How to Outsource Content Creation (Article Writing Done for You) PT 5

Outsourcing Your Content Can Save You Time….

The best way to outsource content creation is to organize your topics and ideas.

Doing so will allow the writer to have a better idea of exactly what you want done.

Make sure to outline the topic of your article, so the writer can write content around your topic.

Know What You Are Looking For

In order to effectively outsource your writing, you must have an idea of what you are looking for.

This means thinking about the categories you want to include in your website.

Also think about potential topics.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Find some products that you are interested in selling
  2. Come up with a few categories to put your articles under
  3. Find keywords that are relevant to your niche
  4. Think of several potential article titles for you writer to work with

Websites That Are Great For Outsourcing Work

Finding a reliable website is important in finding freelancers to outsource your work to.

This method is a more affordable way to outsource your work.

You can also find many skilled freelancers that are possibly more proficient than you are at the job.

By hiring a freelancer, you are also saving more time to do other productive things.


UpWork is a great website to find highly skilled, experienced, and educated freelancers.

The best part is the price…

You can hire a very experienced writer to write your content for a very affordable price.

With that being said, have a budget set.

Be aware of how much you an afford to spend on this content.


This website is best if you are just looking for affordability rather than quality.

While you may get some quality content, the writers on this website are typically not Native English speakers.

This website is great for those looking for a quick 400 word article for about $2.

The writers are also only allowed to write the content.

Therefore, they can’t use any heading (h1, h2, ect.).

They also can’t attach any images.

This website is not recommended for high quality content.


This is a very popular website and the best part is the price.

For $5, you can get a good deal on content because every gig is worth $5.

With that being said, most writers will charge $5 for only about 500 words or less.

While they may be good quality writers, their are a few that may deliver less than average work.

You also are not given a lot of background of the writers you are working with.

Be sure to check the reviews as well as the person’s background in writing before you make your decision.


Explaining Your Writing Needs To Your Freelancer

It is important that your freelancer fully understands the type of content you want, the writing style you are looking for, and any other necessary details.

Instead of writing a full paragraph on everything you want, the easiest method is to record a video.

In this video, discuss everything you have provided to the freelancer to work with.

You don’t need to go into detail about every post.

Make the video short and to the point.

A great tip is to provide a script on how you would like your content to look.

Screenshot (18)n

Use these tips to have a better experience with your freelancer:

  • Provide a script
  • Explain your details thoroughly
  • Keep in contact with your freelancer
  • Write the first few articles for your writer to refer to

Good Content is Important For Your Website

Having high quality content on your website, especially if your website is new, is essential in adding value.

Adding good content on your website allows you to get a good start on your website.

If your website is interesting, informative, and valuable then this will reflect in your website statistics.

The longer your visitors read your articles, make a comment, and interact with your website, the more value you are giving to those visitors.

So, your content should be well written, easy to ready, and providing some sort of value.

Adding Content To a New Website

While many people may be in a hurry to start gaining money.

It is a common mistake to start filling up your website with ads, affiliate links, and unnecessary fillers.

Instead, you should provide valuable content on a regular basis for a good amount of time.

This will allow you to slowly gain rank in Google and attract more users.

Then when you have a good amount of monthly visitors, you will be more likely to start gaining money.











Add a High Converting Amazon WordPress Theme to Your Website – Part 4

Integrating an Amazon WordPress Theme Into Your Website Can Improve Conversion Rates…

There are a few good themes, both free and paid,  that are great for Amazon affiliate websites.

In order to be successful, you need to choose the right WordPress theme.

You will want to find a theme that brings attention to what you are trying to accomplish.

Which is to sell products.

Installing a Responsive Theme

Installing a WordPress theme is very important and fairly simple.

For those who do not know how to install a WordPress theme, just follow these steps.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the appearance tab on the left and click themes.
  2. Next, you will want to click the Add New button on the top of the page.
  3. Then click on the feature filter tab. Screenshot (12)n
  4. Within the feature filter tab, you should see a section labeled layout
  5. Under the layout section, check mark the box next to responsive layout Screenshot (13)n
    Using a responsive theme allows mobile users to use your website.

