Start a $5,000/m Online Business: Cold or Warm Website Traffic?


Start a $5,000/m Online Business: Cold or Warm Website Traffic?

Welcome deadbeats, how are you?

In today’s post I want to look at how to start an online business & whether or not it’s better to get cold or warm WEBSITE TRAFFIC…

…If you have been online any amount of time, you know website traffic is one of the most important things online.


Traffic can be similar to the shower or sink in your house…

…You can either have extremely cold traffic or warm traffic. What does this mean and DOES IT REALLY make a difference? Well, yes it does.

Today, I will be covering what these terms mean and really give you some good insights into online traffic today…

…So, that you can potentially make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH online, let’s begin!

Start a $5,000/m Online Business

I am going to be talking about the difference between WARM AND COLD TRAFFIC online…

…So, even though there are two types of traffic, it’s still possible to create good monthly incomes USING BOTH TYPES… you just have to adjust them.

Ill get more into that later, but for now I just want you to know there are two types of traffic we can look at.

For colder traffic, it just takes a little BIT MORE EXPERIENCE to turn this type of traffic into leads than warm traffic & a little bit more time!


So, for this post I am going to be taking you through some examples and steer you in the RIGHT DIRECTION.

Hopefully, with this knowledge you will be well on your way to making up to $5000 a month and that is a lot of good money!

So, firstly you might have seen something called malware or spyware…

…These are basically ad pages that just pop up in your browser and ask you to download things or “hey get a new iPhone” type of stuff.

Moving On….

This type of traffic is LOW QUALITY & has a high bounce rate… it is also considered as very cold traffic.

It’s very untargeted and the visitor isn’t expecting this at all… which is very bad and has very low conversions.

They aren’t in the mindset to buy and all they want to do is close the freaking thing.

Now, for it being bad there are still ways to make money with this…. but you need to be an expert of this type of stuff.


They need to know how to track properly, split test the ads and have a massive backend sales funnel… YEAH HARD RIGHT?

As a beginner I highly recommend you stay away from this, AS YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SHIRT. It’s very hard to do…

… And not to mention you will lose a lot of money via testing and seeing what works.

Now, another example would be on Fiverr, having an Instagram shoutout to like “700,000 followers”. AGAIN, not the best quality.

Cold And Warm Website Traffic

Again, this is an example of cold traffic… because the person’s niche might be different to yours…

… Also, the account holder has probably burn’t there relationship with THE FOLLOWER by sending out to many shout outs etc.

Ok, so now let’s move on and start looking at warmer traffic examples and tricks.

So, you can pay for traffic in the form of something called solo ads. People have niche specific mailing lists and charge like 70c a click for people to read your email.

security-2910624_640To these solo ads you can promote FREE or PAID products…. but the best way to do it is to promote FREE guides and then have a sales funnel…

… Now, because your using your OWN EMAIL SWIPE, you do have some control but you have no idea of the quality of the list…

… Or even if they are going to spend money. ALOT of these lists, just have people looking for free stuff… without credit cards!

Again, these people can get burn’t out and often get tired of seeing all these promotional emails day after day.


Now, when you have your own email list and pitch products properly…

… People WILL TRUST you a lot more and you will make way more sales, which is what you want.

That being said though, people still do make SOME GOOD MONEY with solo ads, but this is after split testing the right email swipe and a few other important things.

Ok, moving on let’s continue with some other example and ideas…


Next, you can focus on search engine traffic…

…Typically, this type of traffic is warmer and more relevant to what your trying to sell etc.

This is because people type in the specific KEYWORDS and then find your content that is relevant to what they are looking for…

… This increases engagement and these people are more likely to buy products than not!

Online Business Traffic Tips

For example someone could type in “stop snoring” and then you have a site about stop snoring…

… You can then PITCH PRODUCTS that help people stop snoring, do you see how much more relevant this is? Of course it takes more work… but the results are AMAZING!

They are in an information gathering mode, so they are between cold and warm… then when they land on a site and take further action…

… They are a lot warmer and thus will spend some money (wink, wink).


The more people take action, the more chance there is that they will spend money…

So, this is something THAT I RECOMMEND in my system to target search traffic and then make sales this way! You have seen how powerful this can be.

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Warmer traffic has a higher conversion rate than cold…

===> Test and track things for better return on investment…

===> Having a funnel is much better than just straight promotion…


Now, if you want to learn how to properly target keywords and do proper keyword research, then I have some really good information for you which you can check out here ===>


Over and out deadbeats…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

Images sourced from pixabay

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