How to Create a Brand For Your Online Business (Pricing, Market, and Audience):

Why a Brand is So Important For Your Business Nowadays…

Good branding is what allows your business to stand out.

It can be a unique name…

A character or mascot (the gecko from GEICO)…

Or even a uniform (think Steve Job’s Turtleneck and Jeans).

With thousands upon thousands of competitors, the worst thing you can do is blend in.

Even a unique name can take you much further.

With my Deadbeat Super Affiliate system… we came up with both the unique name… a character AND a costume!

That’s why it was so successful.

Pick a Market & Audience… And DRILL IT DOWN!

It’s always best to start specific…

Then expand outwards, rather than vice-versa.

For example: as a business owner your tendency is to try to appeal to everyone… rather than a specific type of person in your market.

This is the wrong thing to do because by trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one!

(there’s a life lesson in general for you!).

Going with my Deadbeat Super Affiliate system for example…

We could have made it a generalized affiliate marketing system as an attempt to appeal to everyone…

But we drilled it down very specific.

Moving toward to “Amazon Affiliate Marketing”…

Then taking it one step further and going to “Lazy Amazon Affiliate Marketing”.

We created a character that embodied this audience…

And was able to create a very loyal following because of it!

So think specific first, then work your way outwards once you build your cult following up.

Pricing Is The Secret Behind Serious Success.

In each market, there are basically two types of people.

One group looking to get a deal on something good…

And another group looking to pay extra money for the BEST they can possibly get.

There is no group of people looking to get a deal on a crappy product…

And no group of people looking to pay an average amount of money for an average product of service.

Only 1 group looking for a deal on a good product…

And 1 group looking to pay a premium for the BEST product.

Now that I’m experienced…

I’m no longer going after the deal hunter price range (low end).

You have much more competition and staying power.

Instead of trying to compete on price…

For now on… I’m going to compete on value.

Instead of lowering price to make sales, I’m committed to increasing value to justify higher price points.

Just some food for thought, Deadbeats!

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