By using a responsive theme, your website will fit well with mobile devices.

You could lose half of your potential customers if you fail to make your website easily accessible through mobile devices.

Choosing Your Theme

The best themes for high conversion rates are typically simple themes.

This is because you will need something that is easy to navigate, yet appealing.

In order to find a simple theme, just type simple into the search bar. Screenshot (14)n

Search for a theme that is both simple and focused more on content.

When you want to try out a few themes, simply click install and then activate.

When deciding on a theme, there are a few things to look for.

  • Simple
  • Focused on content
  • Small header to avoid distractions so users can focus more on the content
  • Responsive

Since your website will need to be more content driven than anything else.

You should pick an appropriate theme that outlines the content.

There are plenty of themes that do this for free.

The Deadbeat Theme

This particular theme was designed specifically for Amazon affiliate website.

This theme will also work with product based websites.

Using this theme will guarantee at least 2 to 3 times more conversions than using a standard theme. Screenshot (16)

As you can see, this particular theme is very simple.

The main focus will be on the content as the header is very small and non distracting.

A feature that sets this theme apart from the others, is the product panel that is located on the right.

This panel is designed to promote top rated products.

Having this panel makes it very easy for customers to see some of the products you offer.

This section will more than likely drive most of the sales.

Screenshot (17)n

This theme can be found on as a bonus to the Amazon Marketing Affiliate System.

Using both free or paid themes an be effective depending on how you use them.

What to Look For in an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

When it comes to selling products and being an affiliate website, you need to emphasize what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are trying to sell products, this needs to be somehow obvious.

That being said, you should not constantly throw products into your customer’s face.

Instead, try to discretely integrate products into your website where they will be noticed.

The best way to accomplish this is to create content.

The content should go into detail about specific keywords.

This content should also somehow be relevant to the products you are trying to sell.

For this to work, you need to pick a theme that displays everything neatly.

Since you’re main emphasize should be on content and products, this is what the customer should see the most of.

Avoid distracting headers, ads, and anything else that would draw the customer away from the product.

The most obvious aspect of your website should be content.

Along with the content of course comes products.

Using a simple theme is the best solution.

Specifically for product affiliation, a theme that displays the products neatly along with the content is ideal.

How Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes Can Boost Conversion Rates

Having the right WordPress theme can make you more money immediately.

By using a theme that is easy to navigate, more customer will be attracted to your website.

Using a responsive theme will increase the number of mobile users.

Without a responsive theme, you may lose more than half of your customers.

This is because many people are mobile users and they need to view a website that is easy to use on a mobile phone.

Picking the right theme could essentially mean more money.













How to Create Your Own Website (Registering a Domain Name + Web Hosting) – Part 3

Here is a Guide to Help You Create Your Own Website…

Creating your own website is simple… if you know where to start.

In case you do not know where to start, here are a few tips!

The Beginning Stages of Creating a Website

In order to build a website, you must start with key three steps.

Regardless of the website type, these three steps stay the same for every website.

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Purchase web hosting
  3. Install WordPress

Each of these steps play a very important role in how your website will look and run.

Before beginning, make sure you are well prepared with any information you may need.

Where to Register a Domain Name

In order to register a domain name, there are a few web hosting websites you can use.

In this tutorial, HostGator is the website being used to register a domain name.


For those interested in using this website to register their own domain names, here is some important information.

Before you come up with your domain name, you must select a plan.

The plans offered on HostGator include:

  • Hatchling Plan- There are many features that come with this plan, but this plan allows for only 1 domain name.

So for those only wanting to create one website, this plan would be best for you.

  • Baby Plan- With this plan, you may register an unlimited amount of domain names.

This plan is great for those interested in building multiple websites, and the one I recommend for affiliate marketers.

  • Business Plan- This is the largest package HostGator offers. It includes unlimited domain names, along with a free dedicated IP, a free toll-free number, and a free private SSL.

This plan is ideal for business, as well as anyone interested in building many websites.

Screenshot (7)n

Choosing Your Domain Name and Signing Up For Web Hosting

This step is very important, because your domain name should not be just some random name.

