A Peak Inside An Earning Amazon.com Affiliate Website (Tutorial)

In This Post I’m Going to Give You a Walkthrough of a Proven Amazon.com Affiliate Web Page That I Own…

Let’s jump right in.

Alright so one of my favorite affiliate markets to operate in as an Amazon.com affiliate is anything related to either a Hobby or Entertainment.

People are suckers for entertainment!

(I have first hand experience).

Back when I was into doing “Street Magic”… I was so passionate about the hobby that I bought over $3000 worth of magic training and props.

Realistically.. I used maybe $100 worth of it on a regular basis.

Because when you are passionate about a hobby…

You go all out. You want everything!

That is why I always target entertainment or hobby oriented niches on Amazon.

This Affiliate Site is About Acoustic Guitars.

People get into acoustic guitars for many reasons.

Some want to become famous country singers, some want to attract a date by being decent at a guitar, and some just want to learn how to play an instrument.

There first step is to get into the mind of someone who is interested in learning to play the guitar.

I also specifically target beginners on a lot of my niche sites.

The reason why is simple.

Beginners are usually the most enthusiastic, and enthusiastic people typically BUY a lot of stuff.

Let’s Start By Creating The Mission Statement For Your Website.

Your website’s index page (The main home page) should act as both the “mission statement” (Who/What the site is about)…

And also an index (think “table of contents” for a book) for all the content on your website.

So let’s breakdown the page:

affiliate site example

No Affiliate Links On The Home Page

I use to do this in the past, and while it does work well, it will hamper your search engine traffic.

That is why I make the home page (index page) act more as of an index/outline of what my overall website is about.

I recommend specific products, and link to the pages deep within my website.

This will help your site increase in authority.

Also, Add a LOT of Free/Valuable Info!

It’s hard to get the motivation to create content for free when there is nothing in it for you.

But it’s crucial that you don’t look at it this way.

The more free content that you add to your site, the more traffic and staying power you’ll have.

You can also link your free content to specific products related to whatever it is you are writing about in your free post.

Don’t be afraid to add free content.

In fact, nowadays, your free content to paid content (affiliate links) ratio should be 80:20!

For more info, watch my in-depth video on YouTube:

Inside an earning Amazon.com affiliate web site.

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-Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock