How to Outsource Content Creation (Article Writing Done for You) PT 5

Outsourcing Your Content Can Save You Time….

The best way to outsource content creation is to organize your topics and ideas.

Doing so will allow the writer to have a better idea of exactly what you want done.

Make sure to outline the topic of your article, so the writer can write content around your topic.

Know What You Are Looking For

In order to effectively outsource your writing, you must have an idea of what you are looking for.

This means thinking about the categories you want to include in your website.

Also think about potential topics.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Find some products that you are interested in selling
  2. Come up with a few categories to put your articles under
  3. Find keywords that are relevant to your niche
  4. Think of several potential article titles for you writer to work with

Websites That Are Great For Outsourcing Work

Finding a reliable website is important in finding freelancers to outsource your work to.

This method is a more affordable way to outsource your work.

You can also find many skilled freelancers that are possibly more proficient than you are at the job.

By hiring a freelancer, you are also saving more time to do other productive things.


UpWork is a great website to find highly skilled, experienced, and educated freelancers.

The best part is the price…

You can hire a very experienced writer to write your content for a very affordable price.

With that being said, have a budget set.

Be aware of how much you an afford to spend on this content.


This website is best if you are just looking for affordability rather than quality.

While you may get some quality content, the writers on this website are typically not Native English speakers.

This website is great for those looking for a quick 400 word article for about $2.

The writers are also only allowed to write the content.

Therefore, they can’t use any heading (h1, h2, ect.).

They also can’t attach any images.

This website is not recommended for high quality content.


This is a very popular website and the best part is the price.

For $5, you can get a good deal on content because every gig is worth $5.

With that being said, most writers will charge $5 for only about 500 words or less.

While they may be good quality writers, their are a few that may deliver less than average work.

You also are not given a lot of background of the writers you are working with.

Be sure to check the reviews as well as the person’s background in writing before you make your decision.


Explaining Your Writing Needs To Your Freelancer

It is important that your freelancer fully understands the type of content you want, the writing style you are looking for, and any other necessary details.

Instead of writing a full paragraph on everything you want, the easiest method is to record a video.

In this video, discuss everything you have provided to the freelancer to work with.

You don’t need to go into detail about every post.

Make the video short and to the point.

A great tip is to provide a script on how you would like your content to look.

Screenshot (18)n

Use these tips to have a better experience with your freelancer:

  • Provide a script
  • Explain your details thoroughly
  • Keep in contact with your freelancer
  • Write the first few articles for your writer to refer to

Good Content is Important For Your Website

Having high quality content on your website, especially if your website is new, is essential in adding value.

Adding good content on your website allows you to get a good start on your website.

If your website is interesting, informative, and valuable then this will reflect in your website statistics.

The longer your visitors read your articles, make a comment, and interact with your website, the more value you are giving to those visitors.

So, your content should be well written, easy to ready, and providing some sort of value.

Adding Content To a New Website

While many people may be in a hurry to start gaining money.

It is a common mistake to start filling up your website with ads, affiliate links, and unnecessary fillers.

Instead, you should provide valuable content on a regular basis for a good amount of time.

This will allow you to slowly gain rank in Google and attract more users.

Then when you have a good amount of monthly visitors, you will be more likely to start gaining money.