Instead, your domain name should reflect your website.

This means… use a relevant keyword to help you pick your domain name.

For example, for a website aimed towards sleeping better, a good keyword to use would be “stop snoring”.

Here are some tips to help you pick out a good domain name.

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool to help find relevant keywords
  • Be creative with your domain name to increase the odds of availability
  • Pick a domain name that reflects your website along with the market you are aiming for

Screenshot (8)n

After you select your domain name, fill out the necessary information.

Accessing Your Control Panel and Installing WordPress

When you are through signing up, you should receive an email containing a link and more information on how to access your control panel.

WordPress is the easiest and most convenient way to build a website.

Not only is it simple for beginners to use, but there are tons of useful tools you can use to improve your website.

Follow these steps to install WordPress.

  1. Go to “Hosting”
  2. Click on the hosting dashboard
  3. Select the Launch QuickInstall
  4. Click WordPress when you arrive to the following page
  5. Select “Install” and fill out the required information about you and your website

Screenshot (10)n

Begin Using Your New WordPress Website

Once you have successfully installed WordPress, the next step is to access your page for the first time.

In order to do this, you must type in your domain name with a “/wp” at the end.

For example, in the tutorial the correct way to this is

Login to the WordPress website using your information that was provided to you.

Screenshot (11)n

If you have followed this guide step-by-step…

Congratulations! You have officially gone from registering your own domain name to logging into your WordPress website for the first time.

From there, you can start developing and creating your own niche website.

While you may use whichever web hosting website you want, this is what is personally recommended and from experience, the best hosting for a website.

The same goes for WordPress, although WordPress is the simplest, quickest, and overall the best way to create your website.

Creating a website does not have to be difficult.

With a variety of simple tools and only a few steps, you can begin creating your own website in no time at all.

Using these simple methods will result in a quick and easy process.

You do not need to be an expert to make a website, all you need is some basic knowledge.









Keyword Research Made Easy (Google Adwords Keyword Tool) – Part 2

Here is a Walkthrough on How to Find Keywords Using The Google Adwords Keyword tool…

If you haven’t already, in order to use the Google Adwords keyword tool you must first make an account.

To begin using the Google Adwords keyword tool, you need to sign up with a credit card.

Keep in mind that this tool is free, so you do not need to make any purchases.

Here are a few steps to help you get into the Google Adwords keyword tool.

  1. Make an account with your email.
  2. Sign up for the Google Adwords keyword tool, remember that you will need your credit card.
  3. When you are on the home page, click on the tools button on the top of the page.
  4. Click on Keyword Planner.
  5. Type in your product or service, change your settings as necessary

Understanding Keyword Results

When you type in specific keywords, the tool will automatically display some information.

Average Monthly Searches- This section is pretty self explanatory. The amount shown in this section reflects the amount of monthly searches this particular keyword had.

Competition- If you plan on using this keyword, it may be beneficial to understand how high the competition is for the keyword.

Trends- You may also notice that small graph to the left of the average monthly search section, when you click on this graph you will see how this particular keyword has done as far as monthly searches throughout the year. This information will help you figure out whether this keyword is being searched less, more, or staying consistent through the months.

Screenshot (2)n

Building a Keyword List

It can be confusing if you are new at searching for keywords. Finding the right keyword can make all the difference. Here are a few tips that should help you during your keyword search.

  • Find a keyword that is relevant to your website.

This one is kind of obvious, but very important.

If you are unsure of what keywords to use for your website ask yourself a couple questions..

  1. What kind of products do I plan on selling?
  2. What words would I use to best describe my business?

By answering these questions, you should come up with at least a few keywords to use.

Type these into the Keyword Tool and you will find a lot of similar keywords that do really well when it comes to monthly searches.

  • Find Keywords that are specific

Try to add more specific and targeted keywords as opposed to general terms.

Find long-tail keywords

This means that you should look for phrases made up of about three or four words.

Avoid one word keywords, as these are often not specific enough.

For example, otc sleeping aid is a great keyword because it is very specific and targets a group that is looking for over the counter sleeping aids.

