating sites that have some very specific audiences – ones for gamers, for farmers, and for rich successful people!

If you plan to go after dating or relations, it’s very crucial to “niche it down”.

Entertainment & Hobbies


People are always willing to spend money on their hobbies or anything that makes life even minutely less boring.

I remember a few years ago I was really into the street magic niche. During my “honeymoon” phase of interest, I spent close to $2500 grabbing up all the magic tricks and tactics I could get my hands on.

Realistically, I “used” maybe $100 worth of the training. The rest sat on my bookshelf in pretty much unused quality.

Stupid of me, yes.. but someone made a bunch of money off me!


Celebrity/tabloid websites get a TON of traffic. Even if you enter this niche today, you can just right in and start getting thousands of pages views a day in very little time.

This niche isn’t quite so “affiliate marketing oriented”, but if you plug your celebrity site into an ad network, you can make some solid ad impression cash commissions on it.


People are INSANE about their pets.

I remember I bought 3 goldfish one year. They cost at most $15 for all 3.

However, over the course of a month I spent over $1500 on an aquarium and decorations for it.

Unfortunately, I’m not the best fish owner. They all ended up dying within a couple months of owning them.

I still feel horrible about that years later.

Conclusion – Start In One Of These!

There is a ton of money to be made in any of the niche markets I mentioned above.

There may be some competition… but that’s a good thing.

“Niche it down”, carve out your own space, and expand from there.

Have any questions or comments?

Feel free to comment below or on my youtube video about the 6 proven affiliate marketing niches here.

I will respond to it!

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