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How To Make $1000 a Month Fast – The Deadbeat Method

Hey Deadbeat, how are you on this fine day? So, in today’s post I will be covering how to make $1000 a month fast with!

I had a very interesting email the other day, where someone had asked me how to make $1ooo a month… FAST. What I want to show you today is how you can tap into the buy/sell market.


With affiliate marketing there is often a phase of around 6-12 months, before your campaigns really start to take shape and earn some good commissions….

….However, some campaigns take longer and some campaigns see results quicker, but 6-12 months is the “average”. 

Having access too already established affiliate sites from, will bypass this wait and you can start building income very quickly… and if you really work hard, you can find some GOLDMINES (for pretty cheap.)

So, are you ready to get into this? I hope so, oh I forgot to mention… do you have your “deadbeat beanbag” READY?? – Make $1000 Dollars a Month FAST!

So, deadbeat what you will want to do first is head over to and then you will see a tab called “websites” this will be on your top left… so head over there and click on that!

When the drop down menu’s appear in the websites tab, you will want to focus on these two things:

  1. Established sites…
  2. Starter sites….

To start out, these two sections will be enough! Remember, deadbeat focus is key online and you need to make sure your focusing everyday!!

Especially if this is your first time to the site, you could get overwhelmed quickly… so let’s just look at these sections right now.

What I like about the established section is that these sites are years old, they have fantastic DA (domain authority) & they already have traffic coming to them…

….AND of course a lot of these sites RANK VERY WELL in search engines. You will definitely have a huge head start if you can find the right site.

Established sites – The Quick Start for Affiliate Money

Ok, so let’s start with this section and one key thing you will need to do is select and play around with the “monthly revenue” slider, on the right hand side there!

Depending on your budget you can choose what amount you want…

One key point that I want to make is that I recommend you start small and then work your way up. You’re putting money out there so it only makes sense to be cautious and do it properly…

…then when you have learned the ropes properly, of course you can do what you need to do! Sadly, some people jump right in with the high ticket sites and they fail BIG TIME.

Hit the “search button” and then we can continue…..

What you will want to do is next go through the list one by one, paying attention to the niches that you’re interested in. There is nothing worse than having a boring niche site…. (be there, done that).


One site I found was pretty darn awesome, of course as you might have guessed I found a snoring website. Lazy and snoring go hand in hand, so I thought this would be a good example (haha).

What these listings have is a starting price of say a buck and then what you will see is a “buy it now button”, for this website it is $850 bucks.

One little secret I can expose to you is, if you bet below that price say even half of that you will be able to get this site.

And anyways at $850 this is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for what I want to spend, so I need to try and get it way cheaper! If it goes unsold by the time the auction is up…

…you can reach out to the seller via PM and then try figure something out. This is what a lot of people end up doing and of course the seller, most of the time will happy to help you out!


The key things on this site are:

  • It’s 10 years old, so has great domain age…
  • It has traffic already coming too it…
  • AND it has a very good domain name…

Checking the Deadbeat Domain Properly

One of the most important steps to consider is making sure that the URL is indexed in Google.

So, what you need to do is head over to Google and type the website URL into the search box, then scroll down and find the site….


As, you will see this site has been indexed… so right off the bat this is something you need to look for and it shows that this site is the REAL DEAL….

You next need to verify that the domain age is what it says. So, for this you can go to go daddy, then use the whois tool on this site.

This is important because if the site owner Is lying about this, then what else is he/she hiding right?

You can use the function that says whois search! You can also use a very cool site called waybackmachine”… this will give you some information also!

What Does the Potential Site Need to Have?

When you have done a few initial checks, what you will want to do is to go and visit the site and look for these things:

===> Make sure that there is a fair bit of content….

===> Are there things like product reviews?

===> What is the layout and formatting like? Does it look sloppy?

===> Are there social shares and comment?

The example site from above ticks a lot of these things and would definitely be useful for making a $1000 a month fast.

Now, with some sites you will see that they lack affiliate sales and optimization… so all you need to do is tweak these sites and add on things to make it even more profitable.

Put your own twists on the site & make it ten times more awesome!


Another thing is that most of these website owner have no clue about using affiliate marketing properly, so when you buy these sites…

…your deadbeat knowledge will allow you to make two or even three times more money than the site is already making… with just a few tweaks of your own!

These sites also come with established backlinks and as most of you will know, getting backlinks requires time and money! So, the initial investment on these sites is…. WELL WORTH IT!

Don’t Get Carried Away On Flippa

This tip is very important so please pay attention. One thing that you don’t want to do is go all crazy on this site.

Sure, it’s awesome seeing that a site is making $20,000 or even $50,000 a month from their listing, but don’t get carried away.

Don’t go spending a ton of money on like 20 sites, that will just be a recipe for disaster!

Unfortunately, this is very easy to do and you can end up getting carried away quickly. The key like I mentioned above is to start off slow and do it properly.

Slow consistent steps will win the race here…..

You also need to do it this way so that you can manage it properly and look after the site the way you want it to run. If you lack focus, you will just waste money and then never see any results….

One tip I can also give you is too create a watch list within your dashboard and then Flippa will email you similar sites for you to look at! This saves time and sometimes you get sent some AWESOME DEALS….

As a last thought, you can also check out the starter sites. They have some very good sites on here so be sure to keep your options open and look in these two sections…!

If you want to learn specifically how to make $1000 a month FAST, feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

Click here to download the guide now

Your Deadbeat friend…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

Images sourced from pixabay

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