How Many Affiliate Blogs to Make a Full Time Income Online?


How Many Affiliate Blogs to Make a Full Time Income Online?

Welcome deadbeats,

To today’s post, where I will be looking at how many affiliate blogs you will need to make a full time income online.

This is a very common question and I can’t wait to cover it today and give you SOME PRO ADVICE and guidance on this HOT TOPIC….


I guess there is a lot of different views on this topic…

…but I am going to be sharing with you MY VIEW and my ideas from working online and making money over the past 10 years or so.

Of course everyone is different also and you will all have different income goals and income levels…

…But one thing for sure is you will need to figure out how much content you need TO MAKE A FULL TIME INCOME… Let’s begin!

Full Time Blogging Income Online – The Beginning

With the often daunting task of making websites, some people will like to do as little work as possible… however, you still need to WORK HARD.

So, this information today is based off my own experience, so I can’t guarantee you will have the same results…

…but what I can tell you is you will LEARN SOME GREAT INFORMATION here today and that’s have the battle of making money from blogging…

…Having the right knowledge and STEPS TO SUCCEED!


So, let’s get into this!

It is possible to make a full time living as an affiliate marketer with one website, of course I have many sites…

…BUT there is one in particular, THAT MAKES ME A FULL TIME INCOME and has done for quite a bit of time!

However, just because one site makes money there are some things you need to be aware of and realise!

Moving On….

Now, if your a beginner you will not get to this level right off the bat…

…You will have NO CLUE which niche to get into that will make you a full time income and also there are some other hurdles to jump as a beginner affiliate marketer.

You will also have to learn the right layout of the site and the content structure… this can all take TIME AND OFTEN FAILURES at the beginning.

As a beginner, you should create multiple affiliate sites and then see what’s working and WHAT ISN’T.


You need to find out which sites stick and make an income…

…you also need to think about WHAT INTERESTS you and what passions you have.

I can tell you from experience that if your not interested in the site 99% of people won’t put in the work and they will LOSE MOTIVATION…

…Then you guessed it that’s right they “GIVE UP”… which isn’t the best case scenario when your looking to make money from blogging!

Full Time Blogging Money – Continued…

So, for example what I found is this…

…After creating say around 30-40 niche sites I found that most of them I HATED WRITING ABOUT, I had no drive and no passion to write the amount of content I needed to write!

So, eventually these sites just died out and of course there was no money to show for all the work…

…I had wasted time and didn’t see any money, so that’s why it’s important to be passionate and INTERESTED IN THE BLOGGING TOPIC.


Now, out of those 40 sites, there were 3 or 4 sites that…

…That really TOOK HOLD and I could stand writing about, which is what I went over above!

So, they were the sites that I started focusing time and effort on and as time went on… I realised only one or two of the sites were earning ANY REAL INCOME.

So, I focused on the things that were making me money and spent a lot of time on these things because they were producing RESULTS!


At the beginning this is what you need to do…

…Then when you have narrowed down your sites and see what works… YOU NEED TO BE LASER FOCUSED on those sites and start making the money with the blog and websites.

This will be different for each person though, so you will need to find what works for you and what NICHES WORK WELL FOR YOU!

Don’t copy other people anyways… you want to make all your bloggings sites and your work original!


Follow your passion….

It’s even better if it’s in a market that is EXTREMELY PROFITABLE ALSO. Passion and rabid buyers will really make the potential to earn a lot of income!

Once, you have figured out a couple of sites that are earning money… then it might be worthwhile going all in for one site and REALLY BUILDING THAT UP.

Whatever, you end up doing make sure to use your time wisely and make as much money as you can.

Full Time Blogging Cash!

Now, what you can also do is this…

I new someone a while back and she was telling me how she had 80 different mini niche sites… that were all making say $50 a month or what ever…

…as you can imagine when you have a lot of sites, THIS WILL REALLY ADD up the income level.

Now, this model isn’t for everyone, so you will need to experiment and FIND OUT WHAT WORKS for you!


With that many sites you can outsource content and link building for example… but as a beginner I don’t recommend that!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Find topics that your interested in and passionate about…

===> Build lots of sites and see which one’s work..

===> Have laser focus and WORK HARD…


So, in my deadbeat super affiliate system this is something I teach you how to do… creating sites and then profiting from various affiliate networks.

So, check out my deadbeat super affiliate system today and learn the right steps to success…

…You can check it out here ===>

Over and out deadbeats, until next time…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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