How to Make Money With Amazon Kindle eBooks ($100 Paychecks)


How to Make Money With Amazon Kindle eBooks ($100 Paychecks)

Welcome Friends!

Today, I want to look at how to make money with Amazon kindle eBooks and do quite well, having SOME GOOD $100 paychecks…

Interested in learning how to make money with Amazon books, then grab a coffee or tea and read on….


Selling Amazon kindle eBooks can be quite rewarding…

…But just like anything online you NEED TO KNOW what the hell to do and how to do it! It’s no good just writing a book.

You need to have a plan in place, decide on what niche you want to target, plan out THE STRUCTURE of the book and many other things…

…Ready to find out some cool information? Let’s dive in…

Make Money With Amazon Kindle eBooks – The Beginning

So, to start off I just want to show you an example…

…of a kindle eBook I had, then I got it made into a HARD COPY. It’s called effortless paleo and you GUESSED IT… a book about a paleo diet!

Even though this example book was kinda like a test run for me…

…I was still able to pull in pretty good, CONSISTENT COMMISSIONS… which is a win-win situation… I think your agree!


So, today I am going to talk about how I put this together…

…And of course share with you some deadbeat tricks and tips to help you BECOME SUCCESSFUL.

Step one is, you have to be able to find a good niche… one that has buyers and preferably one that is evergreen (meaning you can make sales all year around).

Spend some time DOING THIS it will be worth it….

Moving On….

Some example include…

Sports related, fitness, how-to and tutorials pretty much about anything!

These are all good niches and you can drill down even further for example you can have golf tips, basketball tips and even how to win your ex back tips… stuff like that!

Picking the right niche WILL DETERMINE how much money you make so just remember that!


The next thing you need to do is this…

…Come up with a book outline and title! Like I said above your going to have to REALLY PLAN things out.

When you craft the title, think of the title as your marketing hook to draw people in and PUT SOME THOUGHT into it!

Again… spend a good amount of time on this, the title is important and one of the first things people will see!

Amazon Kindle Book Money…

Think of the title as a unique angle and selling point for the book…

…So, for my example above… after doing some research I found out that breakfast time is a hard meal to plan for the PALEO DIET.

So there I had found a nice problem to be solved and then I had an idea for my book based on the paleo breakfast!

I then created a table of contents and began the process of bringing the BOOK TOGETHER.


Next, I then went to Upwork…

…And had a GHOST WRITER produce the content of the book for me and bring some elements together that I requested.

So, at the time I thought I was getting a good deal… but TURNS OUT I over paid this person big time…

BUT looking back on it now I could have easily got this done for cheaper, but oh well you live and you learn right!


So, now If your going to have this book outsourced…

…Aim for about $200 for an eBook between 35-100 pages… SOMEWHERE IN that range will be good.

These pages include the table of contents and also some images, which need to be added in for the FINAL PRICE.

The images alone will increase the size of the book AND THIS IS GOOD rather than bad.


You could probably find this even cheaper…

…But it depends on your budget and who YOU KNOW AS A WRITER. Saving money is always good, so see what you can do.

After you have the eBook as a word document, head over to Fiverr…

…Then type in “Kindle eBook formatting” and then you will be PRESENTED WITH SOME GOOD OPTIONS.

Kindle Money Online – Continued!

You need to do this because…

…The Amazon kindle platform has a special format that you need to adhere to in order TO BE COMPLIANT and sell on there.

Then ONCE YOU get that file… head back over to Fiverr and get a good eBook cover created so that it looks GOOD and a lot more professional…

…This will help with the overall appeal and sale of the eBook.


Expect to pay in the range of $5-$50 and the quality will match the price…

…Then you want to head back over to Fiverr and type in “createspace eBook cover”… SEND THEM THE EBOOK COVER and they will do the rest.

The right dimensions and back cover will be achieved and you would have made SOME GOOD progress with the book so far.

Let’s move on….

I think all of this is pretty cool I am sure you will agree!

Ok, so that’s the process of getting an Amazon Kindle book created and then you just have to put it on the platform.

I have a FREE GUIDE that you can get today and it will show you how to build a site, so that you can promote your kindle eBook and make some great sales. Access it here ===>


Thanks for reading….

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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