How to Find Products to Promote on (Part 1)

A Guide on Finding Products For Your Niche on…

Amazon offers a large variety of products, so when looking for products for a niche, Amazon is great place to browse through.

You can gain both ideas and products from Amazon.

How to Find Niche Products

If you are currently looking for niche products, you have probably already discovered what niche you are making your website about.

In order to determine what products you want to sell, it is important to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  1. What kind of topics do I want to make my niche website about?
  2. What keywords do I need to focus on?

Regarding the first question, Amazon could help give you some more ideas.

For the second question, you should have at least a couple of keywords to start with.

For example, two simple keywords like “better sleep” brought pages and pages of products that are relevant to that keyword.

How to Choose a Product to Sell

When it comes to this step, although there are scientific ways to pick a product, typically you can simply choose the product you think will sell.

Here are a few tips that may help you when choosing niche product:

  1. Pick a product specific to your niche. Usually if you have a targeted keyword, you can use this to find relevant products.
  2. Pick products that cost anywhere from $10 to $200. Keeping the cost above $10 will make it much easier to decent profit and sell.
  3. Choose products that will stay popular. For example, selling an older version of a phone may not do as well when the new version of a phone comes out.

Do not be overwhelmed when you see all of the products you can choose from.

Look at the number of reviews to see what is popular. 

Within your niche, you may find many products to promote on that have thousands of reviews.

As long as they are relevant to your niche, choose those!

That means that people want these products, and if the product is rated good, more people will be interested in trying it.

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Use the Products to Generate Topic Ideas

You do not need a set list of topics and keywords before you begin selecting niche products.

Even if you are completely clueless about your niche, although when choosing a niche you should have a general interest, you can look for products.

Use these niche products to inspire more topic and content ideas.

If you have absolutely no topics or keyword ideas, explore all of the Amazon products and see what you come up with.

You may find a lot of items under a specific and targeted keyword that you could use.

In this case, start making a list of keywords, products, and topics.

Just make sure they are relevant to each other if they are being used in the same niche.

Do Not Worry About the Price, It Adds Up

Many people will only focus on whether they will gain a lot of income from this product.

In this case, they will pick a bunch of products priced around $200.

This is a huge mistake.

Try and choose products that range from $15 to $200 on average.

You may have one very expensive item, but for the most part, keep a variety of products.

Even though a $15 product may not give you a lot of money from only one purchase, it adds up.

It is better to have hundreds of $15 dollar products sold as opposed to only one $200 product sold.

In the end, the only thing you should focus on is whether people will buy this product.

So, pick products that you feel will attract and interest potential buyers.

Do not create a list of useless products that your customers will not need nor want.

Remember to pick items that are not relevant to your niche.

For example, if your niche is about dog beds,  you do not need to use a sleeping medication product simply because it will give you money.

How to Choose Your Niche From Amazon

In order to successfully pick products for your niche, you must have a niche that interest you.

If you still need to pick out a niche, Amazon is a great place to look for ideas.

You can look through the different categories, type in different keywords, and look through various products.

Do this until you find something that not only interest you, but also a great idea for a niche that will do very well.

Start by looking through the Amazon Departments and go from there!

Screenshot (6)nRemember: Do not stress about finding the perfect products, keywords, and niche…

Have fun with various ideas and see what works the best for you.