Screenshot (3)n

  • Find Keywords That Will Sell

Finding a keyword that will sell means that whatever keyword you find, you can use this to list relevant products.

For example, for the long-tail keyword snoring mouthpiece, this term can be searched on Amazon and a lot of relevant products can be found.

Finding a good product to sell that corresponds with your selected keyword is essential.

Try searching your possible keyword on Amazon and check to see if there are any products you may be interested in selling.

The product should be relevant to the keyword you are using.

As long as you are using the right keyword, users should be able to find your product.

Screenshot (4)n


Using your Keywords

Finding keywords does not have to be stressful.

Using the right keyword is necessary when it comes to creating content.

When you have your keyword, try to create your content so that it revolves around this keyword.

Also use this keyword when selecting products to sell, because the product should be relevant to the keyword you have chosen and the content that you write about.

This guide should walk you through the entire process of creating your account to finally creating your keyword list.

The keyword list should be full of useful keywords that you can either build content around, use to sell a product, and create topics for your website.

Don’t Forget!

Here is a summary of key essentials that you should not forget when searching for your keywords.

  1. Fully understand the settings in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  2. Keep keyword relevant to your niche
  3. Look for keywords that are searched often per month
  4. Try and select long-tail keywords
  5. Make sure your keywords are specific
  6. Find a keyword that will help you sell products



How to Find Products to Promote on (Part 1)

A Guide on Finding Products For Your Niche on…

Amazon offers a large variety of products, so when looking for products for a niche, Amazon is great place to browse through.

You can gain both ideas and products from Amazon.

How to Find Niche Products

If you are currently looking for niche products, you have probably already discovered what niche you are making your website about.

In order to determine what products you want to sell, it is important to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  1. What kind of topics do I want to make my niche website about?
  2. What keywords do I need to focus on?

Regarding the first question, Amazon could help give you some more ideas.

For the second question, you should have at least a couple of keywords to start with.

For example, two simple keywords like “better sleep” brought pages and pages of products that are relevant to that keyword.

How to Choose a Product to Sell

When it comes to this step, although there are scientific ways to pick a product, typically you can simply choose the product you think will sell.

Here are a few tips that may help you when choosing niche product:

  1. Pick a product specific to your niche. Usually if you have a targeted keyword, you can use this to find relevant products.
  2. Pick products that cost anywhere from $10 to $200. Keeping the cost above $10 will make it much easier to decent profit and sell.
  3. Choose products that will stay popular. For example, selling an older version of a phone may not do as well when the new version of a phone comes out.

Do not be overwhelmed when you see all of the products you can choose from.

Look at the number of reviews to see what is popular. 

Within your niche, you may find many products to promote on that have thousands of reviews.

As long as they are relevant to your niche, choose those!

That means that people want these products, and if the product is rated good, more people will be interested in trying it.

Screenshot (5)n

Use the Products to Generate Topic Ideas

You do not need a set list of topics and keywords before you begin selecting niche products.

Even if you are completely clueless about your niche, although when choosing a niche you should have a general interest, you can look for products.

Use these niche products to inspire more topic and content ideas.

If you have absolutely no topics or keyword ideas, explore all of the Amazon products and see what you come up with.

You may find a lot of items under a specific and targeted keyword that you could use.

In this case, start making a list of keywords, products, and topics.

Just make sure they are relevant to each other if they are being used in the same niche.

Do Not Worry About the Price, It Adds Up

Many people will only focus on whether they will gain a lot of income from this product.

In this case, they will pick a bunch of products priced around $200.

This is a huge mistake.

Try and choose products that range from $15 to $200 on average.

You may have one very expensive item, but for the most part, keep a variety of products.

Even though a $15 product may not give you a lot of money from only one purchase, it adds up.

It is better to have hundreds of $15 dollar products sold as opposed to only one $200 product sold.

In the end, the only thing you should focus on is whether people will buy this product.

So, pick products that you feel will attract and interest potential buyers.

Do not create a list of useless products that your customers will not need nor want.

Remember to pick items that are not relevant to your niche.

