Online Money Making Ideas: Selling Simple Ebook Products on Clickbank/Jvzoo


Online Money Making Ideas: Selling Simple Ebook Products on Clickbank/Jvzoo

Welcome deadbeats to today’s post!

We will be looking at a great online money making idea today! You will learn how to sell simple ebook products on networks such as Clickbank…

This can be very simple when doing right & also VERY PROFITABLE!


So, as you can remember from a previous post, I looked at affiliate marketing vs product creation….

What, I hope to achieve today is showing you how to blend these two things together to make some deadbeat cash!

Doing it this way you will get the benefits from both models…. without some of the disadvantages (which is always great).

Before we begin I just want to share with you something!

Using these same methods, I actually won a top Clickbank award for selling products and using this method… it can be done and I have just proved that!


Online Money Making Ideas: Let’s Begin!

Ok, deadbeats let’s jump right in with today post!

So, what we will be doing is creating small ebook reports that we can sell online!

This is a very good way to start earning some cash online, it’s pretty simple and it doesn’t require you to be RICH to get it up and running!

The first important key tip I can give you here is you’re really going to need to think about the flow of this funnel & make sure YOU GET IT RIGHT!

If you don’t get it right, you will lose money and possibly not even make any money…. I don’t want that to happen!

Creating the right funnel is very important!

So, a good place to start will be with your traffic sources…. you obviously need traffic to make sales, but make sure it relevant and targeted!


Utilize your YouTube channel, Facebook fan pages & a lot of your other key marketing platforms….

You can also use your blog to make money with these small reports, a good chunk of sales will come from here!

After, you have your traffic sources set-up… you’re going to be sending that traffic to a squeeze page. I have covered squeeze pages in other articles, so I won’t cover them here!

But, make sure you don’t skip this step!

I find a lot of people are so EAGER to earn money as fast as they can, that they by pass this important step and that’s a BIG NO NO!

Make sure you send traffic to a squeeze page!

As usual on the squeeze page you offer something of high value for FREE, in exchange for someone’s email address!

Online Money Making Ideas – Continued…


Next, what you will want to do is then send that visitor to a one time offer page (after they have opted in on your squeeze page).

This is essentially the thank you page with an opportunity to make money by selling a one time offer….

This one time offer can either be a video or sales letter & the aim here is to pitch an ebook that you have for sale!

You will want to keep the price low here, so something along the lines of $7-$20 dollars would be a good price point!

You need to keep these offers low, because you haven’t really built up a relationship with these visitors yet, so a lower price makes people think more about purchasing your product!

Even though the relationship isn’t there yet…. they have just opted in, so their on a high and a lot of people will see this product and buy it because of this….

One of the big things about this page is obviously your making sales, so you can recoup some ad spend etc…. but more importantly it’s a very transaction!

People are more willing and more likely to buy multiple things after they have made the initial purchase (hence building an email list!).


So, one key tip I can give you here is this….. when you produce your one time offer sales page, make sure to do these things:

  • Thank them for opting in….
  • Let them know their freebie is on the next page and in their email…
  • Tell them before they access that stuff to stay on the sales page!
  • Then continue on with the sales pitch…

Now, something like this will take time to put together… but don’t worry it will be worth it!

Making Money Online With Ebooks – More Steps!

Ok, so continuing on from the last steps…

On your one time offer sales page, make sure that the “buy now” button goes straight to your payment link…

That could be PayPal or Clickbank for example!

What you also need to do is include an option button on your sales page to decline the paid offer! If they click no, then they will be taken to the thank you page…. this is what they originally opted in for!

This is what to include on your thank you page:

  1. Ideally another video thanking them for signing up for the freebie…
  2. Have the download button so that they can access their freebie….
  3. AND you can also pitch your one time offer again here as well!

Your conversions will sometimes be better when they see the product again, try it out :).

So, now if the visitor decides to buy your one time offer, they will be taken to a page where they can access their purchase…

You must also include the freebie on this page… make sure to follow through on your delivery… this keeps people happy!

This is how the funnel works… obviously there are a lot of moving parts, but my best advice to you is work through it slowly and properly!

If you keep your workload simple and in manageable chunks…. then you will find this much easier and you will also be a lot more focused!

Now, if you want to get the MOST benefit out of this…. you need to make sure that the one time offer is fantastic and you need to really over deliver!

This will be their first experience buying from you, so you want to make it good! If it’s just average your conversions later on in your funnel will be lower! Get it RIGHT the first time…..

Make sure you produce quality over quantity!

All of this will increase the perceived value of the product and this is what you want to achieve! The best information for a low, awesome price!

It’s a good idea to have an image of your product and to pay for someone to do the sales page copy, if this is something you’re not too good at!

I do have a system that you can access that shows you STEP BY STEP this exact formula and the few extra steps that you need to bring this altogether and make it work for you!

You can get that at

I will explain how to get traffic from your YouTube videos, how to use SEO to get visitors and of course an awesome formula to bring it altogether!

Thanks for your time deadbeat, I really appreciate you being here with me today! Your support and willingness to learn is awesome… until next time!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock!

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