Building an Email List (List Building for Affiliate Marketers)


Building An Email List – This Is List Building for Deadbeat Affiliate Marketers

Hello deadbeats,

In today’s post I want to cover a VERY important topic, list building for deadbeat affiliate marketers!

YES, the money is still “in the list” & yes this can make you passive income… but only when done properly! So, sit back in your deadbeat “lazy boy chair” and read some good information about list building!


Even though I have been online for ten years now, I have to admit, I have not always brought list building to the forefront of my business. I should have began to build an email list way sooner than I have….

….however, list building is not for everyone, but I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for affiliate marketers looking to increase their income and also build good business relationships with people!

I still to this day really regret not implementing an email follow up plan into my business, so in today’s post I will tell you why it’s super important!

List building is one of the most important things you can do for maximum profit in your online business!

Whether your doing affiliate campaigns or you have your own product, you need to make sure you have a list of awesome & active subscribers…

Why Building an Email List is SUPER Important

So, what I want to do now is just show you an example of why it’s super important!

I’m in my YouTube stats and as you can see (from the video above), I am in the subscriber section.

When you have a channel, you can log into your creator studio and from there you will have many options on the left hand side… like community, which is your comments….

….and analytics, which is of course how people are viewing your videos, their watch time and stuff like that!

So, in my subscriber section here I just want to tell you guys some stats and also give you an important lesson, which I learned first hand… some time ago!


The Law of List Building?

Deadbeat, listen closely…. what I am about to expose will blow your socks off (pardon the pun).

Most marketers online have no clue about this and until I learned this, I had no clue about this either…. but boy do I wish I would have known this sooner!

If you have been failing at your affiliate campaigns, then this law will really help you. It will really make you realise something and hopefully give you the motivation to start building a killer email list….

DID YOU KNOW….. it takes someone an “average” of seven times of being exposed to an offer/product before they take action.

In some of my previous affiliate campaigns, what I use to do was try and go for the sale…. RIGHT AWAY. There are also a lot of affiliate marketers that still do that to this day.

It’s called direct linking and a lot of people are missing out on BIG money!

What I use to do was create videos or blog posts, then at the end of the content I would recommend that the reader or viewer buy something that was related to my content & it did work for some time, however….

….even though I have sites that make me thousands of dollars a month using this process & without an email list… I know realise how much money I am potentially leaving on the table!

I am not talking about $100’s of dollars a month here, I am talking about leaving $1000’s of dollars on the table each month… without having an email list!

When I first started on YouTube & begin uploading videos to my channel, right from the beginning my following started. I managed to get 33 subscribers after my first video had been uploaded….

Now, if you have been online for any good amount of time, then you will realise getting your first subscriber or making your first dollar online, is one of the most important turning points in your business!

It gives you validation of all the hard work you have gone through to get to this point……

Now, did I do what most people do online and stop there with one video on my account? NO, I planned another video for the next week.

By doing this I was already ahead of 99% of people, because I had a plan and of course I took action! When the second video went “live” I gained another 17 subscribers!

I was super pumped and this gave me the drive to create even more videos!

I then produced videos for the next month on a consistent basis and this seemed to add even more subscribers to my channel, I was making progress!


CONSISTENTCY is key, the more content you upload, it seems the more subscribers you can potentially get!

Multiple Avenues for List building

One key thing that really helped me to kick start my following on YouTube was getting traffic from many places such as my blogs, social properties and my email list…

…You should do the same and always aim for new ways to get people to subscribe to your lists!

One key practice that you must get into is this, for example whenever you create a new YouTube video…. use a broadcast message to alert people on your list to watch it!

Not only will you have that subscriber on your email list, you can expose them to MORE awesome content on your YouTube channel! This is very powerful and this is what all the top affiliate marketers do online…

By the way I would just like to say thank you deadbeat if your subscribe to my list or YouTube channel! 🙂

So, ultimately you need to try and start building a killer list for all your affiliate campaigns. Do you want “average money” or do you want “super affiliate money”?. That is up to you…..

10 Killer Tips For List Building

To end of this post today, I want to go that extra mile and provide you with some awesome, additional deadbeat list building tips….

===> One cool way you can add subscribers to your email list is by creating an awesome squeeze page & using a forum link to promote it…

===> If your budget allows it, you can harness the power of solo ads… but please do some research first, not all solo ads are created equally!

===> Build a blog and then on your blog have multiple email sign up forms in clever places! For example within the post content, then people can sign up to your list that way…

===> Use paid ads and then link to a squeeze page where you can then collect signups….

===> Produce YouTube videos and then on your channel you can have a section where people can sign up to your email list!

===> On your blog or affiliate site you could use what is called a “content upgrade popup”. This is a successful and smart way to collect emails…

===> Every now and again utilize your social media accounts to promote a blog post and drive eyeballs to your email sign up forms…

===> Use Facebook groups to build a following and then recommend your list!

===> Entice people to subscribe to your list using bonus giveaways at the end of your YouTube videos…

===> AND lastly, turn more blog readers into subscribers by having a sign up check box near the comments section of your site!

I’m releasing new videos on affiliate marketing every day on my Youtube Channel – if you haven’t subscribed yet, you need to right now!

As always deadbeats, keep it lazy! Thanks so much for reading today’s post! Now, go out there… take action and get as many email subscribers for your list as possible! (I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT).

To Your Deadbeat Success!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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