A Peak Inside An Earning Amazon.com Affiliate Website (Tutorial)

In This Post I’m Going to Give You a Walkthrough of a Proven Amazon.com Affiliate Web Page That I Own…

Let’s jump right in.

Alright so one of my favorite affiliate markets to operate in as an Amazon.com affiliate is anything related to either a Hobby or Entertainment.

People are suckers for entertainment!

(I have first hand experience).

Back when I was into doing “Street Magic”… I was so passionate about the hobby that I bought over $3000 worth of magic training and props.

Realistically.. I used maybe $100 worth of it on a regular basis.

Because when you are passionate about a hobby…

You go all out. You want everything!

That is why I always target entertainment or hobby oriented niches on Amazon.

This Affiliate Site is About Acoustic Guitars.

People get into acoustic guitars for many reasons.

Some want to become famous country singers, some want to attract a date by being decent at a guitar, and some just want to learn how to play an instrument.

There first step is to get into the mind of someone who is interested in learning to play the guitar.

I also specifically target beginners on a lot of my niche sites.

The reason why is simple.

Beginners are usually the most enthusiastic, and enthusiastic people typically BUY a lot of stuff.

Let’s Start By Creating The Mission Statement For Your Website.

Your website’s index page (The main home page) should act as both the “mission statement” (Who/What the site is about)…

And also an index (think “table of contents” for a book) for all the content on your website.

So let’s breakdown the page:

affiliate site example

No Affiliate Links On The Home Page

I use to do this in the past, and while it does work well, it will hamper your search engine traffic.

That is why I make the home page (index page) act more as of an index/outline of what my overall website is about.

I recommend specific products, and link to the pages deep within my website.

This will help your site increase in authority.

Also, Add a LOT of Free/Valuable Info!

It’s hard to get the motivation to create content for free when there is nothing in it for you.

But it’s crucial that you don’t look at it this way.

The more free content that you add to your site, the more traffic and staying power you’ll have.

You can also link your free content to specific products related to whatever it is you are writing about in your free post.

Don’t be afraid to add free content.

In fact, nowadays, your free content to paid content (affiliate links) ratio should be 80:20!

For more info, watch my in-depth video on YouTube:

Inside an earning Amazon.com affiliate web site.

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-Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock

Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketers (High CTRs)

Why Your WordPress Theme Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of An Affiliate Site…

The way your website looks and functions is incredibly important in regards to audience retention and click through rates to whatever affiliate offer you are trying to promote.

You have to make sure your WordPress theme is “Responsive”.

A Responsive WordPress theme is one that adjusts according to whatever screen resolution it’s being displayed on.

That means it will work equally as well on Mobile and Tablet devices as it does a desktop computer!

Anatomy of a High Converting WordPress Theme

I’m going to break down my “Deadbeat Theme” provided along with my Deadbeat Super Affiliate system to give you an idea of the important aspects of a high converting theme.

Take a look:


Clean & Simple WordPress Themes Take The Cake!

Whichever theme you decide to go with, always follow this criteria:

  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Content starts right off the bat.
  • Small header area.

Follow these rules, and you will double your overall commissions with whatever affiliate site you use these types of themes on.

Also see my YouTube video for more WordPress affiliate theme recommendations.

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How to Create a Brand For Your Online Business (Pricing, Market, and Audience):

Why a Brand is So Important For Your Business Nowadays…

Good branding is what allows your business to stand out.

It can be a unique name…

A character or mascot (the gecko from GEICO)…

Or even a uniform (think Steve Job’s Turtleneck and Jeans).

With thousands upon thousands of competitors, the worst thing you can do is blend in.

Even a unique name can take you much further.

With my Deadbeat Super Affiliate system… we came up with both the unique name… a character AND a costume!

That’s why it was so successful.

Pick a Market & Audience… And DRILL IT DOWN!

It’s always best to start specific…

Then expand outwards, rather than vice-versa.

For example: as a business owner your tendency is to try to appeal to everyone… rather than a specific type of person in your market.

This is the wrong thing to do because by trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one!

(there’s a life lesson in general for you!).

Going with my Deadbeat Super Affiliate system for example…

We could have made it a generalized affiliate marketing system as an attempt to appeal to everyone…

But we drilled it down very specific.

Moving toward to “Amazon Affiliate Marketing”…

Then taking it one step further and going to “Lazy Amazon Affiliate Marketing”.

We created a character that embodied this audience…

And was able to create a very loyal following because of it!

So think specific first, then work your way outwards once you build your cult following up.

Pricing Is The Secret Behind Serious Success.

In each market, there are basically two types of people.

One group looking to get a deal on something good…

And another group looking to pay extra money for the BEST they can possibly get.

There is no group of people looking to get a deal on a crappy product…

And no group of people looking to pay an average amount of money for an average product of service.

Only 1 group looking for a deal on a good product…

And 1 group looking to pay a premium for the BEST product.

Now that I’m experienced…

I’m no longer going after the deal hunter price range (low end).

You have much more competition and staying power.

Instead of trying to compete on price…

For now on… I’m going to compete on value.

Instead of lowering price to make sales, I’m committed to increasing value to justify higher price points.

Just some food for thought, Deadbeats!

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Clickbank vs Amazon.com Affiliate Program – Which Is Best?

So You’re Debating Between Clickbank and Amazon…

Alright, so you’ve made the choice to try your hand at affiliate marketing.

You’re in for a wild ride!

One of they decisions you’ll have to make is what affiliate network do you want to join with.

You have many…

  • Amazon
  • Neverblue
  • Clickbank
  • Ads4Dough
  • And 1000s of different networks you can become an affiliate for.

So which is best?

While there is no BEST affiliate network…

My 2 personal favorite affiliate programs are Clickbank and Amazon.com!

How to Market On Clickbank

The gameplay for Clickbank is simple.

(You want to do this 90% of the time).

Build a freebie related to one of the popular niches…

Create an optin page…

Create a follow up sequence…

And drive traffic to your optin page.

Then, once you start earning affiliate commissions, you want to go about making your own products to replace the ones you are promoting as an affiliate (this can double or triple the money you make if done correctly).

It’s that simple (you just need to take action).

How to Market On Amazon.com

With Amazon, I like to target buyer keywords with the use of reviews.

A lot of the times, with Amazon.com affiliate sites, I don’t build a list.

All I do is funnel traffic to my review pages, and straight to Amazon.

Reason why is because Amazon is a BUYER website, and the moment someone decides to click a link and go to Amazon, you know they are highly likely to buy.

That’s not to say that list building doesn’t work on Amazon… because it does. But a lot of the times you can create a quick stream of income without much of the hassle.

Best Thing to Do: Combine Amazon and Clickbank!

Now the reality is you don’t need to pick just one affiliate network to work with! You can mix and match them any way you please.

One thing you can do is recommend info products on Clickbank, and then simultaneously recommend physical products to go along with it.

For example:

You could recommend a 6 pack abs info product on Clickbank…

And also recommend some workout devices on Amazon to use along with the Clickbank Info product!

There we go!

I hope that helps…

Comment below if you have any questions about affiliate marketing in general. I am happy to help!

See you soon!

Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock

Why It’s Important to Be Frugal When Starting An Online Business

Dan “the Deadbeat” Brock here…

And one of the main reasons I’m able to successfully live this lazy, work 1 hour a day lifestyle…

Is because I’m good at living a frugal, minimalist entrepreneurial lifestyle.

It wasn’t always like this.

In fact, I had to go through the experience of buying 2 Porsches (A Black 2002 911, and a 1990 928 GT) & a Mercedes Benz to realize that buying “things” was a complete waste of money and energy.

See, no matter what I was doing, on the back of my mind I’d always be worrying about my cars.

I’d say that 10% of my brain power was spent passively worrying about them!

And when I realized I was really only driving the cars 2-3 times a year, I decided it was time for them to go.

So over the last few months I’ve been simplifying my life significantly.

I sold my 1990 928 GT, and all the expenses related to it!

Go Through Your Personal and Business Expenses Regularly!

It’s extremely crucial to go through your expenses both personal and business about once every 2-3 months.

What I do is make a list of every recurring charge that hits my credit cards, and enter that data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Then, I systematically go through the list 1 by 1 and see what I can do to either eliminate it, or reduce it as much as possible.

I know it’s common sense, but are you actively doing this?

Even small $5-$10/m charges add up.

Think of them as your profits slipping away.

The way I look at it, is it’s easier to reduce your expense by $100/m, then to start or tweak a new campaign to produce an extra $100/m.

Your expenses are like guaranteed CASH MONEY!

Some Of The Expenses I Was Able to Reduce.

Over the last 3 months I reduced my current overall business and personal expense down to roughly $1800/m!

Here are some of them:

Business Expense Reductions

Mailing list services – these were at roughly $250/m, I got them down to about $60/m by removing all people who haven’t opened emails from me in more than 365 days!

Web Hosting – I was paying a combined $300/m between HostGator hosting plans, cloud service, and Amazon S3. I went through and scaled down some services, and cancelled a couple hosting plans. I’m now down to 2 HostGator plans, and my $50/m Softlayer cloud! Hosting expense is under $100/m now!

Domain Names – I had over 150 domain names I was paying $13/year for. Domain names actually represented a big portion of my expense, but because I was only paying $13/year for each one, it was hard to wrap my brain around how much money I was actually spending on these per year. So what I did was went through my account and deleted ALL domains that weren’t currently earning me money. I went from 150 domains down to 10. Some of the domains I literally paid $300-$500 each by buying them in auction so I was really attached to those. Those were a hard decision to get rid of, but I decided that since I haven’t done anything with them in the last 2-3 years of owning them, I might as well drop them!

Software – I was spending big money on monthly software subscriptions from Adobe and other sites. I managed to reduce this down from about $350/m to $30/m! I bought some one time fee software to replace the ones I was using, but all in all I ended up saving a lot!

Internet – I was able to reduce our internet bill from $80/m down to about $50/m by dropping down from 50mbps to 25mbps. I notice absolutely no difference in speed.

Personal Expense Reductions

Cell Phone – Went from $100/m to $30/m by switching from a Verizon data plan to a prepaid call/text only plan. I hardly use my phone anyway, so this turned out to be easy money.

Cable TV – I decided to get rid of cable TV all together, for a savings of $50/m. Now instead of watching TV (complete waste of time), I read self improvement books!

Gym Membership – I like to workout, but at this point in life I’ve focusing on building my online business back up. I reduced my Jui-Jitsu membership down from $190/m to $150/m.

Car Insurance – Was able to completely get rid of my cars for a monthly savings of around $250/m. My house is located in the center of town where I can literally walk to everything I need. Life is simple, and great!

Eating Out/Going Out – Over the last 10 years, this has been by far my biggest expense. I looked over my taxes the last 5 years and have spent close to $100,000 in POST TAX money on eating out/going out. A stopped drinking about a year ago, and am now focusing on reducing the amount I eat out/get carry out.

Why I Decided To Slim Down

So back in 2010-2012 I had A LOT of month expense between employees and personal expense bloat.

The stress of it all was too much for me to handle.

So I decided then that I was going to trim all the fat off of everything.

Sure, I’m making a little less money overall, but right now in life I prefer simple and stable vs. complex and chaotic.

This year I’m gearing up for a big expansion, but this time I’m not going to have STUFF to worry about!

What This Means For You:

Like I said before, ALWAYS be on top of your expenses.

The best way to do this is to learn to do your own books.

This way you get good at getting receipts and structuring your life around tax write offs… and also have the ability to keep an eye on every single monthly expenditure you have!

Get too it! See what you can shave off your monthly expenses.

-Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock