Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketers (High CTRs)

Why Your WordPress Theme Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of An Affiliate Site…

The way your website looks and functions is incredibly important in regards to audience retention and click through rates to whatever affiliate offer you are trying to promote.

You have to make sure your WordPress theme is “Responsive”.

A Responsive WordPress theme is one that adjusts according to whatever screen resolution it’s being displayed on.

That means it will work equally as well on Mobile and Tablet devices as it does a desktop computer!

Anatomy of a High Converting WordPress Theme

I’m going to break down my “Deadbeat Theme” provided along with my Deadbeat Super Affiliate system to give you an idea of the important aspects of a high converting theme.

Take a look:


Clean & Simple WordPress Themes Take The Cake!

Whichever theme you decide to go with, always follow this criteria:

  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Content starts right off the bat.
  • Small header area.

Follow these rules, and you will double your overall commissions with whatever affiliate site you use these types of themes on.

Also see my YouTube video for more WordPress affiliate theme recommendations.

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