For example, if your niche is about dog beds,  you do not need to use a sleeping medication product simply because it will give you money.

How to Choose Your Niche From Amazon

In order to successfully pick products for your niche, you must have a niche that interest you.

If you still need to pick out a niche, Amazon is a great place to look for ideas.

You can look through the different categories, type in different keywords, and look through various products.

Do this until you find something that not only interest you, but also a great idea for a niche that will do very well.

Start by looking through the Amazon Departments and go from there!

Screenshot (6)nRemember: Do not stress about finding the perfect products, keywords, and niche…

Have fun with various ideas and see what works the best for you.






How to Make Money As An Affiliate WITHOUT a Website

You Do Not Need A Website To Make Money From Being An Affiliate…

It is possible to make money without building a website.

With this method, you can start earning money right away!

How To Create The Content

First, you will need to write out your report.

You can use a Word document for this.

Include pictures, headings, and plenty of useful content.

Typically, this report should be more than two pages.

It should also include your product as the very last page.

Create accurate and useful information about the problem your product will solve.

For example, this document is about teeth grinding, so the product listed at the very bottom is supposed to help those solve that problem.

Your content should build up and eventually lead into your product.

Screenshot (24)

Adding The Affiliate Link To The Product

When the reader views the document, they will see the product listed on the very last page.

When they see this product, they can view the product that is being sold on the affiliate website by clicking on the hyperlink.

Once they make a purchase, you make some commission.

Here are some steps on how to add your affiliate link to your report.


  1. Copy the link of the product you are promoting
  2. Select the text or image you would like to hyperlink
  3. Go to the Insert tab and select Hyperlink Screenshot (25)n

How To Save The File as a PDF Form

You must save the file as a PDF, not a word document.

This step is essential and very simple to do.

Follow these steps to effectively save your word document as a PDF file.

  1. Go to the File tab
  2. Scroll down to Save As Screenshot (28)n
  3. Go to format
  4. Select PDF Screenshot (27)n
  5. Name the file whatever you have named your article as

How To Submit Your PDF File

There are two methods to do this.

One method is to manually submit the PDF yourself.

There are several websites that list various ways to this.

This method may take some time, but through this method you can submit your PDF wherever you would like.

The second method is to use Fiverr

There are several gigs on Fiverr that will submit your PDF file for you.

Screenshot (29)Typically, they will submit your file to several different sources.

The gigs will only cost you about $5 depending on what you are looking for.

This method is the easiest method because you do not need to do any of the work.

Simply choose from any gig you want, supply them with your PDF, and they will do the work for you.

Screenshot (30)

What Affiliate Websites Should You Use?

While there are many to choose from, you can view a list of the top best affiliate websites.

While Amazon is typically a favorite, they no longer support affiliate promotion through PDF.

With that being said, there are plenty of other affiliates that you can use.

These include,

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • JVZoo
  • eBay Partnership Network
  • ShareASale

The affiliate, you decide to use depends on what you are selling along with your niche.

If you find that selling digital products, such as an eBook, would be appropriate for your article, then try using ClickBank.

Although, if you are more interested in selling physical products, ShareASale has a lot of big brand items to choose from.

Whatever method you choose, keep the product reasonably priced and relevant to your article.

How Will I Make Money From This Method?

While you may not earn hundreds of dollars per day from this method, you can earn a constant income.

These reports will be placed over the internet throughout the years and many will likely find it.

This is a simple and quick way to passively make an income.

There is only a little to no work at all that you need to put into this.

As soon as you submit your PDF, feel free to sit back and relax while making a little bit of income.

Even though the income may not be a lot, it will add up very quickly.

It will not be too long before you begin to find a little bit of money coming in from the purchases people are making through your link.

This is just one of many different ways in which you can constantly make income without doing any technical work, such as building a website.

You can do several of these reports to add more sources of income, although they may not all be very successful, over time you will begin to see some money come in.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Instead, this is a quick way to make some additional money passively.









Is Article Marketing Still Effective? How to Get SEO Website Traffic With Articles

Here Is How and Why Article Marketing is Still Effective Through SEO Traffic…

Many wonder if article marketing still works in 2016.

