How to Make Easy Money Online (While Being Lazy)…


The Lazy Way to Make Easy Money Online

Hey Deadbeat, on this page you’d find the proven ways on how to make easy money online while being literally lazy!


Yes, so if you’re feeling lazy and looking for easy ways to make money online right now! This post you’re reading has got you covered!

Okay, before we jump right into the different techniques of making easy money online – you need to know this, very important!

There’s a right way and wrong way to do it…

First, let’s go into the wrong way –

Wrong Ways NOT to Make Money Online if you want to be Lazy

How does “Dropping your affiliate links in the comment area of multiple Youtube videos” – sound? How lazy and easy to make money online does it sound?

Sounds super lazy and easy too right?

All you have to do is find tons of youtube videos of any industry online – for instance you find muscle building videos on youtube then you go get a muscle building related affiliate product, grab your affiliate link and have it placed nicely on every muscle building videos’ comment area you find; then magically watch the sales – easy money – roll in right?

Or in my case on my youtube channel, Deadbeat Super Affiliate – where I teach how to make easy money online – I find people are spamming my videos with their affiliate links. Trying to leech on to my traffic.


They are practically logging into my youtube videos and leaving their affiliate links in the comment area…not cool!

Truth is you might actually make a sale here or there trying this, but I doubt if it’ll be consistent because your comment with your affiliate link in it will almost never be approved by any legitimate youtube channel.

I personally delete such annoying comments when I see it…good riddance!

I find people using the same approach with the affiliate links on:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Come on peeps, this isn’t 2006…even if your affiliate linked comment evades the tired eyes of a webmaster and gets approved, definitely still is a waste of effort.

And never does it qualify as a lazy way to make easy money online – not one bit!

Reason is if you put into consideration the hours you’d spend gathering up your giant list of videos, blogs, forum threads, Facebook posts that you’re going to spam with your affiliate links.

And a couple more hours copying and pasting your comments and then you make 10 bucks! For 4hours worth of work – not cool!

What you really need to lazily make easy money online is putting little hours daily and making a lot more than 10bucks – I’d show you how right now!

Right Ways to Make Money Online if you want to be Lazy 

The first thing you need to understand – if you’re going to make easy money online lazily is DO NOT try to get a job online!

Yeah, like making money online taking surveys, yes it is a no brainer, super lazy technique but it is still a job. You don’t necessarily need that, you already got your day job!

It’s also the same when you’re working on Fiverr, Upwork or other freelance sites online – it feels like a job – you don’t necessarily need that –I’m not saying working on Fiverr is bad but you need something better, you need to own an online property.

$350k In 5 Days from a 100k Opt -in Subscribers’ List

Now here’s a story that’ll best describe to you what having an online property really means –

One evening on the 13th May 2009, John got a call from his accountant saying – I quote below:

“Hi John, you’re having a really good year this year, better off than last year, anyways because you made a lot more than you did make last year, it’s looking like you owe $250, 000 in tax which must be payable before the Tax deadline day Friday the 18th May 2009, which is just 5 days from today”

Now fast forward to this present day John is a successful internet marketer, founder of multiple companies in online markets ranging from health, finance, Internet Marketing to mention a few and having done over $100 million in revenue.

But back in 2009, he was just a fledgling beginner internet marketer with relative degree of success and has just manage to pay off a huge credit card debt that May which he had used in the finance of a year-long creation of a 100k plus opt-in subscribers’ list

He didn’t even have $50k in the bank…where is he going to get $250, 000 in five days? He pondered

He had just bought a house for his family, had made their life more convenient and just got off debt by selling off a bunch of websites he owned.

Where is he going to get $250, 000 in such a short time period? He wondered…

The thought of an impending IRS (Internal Revenue Service) subpoena and a possible jail term made him cry and sob all day long.

Until his wife said to him “I don’t why you’re so upset, you always figure these things out and you’re going to figure this one out too

That struck some sense into him and gave him the motivation he needed and he now had to work with what he had to save himself and family from the imminent danger of the approaching showdown with Uncle Sam if he didn’t pay up.

He turned his attention to his list of over 100k subscribers… and began creating the few promotions he had reserved for the year long.

Even though it wasn’t the ideal situation for him because he had to hasten things up… He did send out the offers to the list and manage to cut a check of $250k by Thursday the 17th May 2009 just one day shy of the tax day deadline… and the rests history!

He was saved by his 100k plus opt-in subscribers’ list! Saved by his online property!

An online property is just like any offline property – it’s an asset – but it’s a lot easier to create an online property.

A 100kplus opt –in subscriber list might seem like a daunting thing to create but John slowly built it for year – putting a few spare hours each day until it became a big asset.

So the key to lazily making easy money online is to own a valuable piece of online property.

Now there are lots of things that you can own that is not necessarily a subscribers’ list –

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Games

So this is the right way to do it, doesn’t involve spamming people and making less for more hours of work.

If you’re interested in how I create single page websites which I spend about 1 hour on to build and then they make $100 per month from each.

Please feel free to check out a guide that I have put together:

Yes I’m giving you the chance to finally own a bunch of single page websites that makes $100/month – think of if you create and own 20?

Click here to download the guide and I’ll basically walk you thru setting websites that will make you easy money online…lazy style!


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