How to Make Money As An Affiliate WITHOUT a Website

You Do Not Need A Website To Make Money From Being An Affiliate…

It is possible to make money without building a website.

With this method, you can start earning money right away!

How To Create The Content

First, you will need to write out your report.

You can use a Word document for this.

Include pictures, headings, and plenty of useful content.

Typically, this report should be more than two pages.

It should also include your product as the very last page.

Create accurate and useful information about the problem your product will solve.

For example, this document is about teeth grinding, so the product listed at the very bottom is supposed to help those solve that problem.

Your content should build up and eventually lead into your product.

Screenshot (24)

Adding The Affiliate Link To The Product

When the reader views the document, they will see the product listed on the very last page.

When they see this product, they can view the product that is being sold on the affiliate website by clicking on the hyperlink.

Once they make a purchase, you make some commission.

Here are some steps on how to add your affiliate link to your report.


  1. Copy the link of the product you are promoting
  2. Select the text or image you would like to hyperlink
  3. Go to the Insert tab and select Hyperlink Screenshot (25)n

How To Save The File as a PDF Form

You must save the file as a PDF, not a word document.

This step is essential and very simple to do.

Follow these steps to effectively save your word document as a PDF file.

  1. Go to the File tab
  2. Scroll down to Save As Screenshot (28)n
  3. Go to format
  4. Select PDF Screenshot (27)n
  5. Name the file whatever you have named your article as

How To Submit Your PDF File

There are two methods to do this.

One method is to manually submit the PDF yourself.

There are several websites that list various ways to this.

This method may take some time, but through this method you can submit your PDF wherever you would like.

The second method is to use Fiverr

There are several gigs on Fiverr that will submit your PDF file for you.

Screenshot (29)Typically, they will submit your file to several different sources.

The gigs will only cost you about $5 depending on what you are looking for.

This method is the easiest method because you do not need to do any of the work.

Simply choose from any gig you want, supply them with your PDF, and they will do the work for you.

Screenshot (30)

What Affiliate Websites Should You Use?

While there are many to choose from, you can view a list of the top best affiliate websites.

While Amazon is typically a favorite, they no longer support affiliate promotion through PDF.

With that being said, there are plenty of other affiliates that you can use.

These include,

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • JVZoo
  • eBay Partnership Network
  • ShareASale

The affiliate, you decide to use depends on what you are selling along with your niche.

If you find that selling digital products, such as an eBook, would be appropriate for your article, then try using ClickBank.

Although, if you are more interested in selling physical products, ShareASale has a lot of big brand items to choose from.

Whatever method you choose, keep the product reasonably priced and relevant to your article.

How Will I Make Money From This Method?

While you may not earn hundreds of dollars per day from this method, you can earn a constant income.

These reports will be placed over the internet throughout the years and many will likely find it.

This is a simple and quick way to passively make an income.

There is only a little to no work at all that you need to put into this.

As soon as you submit your PDF, feel free to sit back and relax while making a little bit of income.

Even though the income may not be a lot, it will add up very quickly.

It will not be too long before you begin to find a little bit of money coming in from the purchases people are making through your link.

This is just one of many different ways in which you can constantly make income without doing any technical work, such as building a website.

You can do several of these reports to add more sources of income, although they may not all be very successful, over time you will begin to see some money come in.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Instead, this is a quick way to make some additional money passively.









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