The answer is


Article marketing still works, in fact, this method remains a great way to bring traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization can bring a lot of traffic.

This includes putting keywords in your content and descriptions.

Include High Quality Work In Your Website

You will need to put good content on your website.

Cheap articles may not give you the quality that you are looking for.

Without good quality, your articles are usually useless.

You can provide high quality work on your website in a couple of ways, these include:

  1. Outsourcing your work
  2. Spending the time to do the work yourself

By choosing to outsource your writing, you can pay an affordable amount for high quality content.

Not only will the writer be more enthusiastic about the content they are writing, but they may also be a little bit better at the job.

You also can save a lot of time by doing this.

This time can be spent doing other things that may make you money.

If you choose to do the work by yourself.

You are saving some money, but you are also spending a lot of time.

Depending on your personal needs, this may be the best option for you.

You can also make sure your content is exactly how you want it to be.

How To Create Good Content

What really qualifies for “good” content?

This may depend on the person, but often times, certain content is considered very high quality as opposed to other types of content.

In order to create good content, you should start with word count.

Word count really does matter, and while it may be easier to write 400 words, 800 to 1000 words is more ideal.

This amount of content allows for a lot of useful information as well as keywords.

Along with word count, there are also a few more aspects to high quality content:

  • Include pictures in your content
  • Good Headlines
  • Break up your content in sections
  • Create content that is easy to understand Screenshot (31)n

    Share Your Content On Other Websites

This is a popular way to create more website traffic.

Posting your article on other websites can draw in people that may have not been previously aware of your website.

While many choose to create articles with the intention of creating more backlinks, you may also need to create content that is high quality.

This depends on the website you are posting your content to.

Some websites are great for backlink content, while others are meant for high quality content.

In backlink article directories, it is completely acceptable to put lower quality articles in these.

While more established websites that are specifically for content, tend to be better for much higher quality and informative articles.

For example, HubPages is a website that is specifically for high quality articles and if you provide this type of article, you could potentially see a lot of results.

SEO is The Key To Article Marketing

SEO is one of the main reasons that article marketing is still essential to this day.

Finding and using the right keywords, creating high quality articles, and sharing your articles with other people is a great way to get traffic.

Search engine optimization allows your website to make its place within the search engines.

Through this method, you will rank higher in Google and attract more people to your website.

While this method does take a little bit of time on your part, the passive income is well worth the time.

You can also outsource some of your work to speed up the process and create more time for yourself.

Article Marketing is Still Effective

If you use it correctly, you can potentially see really good results.

Remember to create high quality and useful content for your website.

Include relevant keywords.

SEO traffic is the best traffic to bring to your website as this type of traffic is more likely to interact with your website and come back to it.

Paid traffic is useful, but this should not be the majority of your website’s traffic.

Instead, you should spend a little of your time and use article marketing through SEO traffic to see really great results.

This may take some patience until you see the results you are looking for, but it will not be very long, as long as you keep putting high quality content on your website.







Getting Website Traffic With Manual Social Bookmarking – Part 6

How To Effectively Use Manual Social Bookmarking To Get Website Traffic…

Especially for new websites, drawing organic traffic to your website is important.

Using manual social bookmarking to do so can bring a lot of positive results.

Before anything else, this should be one of the first steps you take to bring traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking Can Bring Great Results

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using manual social bookmarking to bring traffic to your website.

  1. This method is extremely profitable, if not the most popular SEO traffic method
  2. You can also find the data you need to begin creating your website

The results you will find from this method will allow you to find the areas within your website that need improvement.

From there on you will only continue to grow and improve your website into a more profitable source of income. Screenshot (32)n

How To Social Bookmark Your Website Through Fiverr

In order to get traffic to your website, you will need to social bookmark every page on your website.

The easiest method to social bookmark each one of your pages is to use a website called Fiverr.

Although you can do this method yourself, the fastest way to see results is to give this job to someone well experienced.

By searching manual social bookmarking in Fiverr, you will see a lot of gigs you can use.

Do not pick a gig that will give you a lot of bookmarks at once.

So, if you see a gig saying “800 bookmarks” avoid this gig because you doing this will more than likely flood your website and be less effective.

Instead, look for about 20 to 30 bookmarks at one time.

When using Fiverr, you will want to provide them with the url of your article along with the keywords you want to rank in.

You will also need to send them some descriptions.

Screenshot (33)

Social Bookmarking Your Website Manually

If you do not want to use Fiverr for whatever reason, whether it be a tight budget, you can also manually do this job.

Follow these steps to effectively social bookmark your website manually.

  1. Type top social booking websites into Google
  2. Browse through a few websites to get a better idea of what websites you want to post your article to

Doing this process by yourself will cost you a lot of time instead of money.

So, if your time is more valuable than your money, it is recommended that you pay someone to do this job for you.

If you do not mind spending this time to do the job yourself, then you can submit the 20 to 30 bookmarks yourself.

The Fiverr gig will only cost you $5, so if your budget does not allow for this kind of spending, then doing the social bookmarking manually is the best option for you.

Screenshot (35)

Social Bookmarking Takes Time

You may not see results immediately.

Over time, you will begin to see all of your time spent paid off.

The results will continue to grow, but remember that this will not happen over night.


This step is one of the beginning steps to begin making money as an affiliate website, or any other website.

By completing this step, you are now on your way to begin seeing traffic flow into your website at a very steady pace.

You do not want to spam your website with a lot of useless traffic.

Instead, be patient and follow the necessary steps to receive more organic traffic to your website.

This Method Is Still Effective In 2016

This statement is often for debate, as many people do not believe in taking the time out to do this.

They may think that this method is no longer effective, but there is proof out there that says differently.

While social media is becoming a good way to promote your website, social bookmarking allows for more traffic to come to your website.

You can also rank higher in Google with this method.

Over time, your website will have a lot of constantly streaming traffic as well as income.

If your main goal is to make more income from this website, then you will need a lot of traffic to your website so that you can make more sales.

The more people that view your website equals more people that buy the product you are trying to sell.

This creates one passive stream of income.

While it may take a little time to become effective, you will eventually see a lot of positive results.





How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Online w/ Affiliate Marketing

You Can Create More Than One Stream Of Income Being An Affiliate…

While one stream of income may be enough for many, imagine having several different streams of income.

Over time, you can begin to make a lot of passive income.

Many beginners make mistakes when they try to create more than one stream of income at one time.

Avoid the following common mistakes when trying to create more than one stream of income from being an affiliate.

  1. Do not try to create more than one income stream at one time- you can get more accomplished by focusing on one at a time
  2. Stay with your original niche and work on building that niche up- do not try to switch niches if your current niche is not working out for you download

Build Different Websites Within The Same Niche

You can make a website about dog training collars.

To make more income, you can also make another website specifically about healthy dog treats.

These are both under the dog niche.

Now you can somehow connect these two websites.

You can create synergy between the two website’s income streams.

Both websites can now work together, yet create two completely separate income streams.

Build a Solid Community From One Website

If you have built a community of interested visitors and buyers, you can utilize this community to draw traffic and interest to your other websites.

This works especially well if you have multiple websites within the same niche.

If you have built a community of passionate dog lovers in your dog collar website, you can direct the people of the community to your healthy dog treat website.

These people have expressed interest in the dog niche.

You can use their interest to your advantage by showing them more content and products they may be interested in.

This is a great way to have a community as well as constant traffic and sales for your website.

You can also ask this community to share your website with other potentially interested users.

This will result in a continuously growing niche that will continue to benefit you for many years to come. successful-affiliate-marketer

Put Equal Work Into Every Website

Most people make a common mistake of only focusing on one of their websites and slack on the other.

The first website they make, this website always tends to get their complete effort.

Then, when they decide to create the second website, they do not take their time on the presentation of the website and especially the content.

Create high quality content for every website you make.

Every website you make within your niche needs to be of equal quality.

Thing of each website as its own.

Each website needs to make its own success to create a good amount of income.

There should not be any website that relies on any other website to make its income.

This is how you will gain the most amount of income through various streams.

Keep Improving Your Niche

If you have a unique niche, make all the websites you can within this niche.

Once you have made a website and are beginning to see income, keep working.

Many people make a common mistake by getting their website to the point of making some income and just leaving it there.

While this may work for some in creating a truly passive source of income.

You need to keep creating content, improving your website, and attracting more traffic.

Doing so will increase your income.

If you continue to increase your income in every website throughout your niche, you will eventually make a lot of income through this one niche.

Do not quit using your website.

You may still be able to continue to gain income without updating it, but chances are that you will not be able to grow your income to reach higher amounts.

If anything, you may lose traffic and sales over time.

The Right Way To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

There are many things you should not do when creating multiple streams of income.

These include trying not to focus on more than one niche at a time.

As well as changing your desired niche because you get discouraged.

There are also plenty of things you should do to successfully create various sources of income over time.

These include

  • Keeping multiple websites within the same niche
  • Building a community
  • Updating your websites over time
  • Making sure every website is high quality and can make income on its own

All of these are essential in making multiple income streams as an affiliate.





Starting an Online Business While Broke or With Little/NO Money

Are You Broke? Here Is How You Can Still Start An Online Business…

You may think that you need to have a lot of money to start an online business.

This is not true at all, in fact, you can be broke and still start an online business just as easily as if you did have a lot of money.

Starting a Business When You Are Broke Is Better Than Starting a Business When You Have Money

There are a lot of free resources you can use if you do not have any money.

These resources tend to be more effective than the resources you invest in if you do have money.

You also tend to be more creative when you have no money.

So when you start earning cash, you don’t only begin to become less creative, but you become more lazy and less motivated.

In the beginning, you do not have the money to spend on outsources, so you do everything yourself.

You try different creative methods and see what is the best method for you.

When you have money, you tend to outsource all of your work.

You are not as involved as you would have been if you did not have any money.

You begin to spend more money and less time on your business.

When you pay for an outsourcer to do the work for you, you should not expect high quality work that exceeds your expectations.

If this is what you are looking for, you are better off doing the work yourself.

It is especially important to have high quality work when you are just starting your business.

As your business gains success, you may then start to outsource your work as the quality is still important, but not as essential. images

Think About The Quality, Not The Money

When most people begin to start a business, all they see is money.

They are constantly revolving their business around money.

If this means adding a lot of ads and products to your website instead of quality, you can be less successful.

Most people that start out with less money tend to be more focused on creating value in their website.

When people already start a business with money, they are just looking to earn even more money.

This is not always the case, but often times it is.

You Gain More Experience With Less Money

When you have very little money, you spend the time figuring out how to do things for yourself, since you do not have the money to pay someone else to do it.

When you experience the different ways to be successful, this knowledge will eventually help when you want to start another business, or if you want to continue to grow your business.

As your business begins to grow, you learn to stay involved with your company, but hire some people to help you.

If you started out with money, you may never learn to stay involved.

Instead, you may just hand out all of the work to people who will do it for money.

Gaining experience is essential in developing a successful business.

You need to experience trial and error for yourself or you may keep making the same mistakes over and over without even realizing it.

Your best asset is your knowledge, experience, and creativity.

If you do not know how to do things correctly, how do you expect your employees to know?

Being Broke Can Be an Advantage

  • You get to gain more experience
  • Learn more
  • Keep your creativity and your ambition
  • Save Money
  • Grow your business to be very successful  download (1)

Pick The Right Business

What business can you be successful with if you do not have any money?

There are quite a few.

While starting a business is an investment, this does not mean that you have to invest the money.

Instead, you can invest the time.

When you begin to earn enough income, you can start investing money as well.

Affiliate marketing is a great business to start out with if you do not have any money.

You can use a lot of free resources to help you get started.

The best part is that you will not have to spend a lot of money putting together an affiliate market, if you do the work yourself.

As long as you provide a lot of useful and free resources on your website and attract traffic to your website through organic ways, such as social media, social bookmarking, and high quality content, this can give your website a great start for free.

Lastly, if want more info on starting a business with no money, check out my YouTube Video here.